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Review: Rado Records Epic Battle – Cinematic percussion sample library

Rado Records Epic Battle

Nick Moritz of Rado Records has just released his first commercial sample library: Epic Battle.

Epic Battle is a compact cinematic percussion sound library which is intended to add an epic spirit to any composition. This library will save you from long searches of the right samples and boring processing them or from buying expensive libraries just for several samples.

Moreover the library shows that the creation of the massive epic sound like legendary Japanese Taiko can be achieved by simple tom drum or even sound of plastic bottle. And this idea is in the concept of Epic Battle library.

The sample pack comes with a total of 250 samples:

  • 100 tom loops.
  • 100 bottle loops.
  • 50 one-shot samples (25 toms, 25 bottle sounds).

The samples come in 24bit/48kHz Wav and REX2 formats, with tempos from 100bpm to 180bpm. The sounds of Epic Battle are processed to get that big cinematic sound. A demo project file is included for users of Cockos Reaper.

Check the audio demo below to hear Epic Battle in action (all percussion is Epic Battle).

So what do I think?

Product: Epic Battle by Rado Records
Format: 24-bit/48kHz .wav & REX2
Price: 12 EUR
Like: epic, authentic percussion, dirt cheap
Don’t like: –
Verdict: 9/10

I love the cover graphic for this sample pack. How clever! But, can you really get big cinematic percussion sounds from a bottle? Well yes, Nick shows that with the right type of processing you can indeed get some impressive results.

The loops in this pack sound stunning, especially considering the sound sources. The rhythms are great, authentic sounding, cinematic, and they have plenty of variety. You can also make your own rhythms by slicing and combining parts from different loops and single shot sounds. The REX format works very well across a wide tempo range.

Epic Battle is a relatively small library, yet it packs a lovely punch. At just 12 Euros it is also nicely priced, and unless you already have some more comprehensive quality cinematic percussion libraries you should probably pick this one up before Nick changes his mind and ups the price. Incredible value for money.

More information: Rado Records / Epic Battle


Rado Records releases Epic Battle cinematic percussion library by Nick Moritz

Rado Records Epic Battle

Rado Records has introduced Epic Battle, a cinematic percussion sample library by Nick Moritz.

Epic Battle is a compact cinematic percussion sound library which is intended to add an epic spirit to any composition.

This library will save you from long searches of the right samples and boring processing them or from buying expensive libraries just for several samples. Moreover the library shows that the creation of the massive epic sound like legendary Japanese Taiko can be achieved by simple tom drum or even sound of plastic bottle. And this idea is in the concept of Epic Battle library.

Epic Battle features

  • 250 samples (200 loops + 50 one-shots).
  • 3 main categories: Big Toms (100 loops), Epic Bottle (100 loops) One-shots (50 samples).
  • 2 main formats: WAV and REX (v.2).
  • 5 tempos for each category: 100bpm, 120bpm, 140bpm, 160bpm, 180bpm.
  • studio quality (24bit/48kHz).
  • REAPER project-file of the demo track.

The sample library is available to purchase for 12 EUR.

More information: Rado Records / Epic Battle


Nine Volt Audio releases The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition

Nine Volt Audio has released The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition, a sample library in REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID & Apple Loop formats.

Nine Volt Audio The Beat Aesthetic Taiko Edition

The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition transforms the thunder of traditional Japanese drums into a giant fist of fat grooves. With a percussion ensemble performing like the singular mind of a great drummer, the sound is wide and kicking with big backbeats and gripping rhythms.

Through the use of over 30 different instruments, ranging from the low frequency impacts of the 500 pound odaiko to the tight and high snare-like sound of the shime daikos, the collection’s twenty suites of beats, fills, builds and hits remain sonically diverse and engaging.

Stylus RMX and Kontakt users will enjoy a layout that enables easy improvisation of entire percussion tracks. And as part of the BPM Flex Series, grooves can be used at extremely wide ranges of tempo while retaining a natural sound. Additionally, Stylus RMX users will experience a new and never before seen feature: multi-track loops and MIDI files triggered from a single channel!

With loops that float between tribal, cinematic, rock and world beat feels, this volume of the Beat Aesthetic continues the legacy of mixing imaginative playing with top-notch sounds, tempo flexibility with tight organization, and originality with ease-of-use.

