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Rebate on Synthogy Ivory II – Italian Grand

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ILIO has announced that Synthogy is offering a $50 manufacturer’s rebate off the price of $179 on Ivory II-Italian Grand.

Synthogy Ivory II - Italian Grand

Ivory II-Italian Grand is the successor to the acclaimed original Ivory–Italian Grand, and features a greatly expanded sound set fully integrated with the new Ivory II piano DSP engine (with Harmonic Resonance Modeling for true Sympathetic String Vibration).

Handcrafted in Italy, the piano itself is one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive Concert Grands, renowned for its expressive dynamics and full-bodied character. Its tone is versatile, equally at home in large scale classical works, intimate jazz playing, as well as a full range of pop styles. The beauty of this instrument is captured in great detail, with up to 18 velocity levels, additional soft pedal and release samples and pedal noise enhancements. Synthogy’s decades of expertise in piano development, along with proprietary “timbre interpolation” technology combine to deliver the unrivaled playability and expressiveness that Ivory is famous for.

The offer is valid only from June 4, 2012 through June 15, 2012. The rebate form can be downloaded here.

More information: Ivory II – Italian Grand


Synthogy unveils Ivory II American Concert D

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Synthogy has introduced its latest Ivory Piano virtual piano instrument, the Ivory II American Concert D.

Ivory II–American Concert D is a 1951 New York Steinway® model D lauded by some of the world’s greatest concert artists. Powered by the award winning Ivory II engine, Ivory II–American Concert D is a free-standing virtual instrument and the 4th product in the acclaimed Ivory II line.

Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D

This particular New York Steinway D has the designation “CD 121″ signifying that it was selected by Steinway & Sons for artist promotion and concert hall specification. The instrument has an exceptionally pure and clear tone, a remarkably expressive dynamic range and has been described by many artists as among the finest they’ve ever played. In fact, the plate of this particular piano is signed by pianists Glenn Gould and Rudolf Serkin, a testament of high praise for the instrument by two of the world’s great masters.

The piano was recorded in the Françoys-Bernier Concert Hall at Le Domaine Forget in the Charlevoix region of Quebec. This is the same hall where Ivory’s acclaimed German Steinway was recorded, and also by the same recording and technical team.

Ivory II–American Concert D will feature up to 20 velocity levels, will have the full compliment of Ivory II features, and run as a plug-in or standalone. For existing Ivory II users, Ivory II–American Concert D will install directly into the existing Ivory II library, giving access to all of Ivory II’s pianos and features from one great interface.

Ivory II American Concert D features

  • New York Steinway D selected by Steinway & Sons for artist promotion and concert hall specification.
  • The largest, most extensively sampled of all Ivory II pianos.
  • The first of Synthogy’s pianos to feature up to 20 velocity levels, with Sample Interpolation Technology for ultra-smooth velocity and note transitions.
  • Includes the Award-winning Ivory II piano engine .
  • Harmonic Resonance Modeling for True Sympathetic String Resonance .
  • Custom Soundboard Emulation DSP .
  • Half-pedaling.
  • Pedal Noise enhancements .
  • Release samples triggered by velocity and duration .
  • Timbre-shifting, Parametric EQ and new Synth Layer controls for powerful sound sculpting capabilities .
  • World class digital FX including Real Ambience, Chorus and EQ.
  • Customizable User Controls for Timbre, Stereo Width and Perspective, Velocity Response, Mechanical Key Noise, Lid Position and more .
  • Tuning Tables.
  • Optional synth pad layer for modern/pop combinations.
  • Dozens of programs and effects presets.

The Ivory II American Concert D is scheduled for release in 2012, priced MSRP $199 USD.

More information: Synthogy


Time+Space launches music production bundles competition

Time+Space Music Production Bundles Competition

Time+Space has launched a competition where you can win Pro and Beginner Music Production Bundles.

If you’re a music producer what better way to start the new year than with a blast of inspiration courtesy of a whole new collection of top notch plug-ins?

Time+Space distribute products for many of the world’s top music software brands so who better to put together a bundle of must-have music production tools worth over £1100?!

Compitition prizes

  • This grand prize bundle includes:
    • iZotope Ozone 5 Complete Mastering System
    • Rob Papen Blue
    • Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos
    • Toontrack Superior Drummer
    • Vir2 Electri6ity
    • A £100 Time+Space gift voucher
    • AND a two year subscription to Sound on Sound magazine
  • PLUS! Three runners up will each receive prize bundles worth over £280 which include:
    • Sample Magic The Producer’s Manual written by Paul White
    • Toontrack EZMix
    • Toontrack EZdrummer
    • Ask Video Studio Concepts tutorial video
    • A £25 Time+Space gift voucher
    • One year subscription to Sound on Sound magazine

The competition closes February 6th, 2012.

