Sadowick compares JP-8080 and u-he’s Diva – Real World Trance Lead

Sadowick of EDM Tutorials has posted a video in which he compares the sound of the Roland JP-8080 synthesizer with the beta version of u-he’s Diva 1.3, which includes a digital oscillator. The latest public … read more

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littleBits & Korg Synth Kit available to pre-order

littleBits and Korg have launched a pre-order for the Synth Kit, a powerful, easy to use modular analog synthesizer. littleBits and Korg have demystified a traditional analog synthesizer, making it super easy for novices and … read more

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Camel Audio launches Alchemy Mobile user survey

Camel Audio has announced a user survery for its Alchemy Mobile synthesizer app for iOS, offering a chance to win all Alchemy Mobile sound libraries and a license of the Alchemy plugin. Camel Audio have … read more

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Korg + littleBits announce Modular Synth Kit

Korg has teamed up with littleBits to launch a Synth Kit, a collection of 12 modules for creating audio & music devices. littleBits and Korg have taken a traditional analog synthesizer and converted into littleBits … read more

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Arturia announces Holiday Season Deals throughout November & December 2013

Arturia has announced its Holiday Season Deals, two special promotions allowing you to get awesome free gifts. Purchase a Minibrute get 2 software instrument for free – Buy our revolutionary, often awarded and 100 % … read more

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VirSyn updates Addictive microSynth app for iOS to v1.5

VirSyn has announced version 1.5 of Addictive microSynth, a dynamic wavetable synthesizer app for the iPhone/iPod. Combines the synthesis power of Addictive Synth with an easy to use 4 track loop phrase recorder. It was … read more

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Fairly Confusing Waveforms releases Arctic Rooster for Kontakt

Fairly Confusing Waveforms has announced Arctic Rooster, a free organic synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. Today I serve Arctic Rooster. It’s a sort of neo-retro organic synthesizer for Kontakt. It is based on very … read more

Propellerhead releases Parsec synthesizer for Reason

Propellerhead has announced the availability of Parsec, a spectral synthesizer for the Reason music production software for Windows and Mac. Parsec adds a new style of synthesis to the rack and allows for a wealth … read more

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VotanDSP releases Votan Telepathy integrated synthesiser for iOS & OSX

VotanDSP has announced the release of Votan Telepathy, a revolutionary synthesiser available for iOS and 32/64 bit OSX Audio Unit. What makes Votan Telepathy different is that the two platforms (iOS & Audio Unit) are … read more

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Qneo updates Voice Synth app for iOS to v3.1

Qneo has released version 3.1 of Voice Synth, a synthesizer app for voice sculpting. Voice Synth is a specialized synthesizer for creative voice sculpting, for endless jamming fun and serious productions. Speak, sing, hum and … read more

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H.G. Fortune sets free STS-33 Pro synth plugin + Serenity Pro Sale

H.G. Fortune has released the STS-33 Pro synthesizer instrument for Windows as freeware. The STS-33 “Space Transition Synthesizer” features the “Wave-Transition” method best suited for atmospheres, soundscapes, pads & textures. A straightforward user interface with … read more

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Arturia releases MicroBrute analog synthesizer

Arturia has announced the availability of the MicroBrute analog synthesizer. The MicroBrute is a compact semi-modular analog monosynth with inbuilt step sequencer, MIDI, USB, and CV connectivity, and a host of unique features. Arturia’s award-winning … read more

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Icebreaker Audio releases Calc-U-Synth VR for Reaktor + Bundle Sale

Icebreaker Audio has released Calc-U-Synth VR for Reaktor, an emulation of the classic Casio VL-Tone calculator/synthesizer combo from the ’80s. Calc-U-Synth VR is a re-creation of the programmable Casio VL-Tone synthesizer for Native Instruments Reaktor … read more

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EverythingTurns releases PurPLe for NI Reaktor

EverythingTurns has released PurPLe, a “Radiophonic Modular Analog Synthesiser – Sci-Fi Effect Generator” for Native Instruments Reaktor. PurPLe takes its inspiration from the early days of synthesis and is dedicated to the pioneers of the … read more

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Nord updates Nord Drum OS to v2.10

Nord has announced the release of OS version 2.10 for its Nord Drum 2 modeling percussion synthesizer. The Nord Drum 2 is a one of a kind drum synthesizer for drummers, percussionists and producers seeking … read more

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HyperSynth announces Xenophone analog synthesizer

HyperSynth has announced Xenophone, an advanced analog mono synthesizer with 100% analog signal path. It has three oscillators, two subs, three ring modulators, one multimode VCF and analog distortion, all based on discrete analog circuits … read more

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Dave Smith Instruments announces Mopho Special Edition Keyboard

Dave Smith Instruments has introduced a special edition of the Mopho Keyboard, its popular monophonic analog synthesizer. “The Mopho family of instruments has been ground-breaking for us and for our customers in terms of value,” … read more

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Spektro Audio releases Spektro Komplex Max for Live device

Spektro Audio has announced Spektro Komplex, a new Max for Live synthesizer instrument. Spektro Komplex is a MaxforLive monophonic synthesizer designed to create complex and unique sounds. Like the Buchla 261e module, Komplex uses two … read more

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Boscomac releases The Chiller synthesizer for Reaktor

Boscomac has introduced The Chiller, a free synthesizer ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor. The Chiller Omni-Synthesizer for Reaktor by Boscomac. THE CHILLER is an omni-synthesizer which includes a bass section, synth section and a string … read more

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Arturia releases iSEM for iPad

Arturia has launched iSEM, a subtractive synthesizer recreation for iPad. iSEM is a recreation of the legendary 1974 Oberheim SEM synthesizer expander module. Known for its characteristic multimode filter and rich oscillators, the SEM module … read more

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