Tanager AudioWorks releases SongFrame

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Tanager AudioWorks SongFrame

Tanager AudioWorks has released SongFrame, a song development toolkit designed to provide songwriters and recording musicians an integrated and comprehensive set of tools for writing and refining songs.

In addition to serving as an overall notebook for a songwriter’s ideas, SongFrame allows the user to construct songs using drag & drop icons representing song structure elements and then fully develop every aspect of the song within these. SongFrame is used before the songwriter ever fires up his or her Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) recording or sequencing software. As the name implies – SongFrame creates the framework, foundation and superstructure of a song prior to the recording, arrangement and production process. Think of SongFrame as a “pre-DAW” or a songwriting front-end to your existing recording or sequencing setup.

SongFrame features

  • Develop complete songs, including chords, chord progressions, melodies, lyrics, rhythms and song structures.
  • Import all Guide Tracks and Markers showing every song section and chord change into any Digital Audio Workstation recording or sequencing tool.
  • Audible Chord Library with 70 Chords per Key, find chord substitutes by shared notes and get suggestions based on surrounding chords and desired mood.
  • Thousands of real chord progressions in every key to boost your inspiration – filter by musical genre, era, complexity and root movement. Just drag and drop right onto the chord track!
  • Choose from over 500 drum patterns for each song section, or have SongFrame build the entire drum track for you with one click.
  • Quickly record ideas using audio or MIDI.
  • Highlight vocal or instrument ranges directly on the MIDI track or display the scale tones of almost 150 musical scales.
  • Store SongBits in a dynamic Notebook – drop any past idea into your current song, or share ideas with collaborators.

SongFrame is available for Windows PC and costs $179.99 USD. A demo version is available for download from the product page.

Visit Tanager AudioWorks for more information.


Tanager AudioWorks releases Chorducopia

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Tanager AudioWorks Chorducopia

Tanager AudioWorks has released Chorducopia, an audible chord library software.

Chorducopia is like the PC or Mac version of that trusty tattered chord notebook in your guitar case—only better. When you are writing and you have that perfect sound in your head, but can’t quite translate it to your fingers, Chorducopia can help.

Chorducopia features

  • Contains 990 chord sounds (55 in each enharmonic key name.).
  • Chord Sound library contains 2 banks of 3 instrument sounds each (almost 6000 files.)
    1. Bank A – Fretboard Diagram Voicings:
      • Clean Strat
      • Classical Guitar
      • Rock Guitar
    2. Bank B – Chord Formula Voicing Over 2 Octaves:
      • Acoustic Guitar
      • Rhodes Piano
      • Grand Piano

Chorducopia is available for Windows and Mac and costs $34.99 USD.

Visit Tanager AudioWorks for more information and product demos.


Tanager AudioWorks releases Chirp

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Tanager AudioWorks Chirp

Tanager AudioWorks has released Chirp, a virtual MIDI keyboard controller for Windows and Mac.

Chirp turns your computer or laptop keyboard into a virtual MIDI keyboard controller with 18 piano keys, 10 drum triggers and all the control you’d expect from a piece of hardware. The program produces no actual “sound” itself – instead it produces MIDI notes and messages, which in turn “drive” any music software application, MIDI instrument or plug-in soft synthesizer capable of generating sound from MIDI input.

Chirp Features

  • High quality re-sizable keyboard display shows piano keys being pressed with photo-realistic shadowing
  • Includes 10 programmable trigger pads map-able to any MIDI event—even SYSEX commands
  • 2 controller wheels allow mouse or trackpad entry of any MIDI continuous controller
  • 16 Channel Virtual MIDI Input/Output Port, installs as a virtual MIDI port—appears in the MIDI Devices menu of any music software application
  • Runs on Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista.

Chirp is available on CD-Rom or as a download for $39.99 USD.

Visit Tanager AudioWorks for more information and demonstration videos.