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ThaLoops releases Classical Trap Loops

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ThaLoops Classical Trap Loops

ThaLoops has announced the release of Classical Trap Loops, a trap loops library where classical music meets trap.

The collection is packed with 201 loops and 8 special fx delivered in acid wav, apple loops aiff and reason rex2 formats (593 files, 855MB total). Inspired by the best melodies from the classical music composers such as P.I.Tchaikovsky, L.V.Beethoven, E.Grieg, S.Prokofiev and C.Orff.

The Loop-set Includes 5 trap instruments (synths, brass, guitar, old piano…) loop themes and 5 trap drum loop themes, all provided with a multi-track construction style files. The trap loop library was recorded stylistically matching productions of Kanye West, Lex Luger, Jay-z & Timbaland. All loops are produced at 140BPM tempo – the standard of all bouncy trap beats. Use every instrument individual loops to arrange your own beats with the classical melodies renowned worldwide.

The loop-set is structured into 5 composition groups. Each group includes both melodic instrument loop and drum loop full mixes + separated construction style files in the folder “Mix_Kit”. Compositions are arranged and split into 4 main parts: “Hook1″, “Hook2″, “Verse1″ and “Verse2″. Mix and match drum loops (claps, snares, 808 processed kicks) and music loops seamlessly together and use them in your productions – all sounds are royalty free.

Classical Trap Loops is available to purchase as a download for $12.95 USD.

More information: ThaLoops / Classical Trap Loops


ThaLoops releases Trippin’ Percussion Loops 1

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ThaLoops Tripping Percussion Loops 1

ThaLoops has announced the release of its Trippin Percussion Loops 1 percussion loops library.

The loop-set includes 160 advanced percussion loops, 480 files provided in 3 formats: REX2, WAV & AIFF. 262MB in total size. ThaLoops delivers an ultimate collection of percussion loops matching almost every hip hop production aspect. Wether you are producing a downtempo or an uptempo beat the percussion loop-set is featuring a variety of rhythmic patterns programmed to match your productions. Just add and mix-match your own kick and snare patterns with “Trippin’ Percussion Loops 1″ and save your production time. Live performance recordings were programmed into fresh hip hop percussion loops. Make your beats with ease and surprise your clients with quality. The innovative touch to your productions is guaranteed using percussion loops from the set.

To design 160 loops we didn’t set the limits on percussion instruments to be used, so much that even stringed ethnic instruments were used for the rhythmic patterns. The loop-set stylistically is focused towards hip hop but can be easily used in pop, rock, dub step, dance productions. Due to modern DAW’s time stretching capability we are providing loops in Top 3 loop formats: REX2, ACID WAV and Apple Loops AIFF.

Trippin’ Percussion Loops 1 is available to purchase for $17.95 USD.

More information: ThaLoops / Trippin’ Percussion Loops 1


Thaloops releases Ethnic Voices 1 sample pack

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Thaloops Ethnic Voices 1

Thaloops has announced Ethnic Voices 1, a collection of new traditional slavic vocal samples for hip hop, trap, rnb, pop music productions.

Including over 330 wav samples chopped out of authentic traditional female singing sessions. The sounds are performed in a unique chest resonating singing technique. The voice sounds are designed for various music styles productions such as hip hop, rob, pop, trap, edm (electronic dance music) and more. 100 mb in size, all samples are organized into 8 folders, based on specific key tone and each programmed in 5 automatically loading software presets and soundfonts. Also, samples can be mix-matched across presets.

‘Ethnic Voices 1′ samples collection is made out of a full session performance recordings including solo voices and multi-voice singing intervals, comprising minor & major scales, chants, crying shouts. Whether your are going to make short looped rhythmic pattern or use the voice sounds as ad-libs, the sound-set gives you a variety to freshen up your beats with new sonics. Each folder also includes voice samples additionally processed into two types of effects: Vinyl warm sound and Telephone filtered sound.

Ethnic Voices 1 is available to purchase for $11.98 USD.

More information: Thaloops / Ethnic Voices 1


Thaloops releases Piano Shots 1 sample pack

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Thaloops has announced the release of its Piano Shots 1 sample library featuring piano riffs, chords derived from ThaLoops “RnB Pianos 1″ loop-set.

Thaloops Piano Shots 1

Over 440 one-shot wav samples of chopped piano chords & riffs designed for production of today’s Hip Hop, RnB and Pop music. 182 megabytes in size, “Piano Shots 1″ includes 15 automatically loading software sampler presets and soundfonts. The sound-set is organized and split into three tempos and keys. Tempo 100BPM contains 123 wav samples in G key, tempo 110BPM contains 160 wav samples in E key and tempo 120BPM – 148 samples in A# key. Each tempo is provided with 5 main themes + tons of professional chord progressions & variations. All tempo groups can be mix-matched across presets.

