That Sound announces Darren King Drums

That Sound has announced Darren King Drums, an upcoming sample pack featuring signature sounds from the drummer of MuteMath, recorded at Smoak Stack.

That Sound Darren King Drums

Behold! The legendary sounds of the drummer of MuteMath. This enormous drum library captures the untamed style of Darren King in great detail. These signature sounds are dirty and messy in the best of ways. Darren’s favorite drums from your favorite records recorded with vintage gear and tape machines. Darren’s drums are overtly processed and pushed hard through API pre amps, various compressors, and Studer and Teac tape heads.

We recorded 8 Kicks, 10 Snares, 2 sets of toms, Hi-hat, Ride, and 2 Crashes all in great detailed multi-velocity. We couple those multi-velocity samples with hundreds of unique “one-shot” samples.

For icing on the cake, we give you hundreds of fully mixed beats and loops by Darren King. A huge variety of tempos and styles lets you drop Darren in your songs or start writing from one of his beats.

The pack will be available for purchase soon.

More information: That Sound / Darren King Drums


CD Sound Master releases R2R- The Essential Analog Tape Collection

CD Sound Master R2R - The Essential Analog Tape Collection

CD Sound Master has announced the release of R2R- The Essential Analog Tape Collection, a program library for Acustica Audio’s Nebula.

R2R contains a virtual living museum of reel to reel analog tape recorders ranging from early tube designs to popular consumer favorites, to some of the finest machines ever made!

R2R- The Essential Analog Tape Collection features

  • 170 analog tape programs for Nebula.
  • Recreated tape machines: Struder A800 MKIII, Otari MTR-10, Struder Revox B77 Pro, Wollensak 1515, Lafayette Radio RK-142, Sony TC-640, Akai 4000DS MKII, TEAC W-6004 Dual Cassette.
  • Tapes used: Ampex/Quantegy Grand Master 456, Ampex 499, ATR, Scotch 206, Scotch 290, Scotch 111, Sony PR-150, Maxell UD-3590, Maxell UD-XL-3590B, Maxell XLII.
  • Various tape speed settings for specific models recorded.

R2R is available for purchase for $99 USD. R2R-FREE includes 4 free programs for Nebula, and is available as a free download so Nebula users can demo R2R.

More information: CD Sound Master