Tempo Rubato releases Historic Harpsichords – Ruckers 1628 for iOS

Tempo Rubato has launched Ruckers 1628, a superbly-sampled recreation of one of the greatest and most valuable harpsichords of all time.

Tempo Rubato Ruckers 1628

Flemish instrument-building family Ruckers need little in the way of introduction to those in the know; suffice to say, their highly-valued (and valuable) historic harpsichords are akin to Stradivarius violins built by the Stradivari family. You could even say that the harpsichord was the ‘synthesizer’ of its time, without which influential early musical stylings such as baroque and renaissance would never have emerged.

Needless to say, 1628 must have been an especially excellent year for the Ruckers family, for the Ruckers 1628 is now one of the greatest and most valuable harpsichords of all time. Those thinking that they will never get to experience the sheer musical joy of playing this two-manual harpsichord built by master craftsman Andreas Ruckers (The Elder) in Antwerp way back in 1628 should surely think again.

Thanks to the definitive development work of TempoRubato in collaboration with sample content provider par excellence realsamples, now you can conveniently enjoy playing an authentic recreation of the Ruckers 1628 from the comfort of their favourite iOS device whenever and wherever you like!

Historic Harpsichords – Ruckers 1628 for iOS is available for purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: Tempo Rubato / Ruckers 1628


TempoRubato updates NLogSynth PRO & NLog MIDI Synth to v5.0

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TempoRubato NLogSynth PRO

TempoRubato has announced version 5.0 of NLogSynth PRO for iPad and NLog MIDI Synth for iPhone/iPod.

While working hard at the new NWave app in collaboration with Waldorf, we took some time to update the classic virtual analogue synth apps of TempoRubato. In the last couple of months the codebase was renewed to add flexibility for projects like the NWave app and more to follow. The NLogSynth update adds most wanted user requests and further complements the app with outstanding features.

Our feature lists are fully packed with further ideas, user requests and more for upcoming updates. TempoRubato will continue to further develop NLogSynth apps apart from releasing new apps.

Changes in version 5.0

  • MIDI Learn.
  • Overdub Recording & Looping.
  • Sound Bank Import & Export.
  • True Mono/Legato Mode.
  • Export Media Files in another App.
  • Core MIDI Network Support.
  • Reset Parameter to Default Value.
  • Full MIDI CC Range 0-127 for external control.
  • New Default Sound.
  • Running Phase parameter improved & fixed.
  • Update to new SDK for Akai SynthStation 25.
  • Modulation of the keytrack source has been increased within modulation matrix (iPad only).
  • The “flat” setting for envelope slopes fixed (iPad only).
  • Optimization for devices with arm7 based CPUs.
  • … and many other fixes and improvements.

The updated NLogSynth PRO and NLog MIDI Synth are now available from the iTunes App Store, priced $15.99 USD and $4.99 USD repsectively. The Mac standalone app and AudioUnit version of NLogSynth will follow with a corresponding update in the following weeks.

More information: TempoRubato


Waldorf intros iPad Synthesizer

Waldorf has announced the Waldorf iPad Synthesizer, a new wavetable synthesizer designed in collaboration with Rolf Wöhrmann.

A long tradition of wavetable synthesis – from first PPG synthesizers to the latest developments in terms of Blofeld and Largo – and Rolf Wöhrmann’s (TempoRubatos) vast experience with the iPad synthesis made it only natural to come up with a wavetable concept for the iPad, which, as a mobile platform, is becoming increasingly more significant to professional and semi-professional musicians and producers.

Thanks to intelligent gesture recognition and plenty of available graphic performance the iPad is perfect for bringing wavetable synthesis to a new level. For the first time it will be possible to plunge into the depths of wavetables and to make their sound content visible with advanced 3-D technology. The cooperation between Waldorf and TempoRubato, also known for their product line NLog Synth, doesn’t stop here: The application will also offer new possibilities for sound manipulation based on Waldorf’s very latest spectral research.

