Entity releases NTT040 – Tetroid 2012

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Entity has released NTT040 – Tetroid 2012, a game and electronic music compilation, intended to promote “experimental” electronic music, by means of an addictive catalyst.

NTT040 - Tetroid 2012
NTT040 – Tetroid 2012

The Tetroid game, programmed by Carsten Waechter (aka Toxie from the Apocalypse Inc demogroup), is some kind of psychedelic Tetris clone.

Each level in the game features music and sound effects by artists that may or may not have appeared in the Entity netlabel catalog.

Teroid 2012 is available as a free download from archive.org.


Statetris – Geography based Tetris

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Statetris (Europe)

If you like Tetris you should try Statetris.

From the website:

Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game ‘Tetris’ and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location. Fun, challenging and educational!

You can currently choose from the following maps: Africa, Europe, France, Japan, Netherlands, South Carolina, UK and the United States.

Link via Kottke


MR 9999 – Brick Game 9999 in 1 samples

MR 9999 - Brick Game 9999 in 1

MR 9999 is a Brick Game handheld. You know, those boring Tetris type games with the terrible blippy sounds which drive everyone who’s not playing the game mad.

I recorded some of the sounds (all sounds it’s capable of perhaps) so you now can use them to annoy others.

The download (2Mb) contains 16 samples, in 16-bit, 44Khz mono PCM wav format.

MR 9999 - Brick Game 9999 in 1 Downloads: 7432 times


Tetris the Grand Master

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PetitPrince wrote an essay on Tetris the Grand Master.

Tetris the Grand Master

He writes:

There is a famous superplay video found throughout the web. Perhaps you’ve seen it before? Like many people, my initial reaction to this video was something along the lines of “WTF? O_O Wow, that’s fast! This Japanese guy is crazy.” and I left it at that. But behind this video there was a game of unimaginable depth: the Tetris the Grand Master series. “Come again? A deep Tetris game? What’s so special about that??” you might say. Patience, young grasshopper, for the real presentation is yet to begin.

Check the essay for a closer look at Tetris the Grand Master.