The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition features

  • The Beat Aesthetic Taiko Edition features 1600+ files in the Stylus RMX, REX, Kontakt 4, ACID Wav, Apple Loop and standard Wav formats. It is available via Download or as a 3-DVD set. Downloads for each format are broken into two files between 500-600 MB. Download for Stylus RMX is broken into four 500-600 MB files.
  • The library covers a tempo range of 75-159 BPM. But as part of the BPM Flex Series, all formats (except standard .wav) can be used at a wide range of tempos while remaining intact and on time.
  • Each format in this collection contains 20 “Full Mix” suites and 20 matching “Part” suites. This allows users the flexibility to work on a single track with full mixes, or to drop sounds in and out by using different combinations of “Part” loops. The full mix loops have been created by combining the parts together in a multi-track fashion.
  • All loops are in 44.1kHz/24bit resolution.
  • [Stylus RMX] The Beat Aesthetic Taiko features exclusive multi-track loop and MIDI files which allow four loops to be played and edited from a single RMX channel.
  • [Stylus RMX] The Beat Aesthetic Taiko does not require the user to convert the library using RMX’s SAGE Converter. Simply decompress the files and drag-and-drop “The Beat Aesthetic Taiko” folder into RMX’s “User Libraries” folder. Although it’s quick and easy, we supply visual instruction in the .pdf.
  • [Kontakt 4] Intuitive interface controls include: “loop name” box (displays the name of the loop when key is pressed) convolution reverb (with 34 custom IR .wavs), saturation, stereo width, velocity curve, low and high pass filters, delay, and input/output quantization to lock loop triggering to the sequencer.
  • [Kontakt 4] Compatible with full retail versions of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 4.2.3 and up. The free Kontakt Player will only allow for a few minutes of unrestricted use before timing out.

The Beat Aesthetic is available to purchase for $109.99 USD.

More information: Nine Volt Audio / The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition


8DIO launches with Epic Taiko Ensemble, Solo Taiko, and Rhythmic Aura Vol. 1

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Troels Folmann has launched 8DIO Productions, a premium sampling line containing over 40 deep-sampled products for Kontakt.

8DIO is launching with over 40 deep-sampled products for Kontakt ranging from the most epic choirs- and percussion in the industry to a wide selection of emotional percussion, solo vocals, new hybrid scoring tools etc. The products are featured in many current blockbusters (e.g. Avatar, Transformers 3, District 9), TV-shows (e.g. Dexter, CSI, NCIS) and video games (e.g. Starcraft 2, Mass Effect 2, Need For Speed) and used by many of the highest profile artists, composers and top 40 producers in the industry.

8DIO Epic Taiko Ensemble
8DIO Taiko Solo
8DIO Rhythmic Aura

8DIO is celebrating its launch with three new premium libraries: “Epic Taiko Ensemble”, “Solo Taiko” and a unique hybrid scoring tool: “Rhythmic Aura”.

Epic Taiko Ensemble features

  • Deep-sampled Epic Taiko Ensemble.
  • Up to 10 velocity layers / 10 repetition pr. layer.
  • Two Microphone Positions (Close and Mids).
  • +2.500 Loops covering 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140BPM.
  • Assorted Taiko (e.g. Ensemble screams, war yells, metal perc).

Solo Taiko Drums features

  • Deep-sampled Solo Taiko Drums.
  • 58 Different Deep Sampled Articulations & Drums.
  • Up to 10 velocity layers / 10 repetition pr. layer.
  • Two Microphone Positions (Close and Mids).
  • +3.800 Samples of O-Daikos, Shimes, Rims, Sticks, etc.

Rhythmic Aura Vol. 1 – Acoustic features

  • Intuitive hybrid scoring tool containing +540 acoustic & tonal arpeggiations.
  • Instant keyboard control of tonal pitch, bit-resolution and filter.
  • Instant keyboard control of distortion, convolution, delay, phaser, rotator, lofi & verb.
  • Host tempo-synchronization and additional tempo manipulation tools.
  • 3D-rendered user-interface with amazing flexibility and intuitive control.

Prices range from $99 USD to $249 USD but are discounted for a limited time. 8DIO libraries require the full version of Kontakt 4.1.1+.

More information: 8DIO


Cinesamples Drums of War 2, percussion library for Kontakt

Cinesamples Drums of War 2

Cinesamples has released Drums of War 2, a percussion sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Drums of War 2 is the newest member to the cinesamples percussion family, and its parents are beaming. Following in the scope of the original Drums of War this new volume takes a different approach to achieving massive-percussive impact.

Whereas the paramount concept of DOW 1 was recording huge orchestral drums in a huge space this time we used specific instrumentation/production techniques to achieve our result. DOW 2 contains entirely new sample content and entirely new instruments – those which we have never sampled before. The foundation of this library being the mighty taikos.

