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The Control Centre has released a free set of samples of an Ibanez V280 Acoustic Guitar. The sample pack includes 6 samples (44k 16 Bit WAV) and a Live...


This page contains patches and sound banks by The Control Centre. iMP_Author_List('','new','ASC','The Control Centre');


The Control Centre has released Orange Drum Pack, a free drum loop pack. Orange Drums contains 22 drum loops (mono 16 bit wav) played by Darren Guy. Features Richmo Custom...


The Control Centre has relased another pack of free drum samples: DANGEROUS DRUM PACK 3. This pack (~5,5MB unpacked), contains 12 heavily processed drum loops (44k 16 bit stereo WAV...


The Control Centre has released 2 new sample packs, Blue Drum Pack 01 & 02. These drum packs contain 24 new drum loops played by Darren Guy using a Richmo...

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