SONiVOX MI releases new Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs)

SONiVOX MI has released new Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs). The DVI series products feature a large selection of affordably priced instruments and collections of instruments. SONiVOX DVI’s use TASCAM’s GVI sample playback technology. Current DVI … read more

ILIO releases Vital Arts Plectrum

ILIO has released Plectrum, a virtual instrument library featuring 185 original acoustic instruments, powered by Tascam’s GVI streaming sample playback engine. Geoffrey Gee, pianist, composer, and former Senior Soundware Engineer at Kurzweil Music Systems, created … read more

Wavelore Instruments releases free Slide Whistle for GVI/GS3

Wavelore has released a free Slide Whistle instrument for GVI/GS3. This instrument demonstrates just what expressive possiblities are available when TASCAM’s morphing filter technology is applied to even a small collection of samples. Even on … read more