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Kid Nepro releases Korg Z1 Volume 1 & 2

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Kid Nepro Korg Z1 Volume 1 and 2

Kid Nepro has released Korg Z1 Volume 1 and 2, two sound collections for the Korg Z1 synthesizer.

Back in the 90’s, one of the few Korg synthesizers that Kid Nepro missed programming sounds for was the Korg Z1. Well the kid was a bit late, but he has recently picked up an old Z1 and have finally gotten around to making a sound library for this cool Korg synth. Now available are two new sound collections. Each containing 128 new programs.

Korg Z1 sound collections

  • Volume 1 – Classic Synths contains 128 new programs. A mixed bag of sounds that ranges from classic analog synth textures to soundtrack and film special effects with a bunch of funky rhythmic textures thrown in. Classic Synths has a great deal of rhythmic “grooves” and “riffs”. These patterns can be the starting point that you can use to create your next track. We split the rhythmic sounds and sustained sounds in half. There are 64 rhythmic textures and then 64 sustained sounds.
  • Volume 2 – Physical Modeling Mix also includes 128 programs. For most patches the arpeggiator was turned off and we concentrated on sustained sounds. There are several physical model instruments such as Reeds (clarinet, flute, sax), Organs (rock, gospel, jazz), Electric Pianos (Wurli’s and Rhodes), Acoustic Guitars (plucked) and Strings (bowed and plucked). There are also several unique synth textures and classic analog and digital synth models. A mix of synth leads, basses, pads, keys and brass. You will also find a few rhythmic patterns and special effects.

Both volumes are available in Sysex or MIDI file formats, priced at $35 USD each.

More information: Kid Nepro / Korg Z1 Collection

vst-control releases JX-8v

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vst-control JX-8v

vst-control has announced the release of JX-8v, a MIDI-Controller plug-in for Roland’s JX-8p and MKS-70 hardware synthesizers.

JX-8v is used primarily to control a JX-8p. Some patch parameters (global parameters for the JX-8p) differ from those in the MKS-70. The MKS-70 rack is actually two synthesizers and has additional parameters, e.g. for control over the mixing ratio of the two tones or to determine the split point. These parameters are not implemented (yet). Depending on interest and feedback these features may follow in a later version.

JX-8v features

  • MIDI Events thru: Select whether detailed MIDI data is passed to the output.
  • Sysex in: Selection of the MIDI ports leading to the MIDI out of the JX-8p.
  • MIDI out: Selection of the MIDI ports leading to the MIDI in of the JX-8p.
  • Save MIDI Ports.
  • Send Snapshot: All automatic controllers send their current value as Sysex data.
  • Mode: Receive/send: Switch between transmission and receipt mode.
  • Synth Presets: In this panel the Presets in the JX-8p can by Sysex – instruction to be switched or in the internal memory (“internal “) of the JX-8p be stored.
  • Show MIDI CCs.

JX-8v for Windows PC (VST/Standalone) is available to purchase for 20 EUR.

More information: vst-control