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Drum Broker intros The Joe Deertay 2 sample pack

MSXII The Joe Deertay 2

The Drum Broker has introduced The Joe Deertay 2, a new sample library by MSXII Sound Design.

The Joe Deertay 2 is all that you’ve come to love about that MSXII Sound; it sounds like the 70′s and it feel good! Inspired again by instrumentation of one of the greatest eras of music, MSXII adorns the project with warm analog synths, groovy drums, filthy guitars, and moving bass.

If you grabbed the original Joe Deertay, consider this it’s more refined upgrade! Hand crafted for producers that desire “that” sound and those that need something to spark inspiration. Don’t sleep, snatch The Joe Deertay 2!

The Joe Deertay 2 features

  • High-Quality 16bit .wav drum breaks & original MSXII compositions.
  • Mixed with a touch of vintage products by Neve, SSL, and API.
  • Individual tracked-out stems files of each instrument used in the entire sample pack (112 files).
  • Chopped REX2 example files to serve as idea starters and track builders.
  • Royalty free MSXII compositions ready for slicing, flipping, and recreation. Promotes hassle free clearance.
  • Instrumentation live drums, bass, Moog & Sequencial Circuits analog boards, vibraphone, Fender Rhodes + more.
  • Inspired by the sound of the early to mid 1970′s.
  • Bonus folder of unreleased MSXII drumbreaks.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $34.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / The Joe Deertay 2


Drum Broker releases Dusted Velvet by Erik Jackson

The Drum Broker has launched Dusted Velvet, a new sample pack from Erik Jackson.

Erik Jackson Dusted Velvet

Erik Jackson is back at it with another exclusive instrument & sample pack for The Drum Broker. This time, Erik brought his A-Game and a little Jazz to the table.

The ‘Dusted Velvet’ pack features 85 Jazz Chords played on a 1980 Fender Rhodes & a 1971 Steinway Grand (includes all MIDI Files).

The pack also includes the following ‘ Pad Ready Instruments’:

  • Dusted Amped Upright – Samuel Shen Bass
  • Dusted Jazz Kit – Gretsch Brooklyn Drum Set
  • Dusted Layers Kit – Boom Bap Drums
  • Dusted Percussion – Various Rides and Crashes from the Gretsch Brooklyn Drum Set
  • Dusted Rhodes Chords – 1973 Fender Rhodes (Tube)
  • Dusted Slap Bass – LTD Bass Guitar

The sample pack is available exclusively from the Drum Broker for $24.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Dusted Velvet


The Drum Broker releases Beat Butcha – Protein Drum Kit Vol. 3

The Drum Broker has announced Beat Butcha – Protein Drum Kit Vol. 3, a collection of drum sounds and fx.

Beat Butcha Protein Drum Kit Vol. 3

Butcha is known for his work with Danny Brown, Mac Miller, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Prodigy, Sean Price, Lloyd Banks, Curren$y, & Mr. Probz to name a few. But more importantly Butcha is known for having some of the dopest drums in the industry and hands down one of the most talented producers in contemporary hip hop

This time, Butcha chopped this exclusive collection of drums straight from the 2-tracks of of his best work and then EQ’d & Compressed the drums to perfection. The end result is Pure Protein to Beef Up You Beats.

Protein Drum Kit Vol. 3 features

  • 112 Kicks.
  • 209 Snares (rolls, claps, clicks, snares).
  • 154 Hats and Percussion.
  • 150 Extra Sounds (FX, Drum Loops, Instrument Chops).

Protein Drum Kit Vol. 3 is available exclusively from the Drum Broker for $24.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Beat Butcha Protein Drum Kit Vol. 3


Drum Broker intros Lap of Luxury by Kingsway Music

Kingsway Music Lap of Luxury

The Drum Broker has introduced Lap of Luxury, a sample pack by Kingsway Music featuring composer/multi instrumentalist Maneesh “M-Rock” Bidaye.

