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TC-Helicon announces VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition

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TC-Helicon has announced the VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition, a limited edition vocal processor unit.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition

Apart from all the amazing features of the original VoiceLive 2, this new Extreme Edition offers twice the looping memory, an enhanced microphone preamp for ultimate transparancy, new breathtaking Extreme Edition presets and an appearance that is sure to make a major impact on any stage with its new, extruded aluminum chassis and artwork in the coolest of blue!

No matter what vocal effects are required, VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition will deliver: auto-adaptive compression & equalization, reverbs, delays, modulation effects, harmony processing, doubling, and more. All effects can be combined, tweaked and stored as personal presets for anything from ’smooth-producer-like’ sounds to ’dirty-and-in-your-face’ outrage to ’downright-spacious’ weirdness – or anything in between. At the end of the day, it’s all about every singers’ natural right to express themselves on the stage!

And to open creative vistas even further, VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition’s on-board looper now records for twice the loop time compared to the original version. This allows singers to build layers of vocal loops up to 30 seconds in stereo (60 seconds in mono) for instant enjoyment as well as for a source of endless inspiration.

VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition is not only extreme – it’s also a limited run. Only an exclusive and limited batch will be manufactured, and in the US, Musician’s Friend is the exclusive dealer of this jaw-dropping vocal effects monster. In fact, Musician’s Friend and its customers have been among the contributors – that also include professional singers and visual artists – who have provided TC-Helicon with inputs and feedback in the process of designing VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition. In the rest of the world, VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition will be available through regular TC-Helicon dealers.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition

VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition features

  • Twice the looping memory (time) as the original VoiceLive 2.
  • Enhanced microphone preamp for ultimate transparancy.
  • New extruded aluminum chassis and artwork in the coolest of blue!
  • Based on the original VoiceLive 2 – having passed its real-world testing with flying colors.
  • Limited number of units – only one exclusive batch!

VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition will be available this July.

More information: TC-Helicon / VoiceLive 2 Extreme Edition

TC-Helicon VoiceLive H1, E1 and X1 vocal pedals now shipping

TC-Helicon has announced it is now shipping the VoiceLive H1, E1, and X1 vocal pedals.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive H1, E1 & X1

TC-Helicon offers its renowned vocal harmony to an even wider audience with VoiceTone H1 – a two-part vocal harmony processor combining NaturalPlay guitar control and key/scale operation to allow vocalists of any musical background to get lush sounding background vocals. VoiceTone H1 is the ultimate in simplicity and the NaturalPlay harmony algorithms come directly from TC-Helicon’s flagship vocal processor VoiceLive 2, so there is no compromise on sonic quality.

“There is something addictive and fun about using such a small pedal to instantly produce pro sounding background vocals,” shares TC-Helicon Product Manager Tom Lang.

Controlling VoiceTone H1 is truly simple. Singers select from eight voicing combinations, then set harmony mix and choose between guitar control using the guitar pass-thru input or selecting a key and scale.

VoiceTone E1 gives any vocalist simple access to delays and echos used in hit music production. Slapback, Echo, Tap Echo and FX styles can easily be selected and then tuned with the Feedback and Analog controls. Singers can tap song tempo and turn the effect on and off with the footswitch.

VoiceTone X1 borrows technology from TC-Helicon’s infamous Transducer block to emulate the sounds of telephones, distortions and amps to make vocals stand out in a mix, and each style can be tuned with dedicated Drive and Filter controls.

The VoiceLive pedals are available to purchase for $149 USD / €149 EUR (H1, E1) and $129 USD / €129 EUR (X1).

More information: TC-Helicon

TC-Helicon updates VoiceJam recording app to v1.2

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TC-Helicon VoiceJam

TC-Helicon has released version 1.2 of VoiceJam, a powerful iPhone, iPod and iPad app for creating music whilst on the move.

With an In-app purchase feature of the infamous HardTune pitch correction effect, and new core features including ‘Input meters’ and ‘Shots mode’, VoiceJam 1.2 is set to allow vocalists to loop, layer and record more exciting and more professional recordings. VoiceJam 1.2 uses the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s built-in microphone or any Apple certified external microphone to record and layer sound onto an evolving loop.

VoiceJam customers can add the HardTune pitch correction effect as an In-App purchase by touching the ‘info’ icon. The effect is an emulation of TC-Helicon’s VoiceTone C1 vocal stompbox. It allows everything from extreme auto pitch correction to more subtle tweaks to the singer’s pitch. There’s also a control for subtle to extreme gender-bending (male to female transformations and vice-versa).

