TC Group announces nine new products at NAMM 2014

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TC-Helicon, TC Electronic and Tannoy, all members of the TC Group family of companies, will premier nine new products at this year’s NAMM Show.

TC Group at NAMM 2014

Spanning from vocal processing and monitoring, guitar looping, studio monitoring and last but not least a book release on all aspects of vocal performance, a lot of ground is covered.

Kevin Alexander, VP of Business Management, adds “We are coming into NAMM hot off the release of a family of four Bass Combos, a new version of the game-changing PolyTune pedal tuner, mini reverb and boost pedals, and the TonePrint Editor for iPad – all since the summer. But musicians don’t stop inspiring us to spend more time in the office bashing out new gear. To have major new product and products ranges debuted at NAMM speaks to the coffee-fueled ingenuity of our musician-focused development teams.”

TC Group will be exhibiting all of the new products at booth 5932, and all NAMM attendees are invited to stop by for a demonstration, a hands-on experience and a chat with the product managers and specialists.

More information: TC Group


TC Group brings new collective identity to the fore

The TC Group of companies, which includes leading sound and audio brands Tannoy, TC Electronic, Lab.gruppen and TC-Helicon, has announced a bold rebranding initiative, unveiled for the first time at Frankfurt as part of a unique combined group presence at the Musikmesse/Prolight+sound show.

TC Group

The move formally brings the collective vision and values of the group’s brand companies together under a new and visible, TC Group brand identity – increasing market awareness of both TC Group as a whole and of its individual brands. While the companies have been linked by the same parent organisation for over a decade, and more recently shared sales co-ordination with the formation of sales organisations such as TC Group Americas (TCGA) and TC Group International (TCGI) in recent years, as well as increasingly collaborating on product development; individual brand identities have remained separate with no visible connection between them.

This group brand initiative is designed to align the brands, forming a more coherent relationship between them in the eyes of the end user and highlighting the high degree of shared resource and expertise across the respective brands. In doing so, it will allow TC Group to leverage better synergies between the brands in developing pioneering new products and moving towards bringing systems solutions, to better serve its diverse customer base across the many market segments within which it’s active.

Anders Fauerskov, CEO of TC Group, said: “If you interact with any part of the TC Group world you’ll find people deeply passionate about sound. That shared passion makes collaboration completely natural, almost instinctive. Telling the TC Group story to our customers, as well as how the brands are connected, is important to us. We want our customers to know that we put every ounce of our collective energies into developing market-leading products, with innovation that comes only from working together. We have total faith in our brands and the people driving them forward for the benefit everyone, whether they are a musician, sound engineer, integrator or the person standing in a busy train station listening to announcements.”

In uniting the brands under a visible group identity, Tannoy, TC Electronic, TC-Helicon, Lab.gruppen, Lake, White Acoustics and TC Applied Technologies will be better positioned to maximise their potential across respective market segments. With closer collaboration – not only within the group, but also with our key business partners and customers – comes greater opportunity for development and growth. While the global sales & support organisations of TC Group will also come under the new core TC Group banner, the business structure and customer contact points will not change in any way.

More information: TC Group


TC-Helicon and Sennheiser join forces

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Vocal processing expert TC-Helicon and audio specialist Sennheiser have unveiled their partnership in the field of vocal effects microphones.

TC-Helicon / Sennheiser

Combining their extensive expertise in creating tools for vocalists and microphone technology, the two companies have been working on joint research projects since 2011, and will launch a joint product at NAMM in January 2013.

“The initial spark for our co-operation was at NAMM 2011, when TC-Helicon premiered a microphone with controls for vocal effects and Sennheiser demonstrated ‘Concept Tahoe’, a beatboxing microphone developed in their research lab in the USA,” says Kevin Alexander, CEO of TC-Helicon. “We had never met, we had never talked – and happened to be showing the same product!”

“We sat down together right at the show in a very open and friendly atmosphere and talked about what we were working on in our respective companies. We immediately saw each other as partners,” says Michael Polten, Director Customer Relationship Management at Sennheiser. “TC-Helicon’s mission is to give singers full control and Sennheiser’s aim is to provide excellent microphones – so our brands were a perfect fit.”

TC-Helicon and Sennheiser started a joint research project, exploring how to interface their products to provide one-stop solutions for singers and musicians – products that will make a real difference for their users. The first results of the commitment will be seen at NAMM 2013, where the companies will launch a joint product.

Kevin Alexander: “We are very excited about this upcoming product bundle. Taking the most innovative microphone brand and the most popular vocal processing brand can only be a good thing for singers.”

More information: TC-Helicon / Sennheiser


TC-Helicon intros VoiceLive Play compact multi effects unit

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TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play

TC-Helicon has announced its new VoiceLive Play compact multi fx pedal.

VoiceLive Play is a new take on a compact multi effects unit for singers, but it is also so much more.

Obviously it is packed with TC-Helicon’s pro-level effects tailored specifically for vocalists and state-of-the-art harmony processing yet it is in the details where ’Play’ really shines.

Basically, singers will be catered to as if a dedicated vocal producer was sitting inside the box, always ready to fulfill their every wish and follow their slightest move.

VoiceLive Play features

  • Complete Vocal Path – Tone, Harmony, HardTune, Reverb, Double and more.
  • Auto Key Detection – Harmonies Can Follow your Favorite Songs.
  • Practice Mode – Sing along and Analyze Vocal Performance.
  • Tone – Global Adaptive EQ, Compression, De-ess, Gate and Pitch Correction.
  • VLOOP Performance Looper with Undo/Redo.
  • RoomSense Microphones for Auto Key, Monitoring, Practicing and Recording.
  • Navigate Over 200 Presets by Genre or Effect with Favorites.
  • Aux Input for Connecting an MP3 player..
  • Stereo XLR, Headphone and USB Stereo Outputs.
  • Low-noise Mic Preamp with Phantom Power.
  • Optional MP-75 Modern Performance Vocal Microphone with Mic Control.
  • Preset Download and Management Using VoiceSupport and USB.

VoiceLive Play is scheduled for release in Winter 2012, with an estimated price of $249.99 USD / 249 EUR SSP.

More information: TC-Helicon / VoiceLive Play


TC-Helicon introduces the Demo. Share. Win. Competition for Singers at 134 Guitar Centers across the US

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TC-Helicon Demo. Share. Win. Competition

TC-Helicon has introduced the Demo. Share. Win. Competition for Singers at 134 Guitar Centers across the US.

Starting today and running until October 31st, singers who take a picture or video of themselves singing into the TC-Helicon Vocal Demo Station at a Guitar Center could win up to three TC-Helicon products of their choice.

TC-Helicon and Guitar Center have partnered together to put 134 demo stations across the US for singers to try out hit products like VoiceLive Touch, VoiceTone Singles and MP-75 microphone. Walk up, sing, and hear the fully produced sound that TC-Helicon singers are famous for. At the Vocal Demo Station, singers have a chance to sing through VoiceLive Touch, demo a loop, try Mic Control using the Singles pedals and more.

Singers should visit for a list of prizes and entrance instructions.

For a list of Guitar Center locations carrying the vocal demo stations, visit

More information: TC-Helicon


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