This collection of 11 original compositions inspired by the lush orchestrations and arrangements of composers from the 70s such as Isaac Hayes, Lamont Dozier, and Thom Bell is a producers dream.

Maneesh was inspired by the sounds and recording techniques of this era and sought to create a project that felt organic with a wide range of dynamic in each song, creating endless creative possibilities for other music makers.

Never have another record shelved due to sample clearance issues!

The sample pack is available for purchase for $34.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Lap of Luxury


Drum Broker intros Minty Drums 3 sample pack

Minty Drums 3

The Drum Broker has introduced Minty Drums 3, a collection of drum samples.

Sliced from Punk studio sessions, these live sounds are loud and nasty. We also included over 50 tailored low end analog drum machine kicks and a set of playable low end kicks you can throw in your favorite soft sampler or hardware piece. Super punchy and ringing out like that 808 you love, just different.

Minty Drums 3 features

  • 300MB of samples (WAV format, 16bit/44.1k & 24bit/96k).
  • Includes snares, kicks, hi-hats, toms, crash & ride cymbals, analog drum machine kick drums, super low sub type playable kick notes.
  • Processed through high quality gear from brands like Neve, API, SPL, Shinybox, Lavry, etc.

The pack is available for purchase from the Drum Broker for $24.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Minty Drums 3


Drum Broker intros Soulful Stems by MSXII

MSXII Sound Design has released Soulful Stems, a sample pack featuring a colorful array of rich, warm, vintage textures blended with the rhythm and groove of the golden era soul music.

MSXII Sound Design Soulful Stems

Live drums, analog synthesizer, organ, Fender Rhodes, live bass, and more all grace this kit so DISRESPECTFULLY.

The 161 file sample pack boasts nothing but that “feel.” MSXII Sound Design meticulously recorded each instrument through classic Neve analog hardware to get a sound that’s been often imitated, duplicated, and replicated. However, what separates this kit from the others is it’s authenticity.

If your production lacks that “feel, groove, or soul”, this incredible collection will surely get you going in the right direction.

Soulful Stems features

  • 16bit .wav files of completely original MSXII compositions.
  • Individually tracked out (stems) instruments of live bass, Fender Rhodes, live drums, horns, organ, analog synthesizers + more.
  • Comprised of instrumentation inspired by the soulful sounds of the late 1960s & early 1970s.
  • Sonically saturated through Rupert Neve Portico 5012 hardware “Silk” circuit for classic character.
  • MSXII royalty free compositions for non-hassle clearance.
  • 161 total files at your disposal for flipping, chopping, cutting, manipulating, and engineering.

The pack is available from the Drum Broker for $39.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Soulful Stems


MSXII Sound Design releases Fill-Up Banks Kit

MSXII Sound Design has launched the Fill-Up Banks Kit, a sample pack featuring a collection of drum fills designed to help you in your musical transitions from chord changes, vamps, b-sections, and endings.

MSXII Sound Design Fill-Up Banks Kit

No stranger to quality, this kit packs that MSXII substance you’ve come to love. All 30 fills were created on the Pork Pie Drums Hip-Pig; a 3-piece rock shell pack.

Tuned to perfection and colored carefully for optimal mixing, the FIll-Up Banks Kit is a must have. Every fill will find it’s place in your work. Don’t sleep on this, grab it NOW!

Fill-Up Banks Kit features

  • 30 original, live drum fills in 16bit .wav format.
  • Fills played on a custom 3 piece Pork Pie Drums Hip-Pig rock shell pack.
  • Completely unheard of MSXII material; nothing recycled or borrowed.
  • Slightly colored/saturated for optimal mixing.
  • Partners well with other MSXII Kits [Synth Immaculate, Rhodes & Vibes, Joe Deertay, etc.]
  • Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, and mobile formats that accept .wav files.

The pack is available from the Drum Broker for $24.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Fill-Up Banks Kit