Artifake_Labs releases Redtron_SE v1.0, free Mellotron instrument

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Artifake_Labs Redtron_SE

Artifake_Labs has released Redtron_SE, a special edition version of the Redtron_400 virtual mellotron instrument for Windows.

This VST plug-in uses the Taijiguy’s Mellotron samples (taken from a 1973 Mellotron M400S – Serial #500)

The samples have been cleaned (not too much) by removing an annoying 60Hz hum and some unwanted “clicks” and “pops” here and there.

Redtron_SE v1.0 features

  • Nine sound types : MKII Flute, MKII 3 Violins, M400 Cello, MKII Brass, M400 Combined Choir, M400 String Section, M400 Woodwinds, M300A Violins, M300B Violin.
  • No loops : as the original Mellotron, each sound is eight seconds long with, in many cases, “the bad endings”.
  • Exclusive “Mellotronic Click” switch. On real Mellotrons, “Click” can be heard at the beginning of a note, when the tape comes in contact with the replay head. These “clicks” are here randomly generated, so you don’t hear twice the same and they can appear on any key ; A rotary knob allows you to control the effect intensity (of course, you can also completely disable it ). Note : this function is inactive when the attack parameter is set to any value different from zero.
  • Layer (two sounds A & B) and split possibilities (octave shift).
  • Independent parameters for sound A & B :
    • Volume, Tone, Pan, Tune, Reverb, Delay, Attack & Release, Octave & Note parameters.
    • Delay effect (Amount, Time, Feedback & Pan parameters).
    • Reverb effect (Mix, Width, Size & Damp parameters).
  • Global volume, tone, and pitch control.

Retron_SE is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

More information: Artifake_Labs


Real Music Media sets samples free

Real Music Media The Real Snare Drum

Real Music Media has announced it is now offering all its sample libraries at no cost.

For various reasons, not least of which is a desire to be courteous to past customers, we will be discontinuing the rex files, and the wave files are dithered down to 16/44.1 from 24/48. The Battery version of the Real Snare Drum is also discontinued.

People who REALLY NEED any of this discontinued stuff can, of course, contact us, and we can work something out at the old prices.

Real Music Media products include various loops libraries — Drum Sounds of the 60’s, Swing Jazz Drums, Synthetic Vortices, Endangered Rhythms, and Ritornelli, a multi-sampled vintage 1972 Slingerland Sound King snare drum — The Real Snare Drum, and The Taijiguy Mellotron, a collection of samples of a restored Mellotron M400S.

More information: Real Music Media


Real Music Media releases The Taijiguy Mellotron

Real Music Media The Taijiguy Mellotron

Real Music Media has released The Taijiguy Mellotron, a collection of samples taken from a 30 year old Mellotron M400S (#500).

The samples by Bernie Kornowicz include two complete sets:

  1. the full three octaves of the MkII 3 Violins
  2. the full 3 octaves of the MkII Combined Brass

Real Music Media has added sfz mappings with simple eg controls and a low pass filter for the Violins.

Visit Real Music Media for more information and a link to download the Taijiguy Mellotron samples.