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Image-Line releases FL Studio 11 + 50% off Plugin Sale

Image-Line has announced the release of FL Studio 11, the latest version of the music production software for Windows.

FL Studio 11 is a complete software music production environment, representing more than 14 years of innovative developments and testament to our commitment to Lifetime Free Updates. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix, master and perform professional quality music.

To celebrate we’re having a 50% OFF PLUGIN SALE including Newtone, Drumaxx, Gross Beat, Harmor, Morphine, Poizone, Sakura, Sawer and Toxic Biohazard (ends May 30, 2013).

Changes in FL Studio 11

  • Performance mode – Trigger Playlist Clips live using a mouse, touch screen, typing keys or MIDI controller.
  • Multi-touch support – FL Studio & some plugins respond to Multi-touch & gesture functions.
  • Playlist – 199 Playlist tracks, increased from 99.
  • Links with MIDI port – MIDI input port is used to avoid conflict between controllers.
  • Playlist & Piano roll – Horizontal & vertical movement locking.
  • Piano roll – Glue notes, Mouse wheel velocity, Monophonic step entry mode & Chop chords tool.
  • Right-click data entry – Most controls now allow a right-click option to type in values.
  • Plugin Picker – Right-click to open a plugin & presets in the Browser. Type plugin names to highlight entries.
  • Mixer – Page Up/Down keyboard keys cycle through the current mixer track’s plugin windows.
  • Options – Play truncated notes in Clips. Click and hold functions. GUI animation, sober to entertaining.
  • New Plugins
    • BassDrum – Deep Kick-Bass percussion synth with sample layering for punchy kicks with a big bottom end.
    • GMS (Groove Machine Synth) – Multi-timbral hybrid synthesizer & FX channel from Groove Machine.
    • Effector – 12 performance oriented effects under X/Y modulation control to compliment Performance.
  • Updated Plugins
    • Patcher – Overhauled with animated connections and a fresh interface and Voice Effects (VFX).
    • VFX Key Mapper – Remapps live or Piano roll note input. Transpose, keychange, chord etc.
    • VFX Color Mapper – Piano roll note colors to control 16 independent generators/instruments/groups.
    • Harmor – Komplexer WT wavetables, ‘Map audio regions to keys’ for sampler like functionality & more.
    • ZGameEditor Visualizer – Create real-time or rendered HD video effects automated & synced to FL Studio.
    • DirectWave – Native multi-timbral mode to play more than one patch from note colors in the Piano roll.
  • Newtone 2
    • Newtone 2 – Completely re-written with a new analysis and pitch engine for more accuracy.
    • Workflow – Shortcuts & mouse actions now harmonize with FL Studio’s Piano roll and Playlist.
    • Vibrato editor – Create vibrato effects including start/end amount and frequency & match existing vibrato.
    • Warp editor – Warp mono or polyphonic audio, slice, re-time/quantize drum-loops, vocals.
    • Free update – for existing owners.
  • Flowstone / SynthMaker
    • FL Flowstone – successor to the original Synthmaker instrument/effect plugin development application.
    • Ruby – Now including the Ruby high level programming language for even more control.
    • Create – Synths, effects & now control external hardware such as DMX (soon) and Robots.
    • I/O – Supports USB devices, Wiimote, I/O cards, Wi-Fi, webcams and audio hardware.
    • Make coffee – It’s true connected to the right robot, FL Studio can now make you a coffee!

FL Studio 11 is now available to purchase. New Image-Line customers can get 10% discount on their entire first order at the Image-Line online shop by using this promotional link.

More information: Image-Line / FL Studio


Image-Line updates FL Studio to v10.0.9 + Gross Beat 60% off

Image-Line has released version 10.0.9 of FL Studio, the music production software for Windows.

The FL Studio 10.0.9 update includes FL SynthMaker 2 included as part of FL Studio’s Lifetime Free Updates.

Image-Line FL Studio and SynthMaker 2
Image-Line FL Studio with FL SynthMaker 2

Changes in FL Studio v10.0.9

  • FL Synthmaker 2.
  • Harmor update.
  • Patcher update.
  • FPC update.
  • Fruity Vibrator update.
  • Help file update.

Coming up in a future version of FL Studio is a new “Performance Mode” that allows users to trigger Audio, Automation and Pattern Clips in a real-time performance using MIDI controllers, a Mouse or the Typing Keyboard. The Image-Line team is interested in feedback and aspirations from FL Studio customers for this new feature. Details here.

Image-Line Gross Beat

Image-Line has also announced a limited time promotion for its Gross Beat plug-in for creating Scratch, Glitch and Stutter effects.

Gross beat is perfect for real-time or rendered gating, glitch, repeat, scratching and stutter performances. Gross Beat stores audio in a 2-bar rolling buffer under the control of 36 user definable time and volume envelopes, giving you unlimited creative control.

Gross Beat for Windows is available to purchase for $39 USD (60% off regular price of $99 USD) until December 31st. New Image-Line customers get an additional 10% off their first order of $99 or more at the Image-Line online shop with this promo link.

More information: Image-Line / Gross Beat


Outsim SynthMaker updated to v2.0.2

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Outsim SynthMaker

Outsim has released version 2.0.2 of SynthMaker, an audio programming tool for Windows.

