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DNR Collaborative releases Elektro Nation

DNR Collaborative Elektro Nation 01

DNR Collaborative has announced the official release of Elektro Nation 01, a new series of loops and samples to fit a wide range of electronic music styles.

Elektro Nation does not focus on realistic instruments, but content which can be used in a variety of elektro, dub, dubstep, drum+bass, hardcore, minimal, glitch and other electronic styles. This first volume is our inaugural release for this library, and it contains 228 loops @ 24-bit / 48k quality which range from heavily effected drum sounds to basic elektro drumloops. All loops are at least 4 bars long.

Elektro Nation 01 has been designed to help you build solid grooves, as well as give you content that is flexible and easy to manipulate if you should choose to attempt any sonic slicing trickery.

Elektro Nation 01 features

  • 59 Processed Loops – A wide variety of different elektro drums.
  • 30 Processed FX Loops – Processed drum loops, chopped and FX’d.
  • 39 No Kick Loops – Loops created with no kick, not just hi-passed.
  • 28 No Kick FX Loops – No kick loops, chopped and FX’d.
  • 47 Kit Loops – Loops created using specific custom drumkits.
  • 25 Heavy Loops – Heavily processed drumloops.
  • Format: .WAV (48k/24-bit).

Elektro Nation 01 is available to purchase for the introductory price of $5 USD until 1 October, 2011 (regular price $25 USD).

More information: DNR Collaborative / Elektro Nation 01

DNR Collaborative releases MixControl Pro

DNR Collaborative has announced the official release of MixControl Pro, the long-awaited successor to its flagship mixing package, bringing many new user-requested features, fixes and enhancements, as well as a new manual and factory presets.

MixControl Pro is a complete high-quality, professional channelstrip with a unique sound that offers flexible module processing, pristine audio quality and a combination of useful new features.

MixControl Pro has 2 separate professionally designed interface layouts, created by Anders Hedstrom (aka LimeFlavour) to allow users of different screen sizes and workflows to benefit from. We have worked closely with Anders, our users and our development team to integrate the most requested, useful and aesthetically pleasing interface features.

DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro (small interface)
DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro (small interface)

MixControl Pro builds on the solid foundation known in the original MixControl by adding many useful aesthetic and functional enhancements such as extremely high-quality oversampling, 2 new professional UI layouts, 3 unique analog-style saturation modes, and a much more responsive FFT analyzer. Gate mixing, sub-preset loading modules and quick mouse controls round out the new workflow enhancements to enable you to work faster and smarter to get the perfect mix for your project.

New in MixControl Pro

  • In/Out gain stages (+12dB).
  • Solo for individual EQ bands.
  • 3 Unique new saturation modes.
  • Gate wet/dry mixing function.
  • Enhanced metering accuracy.
  • Adjustable FFT (fast/normal/slow).
  • High-Quality oversampling mode.
  • 2 UI Versions (Extended+Refined).
  • Smooth, anti-aliased display.
  • Mouse wheel EQ node control.
  • Right-click Filter selection.
  • User adjustable display colors.
  • Various workflow enhancements.
  • 64-bit OSX version (AU/VST).

MixControl Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU, RTAS coming) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $99 USD until Friday, September 23rd, 2011 (regular $129 USD). Current product users can purchase MixControl Pro for $59 USD through their user accounts.

More information: DNR Collaborative / MixControl Pro

DNR Collaborative releases Organic Compounds

DNR Collaborative has announced the release of Organic Compounds, an acoustic drum sample library.

DNR Collaborative Organic Compounds

Organic Compounds is a multi-format acoustic drum package with real sonic character – high-quality sample recording, but we left a lot of unobtrusive drum and player noises, scrapes and scratches to make it a very unique product with an authentic feel.

We have paid close attention to each samples’ start and end points, making sure each hit starts and ends on zero-crossing to avoid all pops and clicks, and provide a wide array of playing styles not usually covered by traditional drum sample libraries. The original, non-normalized samples are included in this package, and yes, there is a cowbell.

Organic Compounds features

  • 609 Individual acoustic drum samples.
  • 732 Additional processed samples.
  • Recorded through a combination of AKG C414 B-XLS II and Rode NT-55 microphones.
  • Additional bonus content and extras.
  • 25 SFV format mappings, 25 Soundfont format mappings, 25 Alchemy kits + 8 remix pads each, 25 Poise kits + 100 Poise cells.

Organic Compounds is available to purchase for $39 USD. Previous DNR customers pay $29 USD. A developer’s bundle is also offered and can be purchased from the same product page, priced $79 USD.

More information: DNR Collaborative / Organic Compounds

DNR Collaborative announces Ultimate Sound Library Developer Bundle

DNR Collaborative has released the Ultimate Sound Library Developer Bundle, the first product available of it’s kind which requires no permission or special licensing to use within re-distributable commercial projects.

It is an extensive library of sounds specifically for sound library developers and game designers, sound designers and/or software developers who need source material to create new commercial sound libraries, games and software packages but don’t have the time or ability to record the samples themselves.

The bundle contains 4.2GB of one-shot samples, loops, single-cycles, raw recordings and instrument patches that can be used in commercial, distributable sound libraries, games and software without the need to gather prior approval for licensing – the contained license takes care of everything!