Changes in VoiceJam v1.2

  • ‘In-app’ purchase – enables vocalists to buy pro-quality vocal effects from TC-Helicon’s stompbox effect pedals range, starting with the C1 HardTune pitch correction effect.
  • ‘Input metering’ – Singers can be sure they’re singing at ideal volume levels by watching the colour of the input waveform.
  • ‘Shots mode’ – allows a vocalist to instantly re-trigger loops like samples on a drum pad.
  • ‘Live Performance Flyover’ – includes the new loop mixer to non-destructively tweak the level of each loop, and offers other controls designed to aid customers during live performances.
  • ‘SoundCloud’ – a new uncompressed SoundCloud option allows for high quality uncompressed recordings to be instantly uploaded and shared.
  • ‘Share an idea’ – a link that gives vocalists the opportunity to share new feature ideas directly with TC-Helicon’s development team.

The VoiceJam version 1.2 upgrade is freely available to existing users. New users can download VoiceJam for $4.99 USD / £2.99 GBP / 3.99 EUR. The In-app purchase of C1 is $9.99 USD / £5.99 GBP / 7.99 EUR, but is 60% off until 15 May, 2011.

More information: TC-Helicon / VoiceJam

TC-Helicon introduces H1, E1 and X1 VoiceTone Single pedals

TC-Helicon VoiceTone H1

TC-Helicon has announced three new VoiceTone Single vocal effects pedals: H1, E1 and X1.

Natural harmony sound, ease of use and now, ultimate affordability are yours in VoiceTone H1. Pros and hobbyists alike can achieve fuller-sounding vocal performances with this sturdy vocal harmony pedal.

VoiceTone E1 offers singers the signature echo and slapback effects that evoke classic songs while putting effects control at their feet. Now, high quality, immersive echo effects for the stage are no longer just for guitarists.

VoiceTone X1 brings a modern “down and dirty” quality to live vocals with tinny megaphones and sharp vocal distortion effects under singers’ control.

Pricing and availability:

  • VoiceTone H1: US $149 estimated price / €149 SSP, shipping June 2011.
  • VoiceTone E1: US$149 estimated price / €149 SSP, shipping Summer 2011.
  • VoiceTone X1: US$129 estimated price / €129 SSP, shipping Summer 2011.

More information: TC-Helicon / VoiceTone H1 / VoiceTone E1 / VoiceTone X1

TC-Helicon MP-70 & MP-75 microphones now shipping

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TC-Helicon MP-70 / MP-75

TC-Helicon has announced that it is now shipping the MP-70 and MP-750, two handheld dynamic microphones.

Both microphones are handheld dynamics that deliver the superlative performance that vocalists have come to expect from a TC-Helicon product, but the MP-75 comes with one added feature that puts vocalists in control of their performance – Mic Control.

MP-70 / MP-75 features

  • Excellent pop and breath noise rejection.
  • Superior background noise rejection and resistance to feedback.
  • Super-cardioid pick-up pattern with 50Hz to 18kHz frequency response.
  • Lismer dynamic capsule voiced for ‘close-up’ mic technique.
  • Suspended dual shock mount for low handling noise.
  • Patent pending Mic Control circuit for controlling TC-Helicon vocal effects.
  • 100% custom design for ruggedness and ergonomics.
  • Ideal for use with TC-Helicon’s Adaptive Tone.
  • Both the MP-70 and MP-75 will work with non TC-Helicon products.

The MP-75 is available to purchase for $169 USD / 149 EUR SSP, the MP-70 is $129 USD / 109 EUR SSP.

More information: TC-Helicon / MP-70 /MP–75

TC-Helicon launches Love Songs Competition

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TC-Helicon Love Songs Competition

TC-Helicon has launched the Love Songs Competition, a chance to win prize packages for recording love songs.

On Valentine’s Day, TC-Helicon launched a competition for singers using TC-Helicon products.

The TC-Helicon Love Song Competition gives vocalists a chance to win TC-Helicon prize packages for recording love songs that feature any TC-Helicon product from VoiceLive 2 to the new VoiceTone Singles range.

Winners of the competition can win a Grand Prize of either a VoiceLive Touch or VoiceLive 2 and a MP-75 Modern Performance Vocal Microphone with Mic Control. Four runners-up will have their choice of any VoiceTone Singles stompbox for singers.

The competition runs from February 14 to March 31, 2011. Winners will be voted on by TC-Helicon staff based on quality, creativity, arrangement, talent and use of their TC-Helicon product.

All a musician has to do is record a video of a love song using a TC-Helicon product, post the video on YouTube and submit their entry at

More information: TC-Helicon / Love Songs Competition

TC Group joins AVnu Alliance

TC Group has announced it will become part of the AVnu Alliance, adding its companies’ expertise to the industry forum’s efforts to establish AVB as the next-generation open networking standard.