This release contains some final corrections to the automatic stage conversion.

Most of the changes apply to Assembler components so if you’re not using these then you won’t be affected. The main point of the corrections made is to ensure that older files containing Assembler components will have any stage1 declarations automatically changed to the new default of stage2.

Also in this update they’ve brought in a new component which was previously on the R&D list. The Save Wave component allows you to save to a wave file. They’ve improved this component compared to the R&D version by adding sample format options and fixed the few remaining bugs too.

Finally the automatic update check had a few issues with the last release. These should be resolved now although anyone moving from version 2.0 or those who grabbed an early 2.0.1 may see an incorrect product name on the update dialog box. This has no effect on the process and has been corrected in 2.0.2 ready for 2.0.3.

SynthMaker for Windows is available to purchase starting at £95 GBP for the Enterprise edition. A free version is also available to download from the Outsim website.

More information: SynthMaker


Outsim releases SynthMaker 2, audio programming tool updated

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Outsim SynthMaker

Outsim has released SynthMaker 2, an updated version of its audio programming tool for Windows.

The headline feature is Multi Sample Support. For a long time creating sample based products in SynthMaker has been an intricate and time consuming process. The new Multi Sample modules change all of this and make the process an absolute breeze.

In addition to Multi Sample support we have a fresher look, a refined filter bar, a host of small changes and enhancements under the hood and a collection of new modules and primitives to make life easier. There are enhancements to the Exe export, new code component functions, support for Wiimote input and some big improvements to host compatibility particularly in Steinberg Cubase.

There are other changes too. You’ll see that the downloads are all accessible through the forum now. So you only need to log in once and everything is in the same place. Also we have a new product structure including a FREE version which has no time restrictions. There are other limitations of course but they are generous in allowing you to explore the software fully before deciding to buy.

When you make that decision you can choose between the slightly limited Enterprise or the all singing, all dancing Professional Edition. All Standard and Personal edition users who upgrade will move to the Professional edition.

SynthMaker 2 for Windows is available to purchase for £95 GBP (Enterprise) / £195 GBP (Professional).

More information: SynthMaker


Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.1.7

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Outsim SynthMaker

Outsim has released version 1.1.7 of SynthMaker, an audio programming tool for Windows.

This is another big bug fix release.

There are some fixes to allow better compatibility with hosts like Cubase. Mouse tracking has been improved in exported plugins and a long running issue with sysex occasionally failing has been sorted.

We’ve improved the audio code sizing so that it’s more efficient and the 256 component limit on modules no longer exists.

Details on what is new in version 1.1.7 are available here.

More information: SynthMaker


Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.1.5

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Outsim SynthMaker

Outsim has released version 1.1.5 of SynthMaker, an audio programming tool for Windows.

This new release massively improves compatibility with Windows 7 & Vista User Account Control (UAC). In addition, we have a number of other fixes and enhancements that continue to improve reliability.
Changes include a fix to prevent sound glitches and crashes with exported exes on some P4 systems, much quicker copy and paste in large schematics and case sensitive syntax colouring in the code component.

Changes in SynthMaker v1.1.5

  • Better compatibility with Windows 7 & Vista UAC so there’s now no need to run as admin.
  • Moved user modules to user local folders so new modules are saved/deleted to there but old ones remain where they are now.
  • Fixed a bug where undo in text components was not working under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug in the Delay by One Sample component. A chain of n of these was delaying by n-1 instead of n.
  • Corrected an issue with continuous Mouse Move messages when the task manager is up.
  • Added stereo input option to Mem Create to allow it to be used correctly with Wave Write Stereo.
  • Wave Write components now take plain mem inputs like all other mem components.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing very slow copy and paste in some large schematics.
  • Corrected a problem with cut and paste that could result in incorrect module syncing.
  • The Code and Assembler components now take account of case when syntax colouring.
  • Fixed a problem with exported exes on P4 machines where either no sound was being let through or the exe was crashing.
  • Updated the example synth schematic to replace superceded components in the ping pong delay.

SynthMaker is available for Windows PC, priced at £65 GBP / €95 EUR / $133 USD for a personal license, and £125 GBP / €185 EUR / $255 USD for a standard license.

More information: SynthMaker


Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.14

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Outsim SynthMaker

Outsim has released version 1.1.4 of SynthMaker, an audio programming tool for Windows PC.

We’ve been focusing on VST plugin compatibility for this release. As a result weve managed to isolate and fix a number of important stability issues.

In particular, deleting SM generated plugins inside a host should now be much more stable than before.

Changes in SynthMaker v1.1.4

  • Fixed several memory issues that were causing crashes when deleting plugins in some host applications.
  • Fixed a potentially large memory leak when loading bitmaps in SM and exported plugins and exes.
  • Corrected a problem with Make Module where selections including Module Input or Output components could result in the wrong external connections being made or worse links could be dropped completely.
  • Input buffers were not being reset correctly for ASIO In which was causing lingering audio glitches when switching between audio devices.
  • Fixed a multithreading problem with the Is Playing component which was causing crashes and lock ups in exported VST plugins.

SynthMaker is available for Windows PC, priced at £65 GBP / €95 EUR / $133 USD for a personal license, and £125 GBP / €185 EUR / $255 USD for a standard license.

More information: SynthMaker