The “Piano Shots 1″ Sound-set is packed with piano riffs, chords derived from ThaLoops “RnB Pianos 1″ loop-set. The collection of one-shot piano samples makes creating chord progressions for the user a fun experience. With all packed dominants, subdominants, 7th, 9th chord inversions you get accompaniment for your melodies and hooks right away. Major & minor scales, professional dynamic piano performance layered with additional production sounds takes your songs to the Hit level. Strings, electric pianos, organs, rhodes were subtly added to color different piano instruments and themes. The chords will match any emotion: dark, melancholic, sad, light, happy or romantic. Each preset is programmed so that users can sequence song arrangements with ease.

Piano Shots 1 is available to purchase for the introductory price of $16 USD for a limited time (50% off regular).

More information: Thaloops / Piano Shots 1


Thaloops releases Timbo Hip Hop Loops sample pack

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Thaloops has announced the release of its Timbo Hip Hop Loops sample pack.

Thaloops Timbo

Thaloops main producer with experience of designing the samples used by Timbaland himself (e.g Timbaland feat. One Republic – “Marching on”) produced 10 multitrack beat themes using vast variety of organic sounds, tribal drums, deep kicks, ethnic instruments, chants, tape saturated snares inspired by Timbaland and Danjahandz productions.

Featuring hot 10 fully constructed and mixed beats just like on the top recordings. Each melodic and drum instrument performance is organized into own separate multitrack theme but also can be used as a separate original loop theme! 

490 MB of professionally designed 24bit .wav loops covering the sonics of the legendary producers’ sound. The list of the beats cover the tempo range from 86bpm to 130bpm. Each theme includes: full mixed beat loops, drum loops, drum top loops (no kicks) and each separate instrument loops.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $19.95 USD.

More information: Thaloops / Timbo Hip Hop Loops


Thaloops releases Live Drum Loops 1

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Thaloops has announced the release of Live Drum Loops 1, the first part of the most modern live drum loop pack developed for Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Jazz and R’n’B genres.

Thaloops Live Drum Loops 1

This drum loop library includes LIVE urban performance of professionally trained drummer that will push your productions to the next level! Recorded and Engineered to perfection, also including individual kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbal, tom and room tone stems. This full of lively energy Radio Ready loop-set comes packed with 196 live 110BPM drum loops that can be mix-matched seamlessly with all other Thaloops loop-set also featuring an extra folder of of one-shot and loop files (claps, shaker, castanet, bongo, 808 boom, FX loops and more) to spice up and urbanize the main drum beat. Live drum rhythm styles cover a wide range from raw urban jazz, to pop, even some groove crazy Limp Bizkit style rhythmz!

Live Drum Loops 1 was produced and recorded during the long sessions with the pro drummer. Using only the hottest DW drum kit and the high-end class a gear and microphones available: SSL G4000+ with ultimation console, AKG C12VR 1x, Audio Technica AT4033ASC , Neumann U-87 Ai, Sennheiser e602, Violet Globe.

The drum loop pack was designed for the most user’s convenience possible. Live Drum Loops 1 is based on 110BPM tempo divided into three folders of “110bpm Rhythms”, “110bpm Breaks” and “Extra”. Grouped by main themes and variations all the loops are seamlessly variable. Breaks and fills can be used to reproduce a live drummer for your song. With extra one-shot and loop files available to make accents for your productions if needed. All loops (main beats, fills, breaks, drops) let’s you easily avoid repetitiveness by creating live drummer phrasing!

The sample pack is currently available to purchase for $12.74 USD (15% off regular).

More information: Thaloops / Live Drum Loops 1


Tha Loops releases Dance Hits 1 Loop Set

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Tha Loops has released Dance Hits 1, a new loop set sample library.

Tha Loops Dance Hits 1

Over 240 dance pop music loops in acidized WAV format (320MB total). Thaloops presents “Dance Hits 1″ in construction-style layout. 5 multi-track themes using vast variety of synthesizer sounds, modern basses, organic instruments like flute, guqin 古琴, acoustic guitar…, special fx, drum loops (snares, claps, David Guetta type kicks) featuring hit worthy productions ready for Radio airplay. Each instrument performance is bounced into separate multitrack themes and can be used as a separate original loop theme! Hot and warm sounding electro beat, pop dance riffs, both aggressive and melodic types are included. Inspired by Madonna’s MDNA, Britney Spears, Taio Cruz, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Thaloops is delivering the top sound within the “Dance Hits 1″ library.

Totaling over 320 MB of PRO loops, this loop library is filled with the sonics of what’s on Billboard, UK top 40 and other leading top charts right now. The tempo range is 128BPM-132BPM you can mix match the snares, kicks, punchy basses, mesmerizing synths from different themes into your own productions. All sounds and musical phrasings are modeled after the sonics of today’s hottest multi-platinum Billboard, UK top 40 recordings. Hundreds of combinations can be done. All the sounds and loops are royalty free. But that’s not it, check the ‘extra’ folder for special FX like sweeps, swishes, reverse pre-hook elements. Check out the demo beat, it includes only the material from the loop-set! Hop in and create your top productions fast.

Dance Hits 1 is currently available to purchase for $16.95 USD.

More information: Tha Loops / Dance Hits 1