DNR Collaborative releases free Sound Sampler 01

DNR Sound Sampler 01

DNR Collaborative has released Sound Sampler 01, a free sample library featuring samples and loops from the Sound Repository.

Sound Sampler 01 is a package of various sample and loop packs that are contained within the Sound Repository (both Producer and Developer licenses) which is aimed mainly at people who want test out what the Sound Repository is about.

There is anything from female vocal clips to drum loops to voice hits and long, drawn out textures. The entire package is 1.02gb uncompressed and contains 1,840 individual samples and loops. The package can either be downloaded all at once as a ZIP file, or individually per folder.

The download is free of charge.

More information: DNR Collaborative / Sound Sampler 01


DNR Collaborative unveils DesignDesk and launches Crowdfunding initiative

DNR Collaborative has unveiled DesignDesk, a unique system which allows users to build workspaces out of a variety of design, document and development tools, as well as collect, edit and package all of your required files all in one place.

DNR DesignDesk
DesignDesk is a complete project repository, design toolkit and collaborative platform for just about anyone. The concept is simple – choose your tools, gather your files, edit and package your project into a neatly organized file system or database.

DesignDesk would be particularly useful to just about any type of multimedia designer who commonly creates and releases commercial products such as icon library designers or soundware developers. Even students and teachers could use it to research and gather information for projects or exams. With the ability for 3rd-party developers to create their own tools, DesignDesk becomes an extendable, flexible design platform and project creation system.

DNR have also launched a new crowdfunding campaign to raise the rest of the funds to get DesignDesk to market, and have decided to run the campaign independently instead of through a crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter, relying solely on the audio and media communities alone. A lot of effort went into preparing the documentation, graphics and other media that you can see on the DNR website, which will present a clear and concise explaination of what DesignDesk is, what is would be good for, and who it would be useful to.

Please share DesignDesk – we’re relying on our customers, friends and allies to spread the word!

DNR Collaborative is targeting a $5,000 USD pledge goal for DesignDesk, to be funded before May 15th, 2013.

More information: DesignDesk


DNR Collaborative sets free Metal and Motion sample library

Reason Lahalla

Steven of DNR Collaborative has announced that the Metal and Motion sample library is now available as a free download, in memory of Reason Lahalla, who sadly enough passed away recently.

In honor of Reason I have decided to allow his sound library “Metal and Motion” to be downloaded by all for free.

His original purpose in this endeavor was to provide the world with cool music products, and that is what I will do here.

Metal and Motion features

  • 190 Individual samples, 44.1khz/24-bit audio quality.
  • Sample Categories: Clean cymbal hits, Aluminum taps, Brace taps, Cymbal scrapes, Machete hits, Metal fades, Metal textures.
  • Formats: WAV/SFZ/SF2.

The sample library is available to download here.

More information: DNR Collaborative


DNR Collaborative announces 5-Day New Year No-Brainer Deal

DNR Collaborative has announce a 5-day New Year No-Brainer deal.

DNR Collaborative New Year No-Brainer

For the next 5 days (until 1/8), you can now get the entire DNR catalog, including Wave Designer, MixControl Pro, and the producer’s license for the Sound Repository for only $29.00 USD!

More information: DNR Collaborative / No-Brainer Deal


Tone2 & DNR Collaborative announce Wave Designer / RayBlaster / ElectraX Crossgrade

Tone2 Audiosoftware and DNR Collaborative have announced a crossgrade deal for DNR’s Wave Designer and Tone2’s RayBlaster and ElectraX users.

Tone2 / DNR crossgrade
Wave Designer allows users to create waveforms and export them to a .wav format file in order to be used as oscillators for synthesizers which support loading single-cycle waveforms, such as RayBlaster and ElectraX.

All users of either Tone2 RayBlaster or ElectraX can now get Wave Designer for $39 (reg $79) and Wave Designer customers can now get RayBlaster for $149 (reg. $199) and ElectraX for $179 (reg $189).

Registered customers can just log into the Tone2 forums for the crossgrade link, and DNR Wave Designer customers can either contact DNR for a crossgrade link, or use the link in the DNR Wave Designer newsletter.

More information: Tone2


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