Waldorf iPad Synthesizer

Completely new and unheard sounds

An innovative approach to wavetable synthesis allows for the transposition of the spectrum and the balance of periodic and sound spectra entirely independent from a wave’s position. The existing wavetable technology is thereby extended by two new dimensions, and it allows for formant shifts as well as numerous other unheard sounds. Also, unlike with typical wavetable instruments, the number and length of waves in a wavetable will no longer be restricted. It’s the era of wavetable synthesis V2.0! This app will support a huge number of hardware MIDI interfaces, e. g. all Core MIDI compatible interfaces by IK Multimedia, iConnectMIDI, MIDI Mobilizer II by Line6, ioDock or the Camera Connection Kit by Apple, as well as proprietary interfaces such as the SynthStation by Akai.

App collaboration standards like Sonoma‘s Audio Copy/Paste, Intua‘s Audio Pasteboard and Virtual Core MIDI will also be supported like the upcoming AudioBus standard and KORG’s WIST synchronization technology.

Joachim Flor, executive manager at Waldorf Music GmbH is pleased: “We are truly excited about our collaboration with Rolf Wöhrmann from TempoRubato. Considering his great experience with the iPad synthesis we are planning to release this excellent synthesiser this summer. Then it will be available at the Apple App Store. It’s going to be an exciting time!“

Rolf Wöhrmann is also looking forward to the challenge: “The cooperation with Waldorf Music and the Waldorf developers is a great honour. Waldorf‘s long history in wave table synthesis and the new and innovative possibilities of the iPad will create an astonishing synthesizer for musicians, sound designers and producers.”

More information: Waldorf


Audanika updates SoundPrism to v2.3

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Audanika SoundPrism

Audanika has announced an update to SoundPrism, an instrument and MIDI controller app for iPhone/iPad.

SoundPrism Pro 2.3 is now able to interconnect with other music apps via virtual Core MIDI. MIDI notes and controller data generated by SoundPrism Pro can now be sent to synthesizer apps running in the background. With this step iOS devices become modular creative studios. No additional hard and software is needed anymore.

One special synthesizer app that can be controlled via SoundPrism Pro is TempoRubato‘s NLog. NLog is an extensive synthesizer that provides multiple high quality synthesis modules, SoundCloud upload, Audio and MIDI Export as well advanced real time control. Thus NLog and SoundPrism Pro complete each other perfectly: NLog provides a high quality analog audio synthesis to SoundPrism Pro and vice versa SoundPrism Pro provides a highly intuitive musical user interface to NLog. A demonstration video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7Sb3KUBrq8.

SoundPrism 2.3 is a free update for both standard and Pro versions from the iOS App store. Note: the virtual Core MIDI features are only available in SoundPrism Pro, priced $15.99 USD / £9.49 GBP / 12.99 EUR.

More information: SoundPrism


TempoRubato updates NLogSynth PRO & NLog MIDI Synth for iOS

TempoRubato has announced the release of new updates of its NLogSynth PRO and NLog MIDI Synth for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

NLogSynth PRO

With new virtual Core MIDI, audio background operation and sync options including MIDI Clock & Korg’s WIST technology the updated NLog Synths will ground-break new and innovative ways for musicians to work with iOS devices. With now being able to interconnect apps running in parallel on the same device, we believe that iOS musicianship will reach a new level.

You can now play NLog Synths from controller apps like Audanika’s SoundPrism running on the same iOS device connected via virtual Core MIDI. In combination with NLog’s professional grade synth engine new exciting ways of app interaction and workflow are created for iOS users. Other controller apps like polychord by Shoulda Woulda Coulda or sequencer apps like Genome by White Noise Audio are supported as well.

Further, TempoRubato has implemented new synchronization options for its NLog synths. MIDI Sync in slave mode is supported for Core MIDI apps running in parallel on the same device like MoDrum by finger-pro, FunkBox by Synthetic Bits or Molten by One Red Dog Media as well as for synchronization with external MIDI devices like hardware drum boxes or connected DAWs like Apple’s Logic or Ableton’s Live.

The updates are scheduled for release in the iTunes App Store on Friday, September 16th.

More information: TempoRubato


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