DNR Collaborative Ultimate Sound Library Developer Bundle

Ultimate Sound Library Developer Bundle features

  • Nearly 5,000 individual sound files and instruments patches from DNR Collaborative’s most popular sample-based products:
    • Organic Compounds, Live Drum Library
    • Anatomy 01 Bundle, Waveform Collection
    • Old Skool Guitars, Funky Electric Guitar Library
    • Metal and Motion, Esoteric Cymbal Deconstruction
    • Transitions 4, 5 and 6, Cinematic Impacts, Transitions and Fades
    • Impact Sessions, Industrial Impact Collection
  • Developer’s versions of SuperCycles waveforms and Mono Destroyers sample packs, as well as an unreleased DNR exclusive package of sounds called Entropy, also usable in your own commercial products.

The Ultimate Sound Library Developers Bundle is available until 8/19 at the discounted introductory price of $69 USD (regular $149 USD).

More information: DNR Collaborative / Ultimate Sound Library Developer Bundle

DNR Collaborative releases Old Skool Guitars + Introductory Bundle

DNR Collaborative Designs has released Old Skool Guitars, a unique new sound library designed to assist in the production of old school hip-hop, underground and fusion styles of music.

DNR Collaborative Old Skool Guitars

The library contains 400 licks, loops, cuts and samples for a total of 261MB after decompression.

The sounds contained in this library have NOT been treated with care! We’ve maintained a lot of finger scratches, scrapes and other noises associated with playing the guitar in hopes of creating a dirty, funky package of guitar recordings.

Old Skool Guitars is available to purchase for $19 USD. The first 100 customers will receive a free copy of Organic Compounds, a multi-format drum library (WAV/SF2/SFZ/Alchemy/Poise).

A developer license is also available to purchase for $39 USD. This license allows use in commercial sound libraries.

More information: DNR Collaborative / Old Skool Guitars

DNR Collaborative releases DEFCON3 Multiband Audio Deconstruction Unit (Beta)

DNR Collaborative DEFCON3

DNR Collaborative has released a beta of DEFCON3, a multiband audio deconstruction effect for Native Instruments Reaktor.

DNR Collaborative Designs has released DEFCON3 – a multiband audio deconstruction plug-in for Reaktor 5.6+ which can take your audio and mangle it in various ways, from subtle lo-fi effects to all out sonic mayhem.

DEFCON3 was designed and created by reason lahalla for DNR Collaborative and is currently in BETA.

DEFCON3 can be downloaded for free from the ‘Community’ section of the DNR Collaborative website.

DEFCON3 features

  • Master Effects
    • Left/Right Independent Controls.
    • LP4/LP2/BP4/BP2/HP2 Filter.
    • LFO Destruction Modulator.
    • Filter Saturation.
    • Vinyl Noise/Cracle.
    • Cubic/Linear/Parabolic Shapers.
    • Bypass and Mute Functions.
    • Master Gain Control.
    • Master Pan and Stereo Width.
    • Badly Functioning Compressor
  • Per-Band Functions
    • 4 Individual Frequency Bands.
    • Left/Right Independent Controls.
    • Audio Masher/Slew Limiter.
    • Distortion Shaper.
    • Individual Gain Control.
    • Mixed Synthesis Function.

DEFCON3 beta is available as a free download.

More information: DNR Collaborative / DEFCON3

DNR Collaborative announces MixControl included with any purchase until 7/4

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DNR Collaborative Designs MixControl

DNR Collaborative Designs has announced a limited time offer, including a free copy of its MixControl channelstrip plug-in with any purchase at its shop.

DNR Collaborative Designs is now allowing any purchase to receive a copy of MixControl free with ANY purchase from the DNR webshop until July 4th, 2011.

After purchasing, users will receive their copy of MixControl within 24 hours, including a license key good for all 1.x releases and a FREE upgrade to MixControl’s successor. We will announce further availability and release information through the DNR support forum @

More information: DNR Collaborative / MixControl

reason lahalla releases Metal and Motion sample pack

reason lahalla

reason lahalla has released Metal and Motion, a package of sounds which consists mainly of original recordings and derivative textures created from recording a Zildjian Constantinople crash, a Zildjian Avedis ping ride and a Zildjian Z Custom 18″ crash cymbal through various means.

Most of the long drawn out textures were created by using different density/thickness drum sticks and “ghosting”
them lightly across the grooves until the wood catches the harmonics correctly. Other rumbling metal sounds were created through felt mallets being drawn across the cymbals at higher microphone gain stages.

Also included is a package of dual machete samples. These were recorded by using 2 separate machetes to tap, slide, slice and bend in order to get accurate ‘sword fighting’ type of sounds. You will also find other metals, such as aluminum braces and rods included in the package as well.

Metal and Motion features

  • 110 Samples / 250 MB.
  • Recorded @ 24-bit / 48khz.
  • Originals recordings included.
  • Folder Layout Includes: Aluminum Taps, Brace Taps, Cymbal Scrapes, Machete Hits, Metal Fades, Metal Textures.

Metal and Motion is available in 2 licenses – one for composers ($10 USD) and one for developers ($20 USD). The difference between licenses is that the composer’s license can be used in any musical composition with no royalties or other fees. You cannot create commercial sound libraries from these sources with the composer’s license. The developer’s license allows you to use these samples to create commercial sound libraries without requiring my permission to do so. Go ahead, make something useful and creative (and commercial) out of them.

More information: reason lahalla / Metal and Motion