Theodor Krueger releases TheoK Fender Acoustic Guitar

Theodor Krueger

Theodor Krueger has released TheoK Fender Acoustic Guitar, a free sample library for Kontakt 3 or higher.

This is a sample library of a Fender acoustic guitar recorded into a dynamic mic.

TheoK Fender Acoustic Guitar features

  • Sampled in tones.
  • 3 x Open Notes, 4 x Mutes (Round Robin).
  • Release noises, Slide noises, Harmonics, Pick clicks noises, Artificial pre-noises, Artificial fret-off noises, Fret on noises.
  • Adjustable pick delay time (by editing the 1st script in the Fender Acoustic Guitar patch L and R)
  • Double track guitar made by using a transposed version of the same samples. No Right-Left overlapping samples.
  • Velocity Splits: 0-124 – Picked Notes, 125-127 Muted Notes.
  • The Harmonics are a separate patch.

More information: Theodor Krueger


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