The Electronic Garden releases Joystick Journeys – The VCS3 Collection

The Electronic Garden Joystick Journeys - The VCS3 Collection

The Electronic Garden has released Joystick Journeys – The VCS3 Collection, a sample library featuring sounds from the EMS VCS3.

This particular collection of samples was created in order to capture the VCS3 in all its chaotic (and sometimes noisy) glory. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill synth collection. Yes, there are a number of chromatically “in-tune” patches, multi-sampled up the keys.

Many of these were created with the help of Expert Sleepers’ awesome Silent Way MIDI-to-CV conversion software (, but many of them were made by painstakingly adjusting the VCS3’s “Scale” knobs. Why? Because that’s the way my heroes did it way back in the 1970s. It means that sometimes the oscillators surge and beat against one another in interesting ways, especially when the matrix is full of pins!

Joystick Journeys – The VCS3 Collection features

  • Over 850 16/44.1 kHz and 24-bit/44.1 kHz .wav format samples.
  • Over 70 patches for Kontakt.
  • 101 REX files, tempos 100, 110 and 120 BPM.

Joystick Journeys – The VCS3 Collection is available to purchase for $20 USD.

More information: The Electronic Garden / Joystick Journeys – The VCS3 Collection


The Electronic Garden launches with Degenerator and ARP Collection

The Electronic Garden has launched with two sample libraries: Degenerator and ARP Collection.

The Electronic Garden kick off our new site with a pair of super-affordable sample packages featuring some of the coolest instruments in our studio. Whether you are a vintage synth fan or an experimental musician, one of these is bound to inspire you.

The Electronic Garden Degenerator

Degenerator is a collection of chaotic, contorted loops fashioned from battered rhythm boxes and quirky contraptions.

Degenerator features

  • Over 200 loops in .aif format, ranging from 100 BPM to 130 BPM.
  • Palpitating percussion and bizarre beats specially designed for the adventurous experimenter.
  • Instruments used in the creation of Degenerator include: Roland CR-78, Korg Minipops, Wersimatic WM-1, TEG modular synth, Symbolic Sound Corporation Kyma, Moog Minimoog, EMS VCS3, PPG Wave 2.2, Digidesign Turbosynth, U&I Metasynth.
  • Royalty-free samples.

Degenerator is available for purchase for $15 USD.

The Electronic Garden ARP Collection

ARP Collection features the sounds of various vintage ARP instruments.

I have sampled my entire ARP Collection and rolled the results into patches for Native Instruments’ Kontakt and Reason 4’s NN-XT samplers.

ARP Collection features

  • Over 700 samples, meticulously looped and patched into 128 patches.
  • ARP instruments sampled: ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, ARP Omni II, ARP Model 1601 Sequencer.
  • Includes basses, leads, special effects, pads, and percussion, all bursting with that classic analog sound.
  • Includes edited and looped raw waveforms.
  • Available in Kontakt 3, Reason 4 NN-XT and Combinator, and sfz formats.

The ARP Collection is available for purchase for $25 USD.

Some free samples from both libraries are available for download from the freebies page.

Visit The Electronic Garden for more information.