More information: Time+Space


Synthogy releases Ivory II Bundle

Synthogy Ivorty II Bundle

Time+Space has announced the release of the Ivory II Bundle, a limited time offer from Synthogy which combines versatile and magnificent sounding pianos at £50 off.

Ivory II is the worldwide industry standard virtual piano collection delivering a level of realism that is unsurpassed with an interface and features that are flexible and easy to use.

This bundle combines one world-class Italian concert grand and the most complete, authentic collection of upright pianos on the market. Together, these magnificent instruments span the widest conceivable range of pianistic possibilities.

In the words of Sound on Sound magazine “There´s little else to say. Just go and play it…”

The Synthogy Ivory II Bundle is available to purchase for £279 GBP / 322 EUR until 31st December (regular £329 GBP / 379 EUR).

More information: Synthogy


Time+Space launches Ultimate Virtual Piano Giveaway

Time+Space Ultimate Virtual Piano sweepstakes

Time+Space has announced the Ultimate Virtual Piano sweepstakes.

Thanks to Synthogy and Studiologic, we’ve put together a completely exclusive prize bundle for your virtual piano playing pleasure worth over £765.

Due for release in November, Studiologic’s Acuna 88 is a high end weighted action keyboard controller, combine it with Synthogy’s exceptional Ivory II Grand Pianos software and you have the ultimate virtual piano package.

What’s more, Ivory II was used on Dream Theatre’s new album so we’ve got a signed copy of that in there too!

PLUS there’s two runner up prize bundles each containing a copy of Ivory II Italian Grand and a signed copy of Dream Theatre’s new album.

The sweepstakes end November 04, 2011, 11:59 pm (GMT).

More information: Time+Space


Time+Space announces free iLok with Synthogy Ivory II pianos

Time+Space Synthogy Ivory II free iLok

Time+Space has announced a limited time offer for Synthogy Ivory II pianos.

“It ticks all the boxes: sound quality, playability, flexibility. And then it ticks a few more: reliability, efficiency, ease of use. This is industry standard, production-ready software that´s a joy to have around. There´s little else to say. Just go and play it…” – Sound on Sound

It’s been almost a year since Ivory II was unleashed onto the world with its powerful new engine delivering an unprecedented level of realism. With the introduction of Harmonic Resonance Modeling for true sympathetic string vibration, plus expanded velocity levels and numerous user requested features such as half pedalling, lid position, pedal noise and tuning tables, Ivory II has become the industry standard in piano software.

Synthogy Ivory II pianos

  • Grand Pianos – Features over 77Gb of stunning, Acoustic Grand Piano sampled instruments including: Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand, German Steinway D 9’ Concert Grand and Yamaha C7 Grand.
  • Italian Grand – Over 28Gb of world-class samples featuring a Premium 10 foot, Italian made Concert Grand renowned for its expressive dynamics and full-bodied character.
  • Upright Pianos – Includes four upright pianos; Modern upright (Yamaha U5), Vintage Upright (1914 A.M. Hume), Honky Tonk Barrom upright (1915 Packard) and an early 1900s Tack Piano.

Ivory II pianos require an iLok key to run and until 31st August, Time+Space will send you one for free when you buy any full version Ivory II title, saving you £37.95 GBP (offer excludes upgrades).

More information: Time+Space


ILIO now shipping Synthogy Ivory II – Upright Pianos

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Synthogy Ivory II - Upright Pianos

ILIO has announced it is now shipping Ivory II – Upright Pianos, the third product in Synthogy’s newest generation of virtual piano technology.

The first two, Ivory II–Grand Pianos and Ivory II-Italian Grand, were released in 2010. This classic collection of four Vertical Pianos now enjoys the full benefits of the powerful new Ivory II piano DSP engine, with Harmonic Resonance Modeling for true Sympathetic String Vibration.

Each of the four Upright Pianos now has more velocity layers, pedal noise enhancements, half-pedaling, and further refinements. Beyond the sample improvements, there are additional features such as custom upright soundboard DSP, and a selectable “creaks and clunks” layer, to provide an even more authentic upright playing experience.

Ivory II – Upright Pianos is distributed in North America by ILIO. MSRP $299 USD.

More information: Synthogy / ILIO