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THAT SOUND releases Ben Phillips Drums

That Sound has announced the release of Ben Phillips Drums, a collection of drum samples.

That Sound Ben Phillips Drums

THAT SOUND is delivering another HUGE library of acoustic drum samples. Following behind our raved about drum library for Paul Mabury comes our most detailed and brilliant drums yet. The drums were recorded at Ben’s personal studio and mixed by Dustin Burnett. Multiple velocities and microphone options for each drum results in hundreds of samples and nearly 800meg.

Ben Phillips Drums is a brilliant group of multi-era drums in modern application. This anthology of drum samples has a huge variety of application that results in amazing impact in multi genre situations. Pop, rock, indie, and modern country music benefit on many levels with this drum library.

The variety of the 10 new Kicks go from round warm kicks to well shaped full of low end and attack. The Snares go from full of ring to dead and low. At the same time these 10 new Snares are loaded with just the right amount of attack, sizzle, and thud. All of these drum samples are processed evenly to impress but not over cooked where you are having to eq and try to make it work in your track. These drums work every time.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $35 USD.

More information: That Sound / Ben Phillips Drums


That Sound releases Dustin Burnett Drums sample pack

That Sound Dustin Burnett Drums

That Sound has launched Dustin Burnett Drums, a sample pack featuring a collection of drum one-shots.

Dustin Burnett Drums is hundreds of fantastic “one-hit” drums for your song production and building tracks. Dustin’s drums will push your song production to new levels with tasty kicks, snares, booms and more.

The drums blend into a variety of genres from Pop to Alternative to House and Dub. In addition to the drum hits, this pack contains perfectly crafted Uplifters, swells, and filtered sounds that give you new icing on your tracks.

The sample pack costs $35 USD.

More information: That Sound / Dustin Burnett Drums


THAT SOUND releases Paul Mabury Drums sample library

That Sound Paul Mabury Drums

THAT SOUND has announced the release of Paul Mabury Drums, a collection of signature drum sounds recorded at the Sound Emporium.

Paul Mabury Drums is a collection of Paul’s favorite drums, tuned in his style, and recorded at the legendary Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, TN.

This drum pack gives you 7 Kick drums, 10 Snares, Toms, and more that all sound fresh and real. Paul’s drums are vintage in vibe, but modern in application. His drum samples are a little rough around the edges, but sound perfect in songs. The huge variety of drum hits allows you to use them in almost every music genre.

Paul’s drums were recorded through a Trident 80B and then mixed by Dustin Burnett. Whether you are staring a song from scratch with Paul’s drums, or layering his sounds on an existing drum performance, you will instantly gain more sonic depth and color to your songs.

The sample library is available to purchase for $35 USD.

More information: THAT SOUND / Paul Mabury Drums


Free drum samples at That Sound

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That Sound is offering two free demo packs featuring sample from its forthcoming commercial drum sample libraries.

THAT SOUND is a minty fresh new drum samples company. We have designed a variety of Real to Synthetic Drum sample libraries for the creative minded artist, producer and mixer. The video shows us recording the drum samples libraries and the unique music has a small amount of our original samples in the soundtrack.

Two free demo sample packs are available to download by signing up to the That Sound newsletter. The packs include a total of 115 samples by Paul Mabury, Dustin Burnett, and Ben Phillips.

More information: That Sound