Wildfunk releases The Speaking Translator sample pack

Wildfunk The Speaking Translator

Wildfunk has launched The Speaking Translator, a sample pack featuring a collection of synthesized speech samples.

In 1979 Texas Instruments released its “Language Translator”, a silver device that looks like a calculator but translates words and outputs them on a built-in speaker.

The speech output has its own unique character: Harsh and digital. Even Kraftwerk could not resist and used this little gadget on “Numbers” and “Computer World” (both released in 1981).

Now 35 years later all vocals from this rare vintage device are available for your sampler: 530 samples sorted into Beeps, Letters, Numbers, Phrases and Words.

The sample pack is available for purchase for 19 EUR.

More information: Wildfunk / The Speaking Translator


Loopmasters releases Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3

Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3

Loopmasters has released Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3, a collection of twisted beats and deformed audio sickness guaranteed to deliver a fresh bout of insanity to any production.

Back once again from the electronic surgery of the Circuitbenders labs, the products of an unholy alliance between soldering iron and sampler return to unleash another unhealthy dose of audio terrorism upon your unsuspecting senses!

From a cut-price drum toy to the mighty Roland SH101, nothing is safe from circuitbenders.co.uk attentions, with every machine being treated with an equally relaxed concern for its basic rights to bring you this unique set of sounds.

Stepping outside of normal methods of synthesis and audio production to unlock the true potential of an otherwise ordinary bit of hardware is the circuitbenders technique, All the machines used on this release have been rewired and abused to operate far beyond their normal design limits, enabling them to produce all those sounds that the original designers either fought to avoid or just never dreamed possible.

Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3 features

  • Over 650Mb of content, comprising of over 758 samples, 283 Loops and 475 Single Sounds.
  • 209 Drum Loops, 74 Sound Loops, and 22 Sounds and FX from a simply huge collection of circuit bent toys, drum machines and instruments of all types:
    • Includes old school drum machines given a new lease of life in the form of the rare Akai XR10, the Yamaha RX7, Korg DDD1, Casio RZ1 sampling drum machine, Boss DR550 and the legendary Roland TR707, along with a host of esoteric electronic devices and toys supplying extra beats.
    • Modified keys and synths include the analogue Roland SH101, the MFOS weird sound generator, Yamaha PSS270, Casio SA5, Rocktek Delay pedal and the favourite of every lofi musician and circuit bender, the Casio SK1 sampler.
    • Rewired kids toys including Early Leaner shapes toy, Letterland toy, Bongon electronic bongos, VTech Talking Alfie teddy bear, Little Tykes guitar, Mix Me DJ toy and the classic Texas Instruments Speak & Read and Speak & Write toys amongst many others.
  • 22 ready to play patches for all the most popular software samplers including Reason’s NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ.
  • Acidised Wav, Rex2 and Apple Loop formats are all available.

Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3 is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3


Benjamin Anderson releases SN-EMU

Benjamin Anderson SN-EMU

Benjamin Anderson has released SN-EMU (formerly SN76489 beta), a Texas Instruments SN76489A Chip Emulator VST instrument for Windows PC.

SN-EMU features

  • Tone controls
    • ADSR V, envelope and overall volume.
    • LFO M/R/D: Mix, Rate, Delay.
    • M/P: Mono or Poly.
  • Noise controls
    • 3 noise frequencies (L/M/H).
    • ADSR V, envelope and overall volume.
  • Tone channel is on MIDI channel 1, Noise channel is on MIDI channel 2 (noise only uses C5, D5 and E5).

SN-EMU is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit Benjamin Anderson for more information.