The Covert Operators releases The Covert Seq

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The Covert Operators The Covert Seq

The Covert Operators has released The Covert Seq, a free MIDI effect rack for Ableton Live.

The Covert Seq is arguably the most complex MIDI Effect Rack ever made. And if you do not already own it, today is your lucky day! To celebrate Ableton’s 10th anniversary and our own upcoming 5th anniversary, we are giving away this project to every Live user owning Live 6 or a higher version.

This Rack is a fully functional and MIDI controllable Step Sequencer made out of a combination of Dummy Clips and Ableton’s MIDI Effects. For more details on how to actually build such a device, please check out this video.

The Covert Seq is available as a free download for Ableton Live 6 or higher.

More information: The Covert Operators / The Covert Seq


The Covert Operators releases The Operator Sandbox

The Covert Operators The Operator Sandbox

The Covert Operators has released The Operator Sandbox, a powerful new music production package for the popular Operator synthesizer in Ableton Live.

This sizable live pack is the culmination of three sound designers working to create something that goes beyond a sample library.

On the surface: 

The Operator Sandbox is a big music production and sound design toolkit. It contains a variety of Operator-based sounds and patterns generally suitable for Techno/House, but with very little effort they can suit any genre.

Behind the scenes: 

All of the Operator patches, effects chains, note patterns, and modulation envelopes are delivered in the Live Clip format. As a result, these clips can have their sequences and device parameters changed, further automated, and abused to suit your creative needs.

Simply drag the desired Live Clip into Ableton Live and the correct device will automatically be created and ready to modify and/or use.

The Operator Sandbox features

  • 49 Operator instruments.
  • 300 fully customizable Live Clips.
  • The ability to add more oscillators, effects, and a host of other sound-generating parameters.
  • A set of editable modulation envelopes and all macro knobs mapped and color-coded for clear visual feedback.
  • Ability to reverse-engineer every aspect of how the instruments were created, providing a learning tool in addition to ready-made sounds


The Operator Sandbox is available for purchase as a download for 34 EUR.

More information: The Covert Operators / The Operator Sandbox


The Covert Operators announces Guide To Ableton’s MIDI Devices

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The Covert Operators Guide To Ableton's MIDI Devices

The Covert Operators has announced the Guide To Ableton’s MIDI Devices, a series of videos that are a complete guide to Ableton’s MIDI Devices.

In 25 minutes time, you will learn what these devices do and in some cases you will see an example of how to put the features of a device into practice.

This Video Manual will show you how you can alter the dynamics of MIDI sequences, it will show how to have accentuated notes in chords, it will teach you things about the Note Length plugin that aren’t covered in the Ableton manual and it will give a nice insight into some of the techniques we used to build MIDI Effect Racks.

The Guide To Ableton’s MIDI Devices is available for purchase for 10 EUR.

More information: The Covert Operators


The Covert Operators releases Encounters for Live 8

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The Covert Operators Encounters

The Covert Operators has released Encounters, a Live Pack designed for performance and DJ sets.

Encounters for Live 8 features

  • 25 Arpeggiator Racks that allow unique sequences to be played with little effort. More info about how to use the preset or how it was made can be found in the info text view if you mouse over the preset name.
  • 40 Audio Effect Racks ranging from simple filtering tools to some creative Racks made using Live 8’s new and improved Audio Effects. These Racks also come with notes that either recommend sounds to use it on or the notes explain what is going on inside the Audio Effect Rack.
  • 50 Groove presets, selected from a large collection of grooves that we extracted from our personal record collection.
  • 100 Dummy Clips that contain parameter automation for 10 different Audio Effect Racks. Trigger pre-programmed effects by triggering clips. The improved Effects such as the Simple and Ping Pong Delay now sound smooth when the delay times are altered. The lack of a smooth delay is exactly why you didn’t see this earlier. Its a flexible collection of Dummy Clips that automate an Audio Effect Rack, this means that you can hot-swap a Rack with any other Rack and keep the automation.

Encounters is available for download now for 25 EUR.

Visit The Covert Operators for more information and audio demos.