Theodor Krueger releases TheoK Fender Acoustic Guitar

Theodor Krueger

Theodor Krueger has released TheoK Fender Acoustic Guitar, a free sample library for Kontakt 3 or higher.

This is a sample library of a Fender acoustic guitar recorded into a dynamic mic.

TheoK Fender Acoustic Guitar features

  • Sampled in tones.
  • 3 x Open Notes, 4 x Mutes (Round Robin).
  • Release noises, Slide noises, Harmonics, Pick clicks noises, Artificial pre-noises, Artificial fret-off noises, Fret on noises.
  • Adjustable pick delay time (by editing the 1st script in the Fender Acoustic Guitar patch L and R)
  • Double track guitar made by using a transposed version of the same samples. No Right-Left overlapping samples.
  • Velocity Splits: 0-124 – Picked Notes, 125-127 Muted Notes.
  • The Harmonics are a separate patch.

More information: Theodor Krueger


Theodor Krueger releases Dark Mass + Kontakt Sample Packs

Theodor Krueger Dark Mass

Theodor Krueger has released Dark Mass, a free effect plug-in for Windows.

This audio enhancement plug-in makes everything fatter, be it full mixes, drums, trance kicks, bass or solo guitars.

Dark Mass is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Theodor has also released Yamaha Bass and Yamaha Pacifica, two free sample packs for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Demonstration videos are available at the Theodor Krueger Music YouTube channel.

More information: Theodor Krueger


Theodor Krueger releases BellSynth

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Theodor Krueger BellSynth

Theodor Krueger has released BellSynth, a freeware bell synthesizer instrument for Windows.

A plug-in dedicated to making Bell type instruments. It may also be used for making large detuned pads and leads.

BellSynth features

  • Oscillator with sine, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise and pink noise waveforms and sync + pulse width control.
  • Detune controls and detune center.
  • ADSR for Volume and Filter (incl. to Filter mix).
  • Vibrato, low pass filter, stereo delay, reverb and panorama spread.

BellSynth is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Theodor Krueger


Theo Krueger releases Input Vinylator

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Theo Krueger Input Vinylator

Theo Krueger has released Input Vinylator, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Input Vinylator is basically the effect version of the previously released Vinylator, which operates as an instrument instead (so it just outputs vinyl noise).

This plug-in applies a Vinyl like effect to the input and it has a lot of options for sculpting the sound you like. It applies the effect dynamicaly which means that depending on the input the noise changes as well. To really sweeten things, there is also the “Add Input” and “Add Crackle” options which add the original Input and Vinyl noises to the output audio, so there is a better balance between the dynamic and normal effects. It is also stereo now with the Psi-Stereo option.

Input Vinylator features

  • Master: Volume and a master filter.
  • Psi Stereo: Delays the right speaker of the noise by the Width slider time amount to create a psychoacoustic stereo effect.
  • Vinyl: Three sculpting options for the vinyl noise.
  • Crackle: The volume of the vinyl crackles.
  • Noise: The volume of the vinyl noise.
  • Filter station: Two filters to control the quality of the Crackles and Noise.
  • ADSR: The ADSR for Preview mode.
  • Volume: The volume of the Input source and the volume for the Crackles applied to the input.
  • ADD: This adds some of the original signal and crackles without any in between processes. It is the simply the output which the original Vinylator plug-in would have made on its own added to the new effect.
  • Filter type: State variable filter controlling the quality of the Input and Vinyl noise combination.

Listen to a demo mp3 of the Input Vinylator here, or download it here.


Theo Krueger releases Vinylator

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Theo Krueger has released Vinylator, a freeware vinyl noise emulation plug-in created with with SynthEdit.

Theodor writes:

It simply makes Vinyl scratching noises but does not process incoming audio.

Theo Krueger Vinylator
Get your crackle on with Vinylator!

Vinylator is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC. Download it here.


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