AVnu Alliance Marketing Work Group Chairman, Lee Minich, flanked by TC Group CEO Anders Fauerskov (right) and CTO Morten Lave (left)AVnu Alliance Marketing Work Group Chairman, Lee Minich, flanked by TC Group CEO Anders Fauerskov (right) and CTO Morten Lave (left)

TC Group – parent company of leading audio manufacturing brands TC Electronic, Tannoy, Lab.gruppen, Lake and TC Helicon – announced on Tuesday at the opening of Integrated Systems Europe 2011 that it is to become part of the AVnu Alliance, the industry forum dedicated to the establishment and promotion of the IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) open network standard. As TC Group is a major player in key sectors of the pro audio market, the move adds further momentum and specific market and technological expertise to the efforts in establishing AVB as the preferred Ethernet-based audio and video networking environment for next generation products.

Interoperability has long been a key consideration for the group, as it strives to align its diverse portfolio of audio products, with the objective of offering the customer ease of integration and complete system compatibility. TC Group is fully supportive of the move towards IEEE 802.1, stating that the establishment of AVB as the leading open standard will benefit customers, manufacturers and the industry as a whole by providing a level playing field for future product development while giving end users greater confidence in, and choice of, network-compatible devices.

TC Group sees networked audio as a critical issue in pro audio – in both the install and tour world – and has already utilized digital audio networking across multiple branded components, such as the implementation of established Ethernet-based protocols in Lab.gruppen’s PLM Series and Lake’s LM 26. Development of technologies intended to be in line with proposed AVB standards is already being carried out by the group’s specialist division TC Applied Technologies and this formal announcement by TC Group to join AVnu Alliance goes some way to underlining those advances. It also gives substance to the company’s continual efforts to provide customers with the latest and most flexible interoperable system solutions – through the development of products that support AVB as well as other relevant network standards.

More information: TC Group

Korg announces Pa3X Professional Arranger Workstation

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KORG has announced the Pa3X, a professional arranger workstation.

The Korg Pa Series has a new flagship: the Pa3X, the most realistic, powerful, and easy-to-use arranger workstation ever produced. For years, Korg’s Pa Series has been the most respected, envied, and successful line of interactive arranger workstations on the planet. Once again, Korg has raised the standard of excellence by offering new, richer, and more realistic sounds; creating amazing new features, and offering a fresh – yet elegant – design. Meet the Pa3X. Listen and Believe.

Korg Pa3X

Pa3X features

  • Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound engine offers improved realism and new vivid sound, including pianos borrowed from the acclaimed Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano, plus Ambience Drums .
  • Massive internal ROM – plus up to 256 MB of user PCM data (equivalent to 512 MB, when calculated as 16-bit linear data) –provides an extraordinarily powerful wave memory, delivering the best sound quality possible.
  • Three assignable switches, a four-way joystick, and our unique ribbon strip ensure total control for the many available levels of sound articulation (DNC) .
  • Choose either 61 keys or 76 semi–weighted keys; both with velocity and aftertouch.
  • Elegantly designed and reliable aluminum cabinet.
  • TouchView™ TFT display; 76-key model features a motorized tilting display.
  • Professional graphic interface with new Search facility for quickly locating musical resources.
  • PaAS High-fidelity, optional amplification/speaker bar with Korg’s own Easy Connect system (no support, cables, or additional power supply needed) .
  • Self-refreshing PCM Data memory backup – supported by our own Intelligent Re-Charge system – ensures fast startup.
  • Improved Style and Performance selection, Over 400 factory Styles; each with 4 variations and 4 Fill Ins + Break, plus 15 user banks for unlimited storage of your favorite customized or user created Styles and settings.
  • Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 for even more realistic guitar parts.
  • Chord Sequencer function records any chord progression on-the-fly.
  • Up to 8 Stereo Effects at once, including flexible Master and Insert routing for Styles and songs. New Vintage Effects from the acclaimed SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano.
  • New TC-Helicon ® Vocal Processor (VoiceLive2 derived) with dedicated professional effects.
  • Adaptive Mic Setting provides a virtual sound engineer to automatically set the best EQ/Compressor/Gate settings for your voice.
  • Professional Final Mastering tools from “Waves Audio” plugins “MaxxAudio ™ ” suite.
  • New Double MP3/MIDI files player and recorder with Advanced Vocal Remover.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Lyrics in graphical format (+G) for MIDI files and MP3 files.
  • New Audio Chord Detection function that automatically extracts chords to send to the Vocal Processor from MP3 files.
  • Enhanced sound compatibility for GM songs.
  • Multi-language extended character set. Lyrics can be showed in their original languages (except the Oriental and the Arabic Languages, check for the available languages).

More information: Korg / Pa3X