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Synthgeek releases SG-WSS1, SG-APCX and SG-APC1

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Synthgeek SG-WSS1

Synthgeek has released the SG-WSS1, SG-APCX and SG-APC1, three free virtual synthesizer plug-ins for Windows.

SG-WSS1, SG-APCX and SG-APC1 details

  • SG-WSS1 — The “WSS” stands for Wave Shaping Synth. This is a subtractive synth based on an idea inspired by my K2000. By no means an emulation, it merely makes use of waveshaping techniques similar to a couple of the K2000′s DSP algorithms. Think VA with a twist, and some nice modulation options.
  • SG-APCX — This is an expanded version of the APC1 synth found below, including more filter options, distortion, and modulation via 3 LFO’s & 3 step sequencers. Think of it as a groovebox for crazy synth fx. It can also be coerced into lo-fi squelchy bassline territory, though due to it’s nature, tuning can be tricky.
  • SG-APC1 — A rather simple noise machine inspired by the Kaustic Machines Atari Punk Console. Best when tweaked or automated, as otherwise it just puts out a steady tone. Includes a basic on-off MIDI gate and a highpass filter for added usefulness.

Synthgeek’s VST plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows PC.

More information: Synthgeek


Short links for September 18th, 2009

Waveformless Neubauten

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Waveformless: Free Sample Friday: Metallic Hits
Tom Shear of Waveformless has a lovely collection of samples as a free download.

As a thanks to my readers, here are 30 metal hits all coming from the unlikely source of one of those gift tins of popcorn people give each other at the holidays. When emptied, it actually had a pretty nice sound to it.

I hit it with both my hand and a drum stick, both with the lid on and off. Most are straight hits, but when I was shuffling stuff around in my hands I'd occasionally get some kind of interesting rhythms, so there are a couple of those in there too just waiting to be warped and synced in Live (or Logic 9).

All samples are 24-bit/44.1k mono WAV files. Total download size is about 7 MB.

# Synthgeek free samples – Synthgeek has a nice collection of free wav samples, including the recently added TR-66 abuse 1 pack, featuring 18 sounds from a circuit-bent Roland TR-66.

Tara Busch on iPhone

# Have iPhone? Get The New, Free Tara Busch iPhone App!

Who doesn’t want Tara Busch on their iPhone?

Here's an utterly wonderfully, delightfully dork-a-licious app for you to add to your phone!

Designed by Rehan Fernando at phizuu, the application contains copious content designed by Maf Lewis (films and photos) and of course music by me including 3 free songs from my Tummy Touch Records debut, Pilfershire Lane.

You can also access and my latest tweets via your iPhone. Pretty Groovy, eh?

# JSNES: A Javascript NES emulator

Now you can play classic NES games in your brower with this nifty javascript NES emulator by Ben Firshman.

Ben writes:

A few months ago, I stumbled across Matt Westcott’s excellent JSSpeccy. I had seen some pretty imaginative canvas creations, but Javascript emulators? What a perfect idea for a daft new project.

I got underway shamelessly porting vNES into Javascript. Although not the most efficient, it didn’t have any of the pointer memory mapping magic associated with emulators written in lower level languages. As such, it was more or less a direct port, bar a few tweaks to compensate for the lack of static typing, and obviously a rewrite of all the I/O.

I highly recommend you use Google Chrome to play JSNES. Thanks to its high performance canvas element, and a clever optimisation by Connor Dunn, it runs at full speed on modern computers. Mac builds are also available. Otherwise, it just about runs on Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4, but it’s hardly playable.

Mark Mosher's They Walk Among Us

# The Making of The Electronica Single “They Walk Among Us” Using Ableton Live + VSTs

Mark Mosher of Modulate This! shows us how he created one of his tracks.

In this epic post I’m going to share some behind the scenes notes on what it took to compose the song “They Walk Among Us”.

If you have any friends who think that all us electronic musicians do is just drop canned loops and hit buttons, have them read this – of course they’ll have no idea what I’m talking about ;^).


synthgeek Korg Poly-800 MkII fx sound samples

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Korg Poly-800 MkII

synthgeek has sampled a few fx sounds from the Korg Poly-800 MkII.

synthgeek says:

It was my first real synth (not counting the SK-1 I had when I was 12)- I sold my playstation & all the games I had to fund the purchase.

The download includes 7 samples of varying length, all 24 bit, 44.1kHz, stereo wave files.

Download them here.

Make sure to check the synthgeek pages for more cool samples.