Drums of War 2 features

  • 8 GB library, featuring Chang Chang, Djun Djuns*, Doumbek, Frame Drums*, Gong, Hang Drum, Kissing Fish Shaker, Metals, Mixing Bells, Mondo Toms*, One Shot Shaker, Shime Daikos*, Sub Boom, Tabla, Taikos* (* ensemble patches containing 2-4 sub patches + ensemble patches)
  • All DOW 2 percussion was sampled in 24/48 with the best gear, in a fantastic Los Angeles studio, by one of Hollywood’s most in-demand percussionists.
  • Everything recorded with 10xRR and up to 10 velocity layers.

Drums of War 2 for Kontakt 3.5 or higher (full version required) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $199 USD (regular $229 USD).

Cinesamples has also announced a Black Friday Sale.

This Friday, for 24 hours ONLY Cinesamples is offering discounts of up to 40% on ALL LIBRARIES. (*Offer does not apply to DOW2. VOXOS will be 20% off)

More information: Cinesamples / Drums of War 2


Ableton Partner Instrument Compilation, free Live Pack updated

Ableton Partner Instruments

Ableton has released version 1.4 of the Partner Instrument Compilation, a free Live Pack.

Ableton’s favorite sound designers have developed a rich collection of instruments custom-made for Ableton Live: the Partner Instruments.

Now, we’re giving away the Partner Instrument Compilation — a free 3.7 GB Live Pack that provides a selection of content taken from the Partner Instruments. It includes everything from acoustic pianos and electronic drums to exotic instruments and cinematic soundscapes.

Version 1.4 updates the Partner Instrument Compilation with a sneak peek of sounds from upcoming Partner Instrument Soniccouture Novachord. It also includes sounds from the recently released AAS Journeys and Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion Partner Instruments.

Partner Instrument Compilation features

  • 73 Instrument Racks
  • 17 Drum Racks
  • 6 Live Sets
  • 85 Live Clips

The Partner Instrument Compilation is available as a free download for Ableton Live 8, Suite 8, or Intro, version 8.1.3 or higher.

More information: Ableton / Partner Instrument Compilation


Ableton releases Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion and AAS Journeys, new Partner Instruments

Ableton has announced the release of two new partner instruments: Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion and AAS Journeys.

Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion

Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion is a collection of Japanese taiko sounds that perfectly captures the epic thunder, majesty, and subtlety of these massive traditional drums.

Taiko, Japan’s famous traditional drums, are growing in popularity around the world due to the emergence of taiko groups and their spectacular live performances. Sonica Instruments has packaged the heart-stopping low end, bombastic volumes, dynamic rhythms and unmistakable sound of five taiko percussion instruments in an impeccably recorded and crafted library. Performed by Ikki Hino, famed for his intricate taiko stickwork, and produced by sound creator and composer Tomzuin H, Japanese Taiko Percussion gives the curious musician and sound producer access to a vivid, unexplored world of percussive expressions.

Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion features

  • Perfect reproduction of five traditional Japanese instruments — an ohdaiko (large taiko about 108 centimeters in diameter), a chudaiko (mid-sized taiko at about 60 centimeters in diameter), two varieties of shimedaiko (smaller taiko, a mere 40 centimeters round), and a kane (a hand symbol).
  • Four-channel recording of each instrument with two direct microphones and an overhead stereo microphone for maximum mixing flexibility.
  • Extensive range of essential taiko articulations in addition to regular hits for virtually endless expressive possibilities.
  • Left and right hits recorded separately at up to 47 velocity layers each (total of 94 velocity layers).
  • Left and right hits assigned to different keys to give a genuine sense of playing the taiko on a keyboard.
  • Collection of performers’ calls and shouts.
  • More than 1,000 original MIDI grooves performed by Ikki Hino.
  • Includes 14 Drum Racks, 86 Live Sets containing 1025 Clips.
AAS Journeys

AAS Journeys is a set of 128 Tension sounds for Ableton Live ranging from acoustic-like instruments to organic landscapes.

Journeys is a set of 128 Tension sounds for Ableton Live. This collection is master sound designer Gregory Simpson’s endeavor to create sounds that evoke the essence of other times, places or cultures. This collection will get you traveling from ancient to modern times, from Asia to Africa and everything in between — all with the intrinsic acoustic quality of Tension as your passport.

Journeys draws on the great strengths of physical modeling and the unique sonorities of Tension. Each of these presets is almost an instrument in itself, and reacts to user expression in a very natural and powerful way. From acoustic-like instruments to organic landscapes, Journeys is a great source of inspiration.

Sonica Japanese Taiko Percussion is available to purchase for 59 EUR / $79 USD, AAS Journeys is 29 EUR / $39 USD.

More information: Ableton