Tasmodia releases Diva Attractor soundset

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Tasmodia Diva Attractor

Tasmodia has announced the release of Diva Attractor, a new soundset for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Featuring 76 sounds which are making extensive use of the new features of the Diva 1.3 update, DIVA ATTRACTOR delivers a set of lively, diverse and animated sounds to spur your creativity and add some new, unknown spices to your tracks.

The semi-modular powers of Diva are being used along with its voice-stacking feature to create, amongst others, lots of unique rhythmic, arpeggiated and sequenced sounds which are suited for Electro, House, Ambient, Soundtrack, Glitch, Minimal, Industrial, Techno, Chiptunes, Dubstep and anything in-between.

Realtime midi controllers like modwheel, aftertouch and pitchwheel are used to alter the character of the sound, introduce additional modulation or to completely transform the sound.

Diva Attractor is available to purchase for 11.50 EUR (incl. VAT for EU customers). A free demo pack with 10 presets can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Tasmodia / Diva Attractor


u-he updates More Feedback Machine to v2.1 + 64-bit support

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u-he has released version 2.1 of More Feedback Machine, a versatile delay effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

u-he More Feedback Machine v2.0

More Feedback Machine has always been a synonym for ultra-flexible delay effects ranging from bread & butter to weird rhythmic deconstruction.

In the early days of native plugins, MFM1 was well ahead of its time. MFM2 carries on the tradition and extends it into the future.

Changes in More Feedback Machine v2.1

  • Native 64-bit support for Mac AU and VST Win.
  • Extra factory presets by Tasmodia.
  • New PDF manual, with hyperlinks.
  • Improved installers take Win7 permissions issues into account.
  • Improved compatibility of RTAS (Mac) version, supports “3-finger salute” automation.
  • Improved synchronization.
  • Adds Cocoa view to AU version.
  • Several minor bugs and niggles fixed.

More Feedback Machine is available to purchase for $79 USD excl. VAT.

More information: u-he / More Feedback Machine


u-he updates Zebra to v2.5.1, 64-bit support + Zebralette now free

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u-he has released version 2.5.1 of Zebra, a virtual wireless modular synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

u-he Zebra
Zebra 2.5 now comes with Zebralette.

u-he proudly presents a new version of Zebra: V2.5.1 is now available for download.

With numerous improvements, including the new the oscillator effects and 64-bit support, version 2.5.1 is much more than a normal maintenance update.

Changes in Zebra 2.5.1

  • Adds more than 70 new factory presets (Howard Scarr).
  • Adds a bunch of Zebrify presets (Tasmodia).
  • Includes completely new, well-structured manuals.
  • Adds two new spectral effects (Phase Distortion and Wrap).
  • Includes native 64-bit support for Mac AU and VST Win.
  • Adds Cocoa view to AU version.
  • Loud spikes while switching presets now eliminated.
  • Improved timing stability for swing (affects LFOs and arpeggiator).
  • Improved timing for MSEGs.
  • Improved CPU usage for RTAS (Mac) version.
  • RTAS (Mac) now supports ctrl+alt+cmd+click (“3-finger salute”) automation.
  • Improved installers, take Win7 permissions issues into account.
  • Zebralette is now freeware, includes extra presets (also by Howard).
  • Various bugs and niggles fixed, minor GUI improvements.
  • Upgrade from Zebra1 AU is now free.

Zebra for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $199 USD (excl. VAT). The update is free for current Zebra users.

u-he has also announced that Zebralette is now available as freeware.

We have also decided to offer Zebralette for free! Zebralette started out as “magware” and then became part of the Zebra bundle as a learning tool for Zebra’s powerful oscillators. Zebralette is still automatically installed together with Zebra, but now has no demo limitations.

More information: u-he / Zebra


Tasmodia ACE Cream and Accelerator, sound banks for u-he ACE

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Tasmodia ACE Cream and Accelerator for u-he ACE

Tasmodia has released ACE Cream and Accelerator, two soundsets for ACE, the virtual modular synthesizer plug-in by u-he.

ACE CREAM is a set of 130 fresh & flexible, high quality sounds for the fabulous u-he ACE software synth, suited for such styles like House, Dance, Trance, D&B and many other contemporary electronic music styles.

ACCELERATOR is a set of 130 unique and unusual sounds for the fabulous u-he ACE software synth, useful for ambient, minimal and experimental electronic music in general as well as for soundtrack work or whenever you want to add a unique sound or effect to your track.

ACE Cream / Accelerator features

  • ACE Cream: 130 pachtes including punchy basses, assertive synth sounds and energetic chords as well as pads of many flavours, from soft and beautiful soundscapes to harsh and digital, a big portion of sequenced sounds comprised of pulses, gated sounds and melodic patterns.
  • Accelerator: 130 patches including itch-drifting basses, noisy leads, minimal blips & beeps, crazy sci-fi sfx, modular screams and twisted pads as well as intricate soundscapes & spaces.
  • Extensive use of the available midi controllers for maximum flexibility and fun.
  • Patches have been created as CPU efficient as possible.

ACE Cream and Accelerator are available to purchase for 19.75 EUR excl. VAT each. A 20% discount is available when purchasing both soundsets.

More information: Tasmodia


Tasmodia releases Zebra Playground

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Tasmodia Zebra Playground

Tasmodia has announced the release of Zebra Playground, a soundset for Zebra2 synthesizer from u-he.

Zebra Playground is a huge collection of carefully crafted sounds ready to be used in your everyday music production, tailored towards a variety of modern music styles with a maximum amount of sonic flexibility through extensive use of the available performance controls.

The main focus of the project was to create usable sounds of high quality which are playable and tweakable so you can quickly adjust every sound to your own likings without first needing to analyse every patch in detail. So even if you are not familiar with all the aspects of sound design you´ll be able to quickly alter a patch in a useful way and save it as a new variation.

You´ll get a big variety of basses from deep & dirty to nice & smooth (even inside a single preset if you make use of the performance controls), pressing Club-Sounds for modern Dance, House, fresh Hip Hop and R&B, a big selection of Drum&Bass patches, lots of energetic chords and mean leads for modern Electronic, Techno or Hard-Trance music, airy keys, bells and instruments for relaxed Chill-Out or retro tracks inspired from the 80´s and 90´s, vivid arpeggios, pulsing sequenced lines and Trance-Gates to add some spice to your tracks and of course a big pad selection of all flavours from smooth and static background strings to dark, distorted sounds, from simple filter sweeping pads to lively, organic, dreamy pad structures.

Zebra Playground features

  • 375 original presets, every single one has the Modwheel and all four XY pads assigned to useful parameters acting in sensible ranges. Many of them are very Velocity sensitive and wherever possible even Aftertouch is being assigned to bring you some more fun when playing live.
  • 375 extended variation presets, which are derived from the original patches not only through the variation of the XY pad positions but often also through altering additional parts of the patch like EQs, filter modes, modulations and more to create completely new sounds which would be impossible to achieve by altering the XY pads only.
  • 600 oscillator presets, 60 oscillator templates that feature different waveforms in each of the 16 available waveform slots of an oscillator + 540 fully-fledged oscillator presets which make full use of all the possibilities a single Zebra2 oscillator module has to offer.

Zebra Playground is available to purchase for 33 EUR (+19% VAT if ordered from inside the EU).

More information: Tasmodia / Zebra Playground


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