Terry West releases Channel v0.9

Terry West has released Channel v0.9, a freeware versatile channel tool. (had I known Terry was releasing 4 plugins in one day I’d posted the all at once…) Features Pan: individual panning controls, bypass and … read more

Terry West releases Steady

Terry West has released Steady, a freeware auto leveler VST effect plugin (think expander/limiter with some special EQ enhancing). Steady features Three selectable level-models Bypass function Gain slider Mono and stereo versions included This plugin … read more

Terry West releases VocEqPro v1.6

Terry West has released VocEqPro v1.6, a freeware special vocal equalizer VST effect plugin. VocEqPro comes in two versions, VOCEQPRO and VOCEQPRO-C, which includes a compressor effect. Features 4 bands mono Vocal equalizer 65Hz ~ … read more

Terry West releases CompEq

Terry West has released version 0.5 of CompEq, a freeware smooth compressor and equalizer VST effect plugin. Features Compressor InputGain, Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold and OutputGain controls Input/output/reduction meters Bypass, Meters on/off, Auto Makeup Equalizer … read more