Adam Monroe Music releases Theremin plugin

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Adam Monroe Music has launched Adam Monroe’s Theremin, a virtual theremin instrument for Windows.

Adam Monroe's Theremin

Looking for a low priced theremin sound? Adam Monroe’s Theremin is a virtual instrument VST plugin for Windows operating systems, featuring controllable vibrato, portamento, reverb, and chorus effects. Plugs right into popular DAWS like Cubase, Ableton, Sonar, Reaper, and Fruity Loops.

Adam Monroe’s Theremin features

  • Full keyboard range.
  • Portamento.
  • Controllable vibrato/volume via pitch/mod wheels.
  • Low memory footprint (around 12 MB).
  • Reverb and chorus effects.

The plug-in is available for Windows (VST) for the introductory price of $15 USD.

More information: Adam Monroe / Theremin


Zero Crossing launches iThereal for Mac

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Zero Crossing has announced the release of iThereal, a the software Theremin for Mac OS X.

iThereal is a multi-touch trackpad controlled virtual Theremin. iThereal can be used to create music with a classic Theremin sound while staying true to a Theremin feel.

Play iThereal using any Mac compatible multi-touch trackpad including the Apple MagicPad. Add effects to your sound like Reverb, Distortion, and Vibrato. Use with MIDI hosting applications like GarageBand to incorporate an iThereal track into a musical composition. Presets for Logic Pro X Coming soon!

“We are excited for all the Theremin musicians out there, and musicians in general,” explains James Knight, the president of Zero Crossing, the company that created iThereal. “Not only can they use iThereal for Mac OS X for live performances, but they will also be able to manipulate instruments in Garageband.”

“Theremin users are going to really groove on the features of iThereal,” says Lisa Cifaldi, head programmer at Zero Crossing. “For instance, they will be able to use Pitch Lock, which moves the pitch to the closest note, much like a Theremin player intones a note. They will be blown away by the many voices of iThereal, from the classic Theremin sound to a more elegant tone by adding Vibrato or Reverb, to unlimited choices by including the Distortion effect.”

“This is an instrument in the true sense of the word and like any musical discipline it takes some practice to master its subtleties,” says Keith Connelly, hardware designer at Zero Crossing. “iThereal for OSX can direct you to a well-tempered chromaticism by a very sophisticated interpretation of its special gesturing functions, should you choose to use them. The rewards are a feeling you’ve reinvented what it means to play a Theremin with almost unlimited possibilities.”

iThereal for Mac is available for purchase at the Mac App Store for $4.99 USD. A version of iThereal for iOS is coming soon.

More information: iThereal


Moog releases Theremini Advanced Software Editor for iPad

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Moog Music has released a free Theremini Advanced Software Editor for iPad.

Moog Theremini Editor app for iPad

Unlock your Theremini’s previously unseen world of sonic features with The Moog Theremini Advanced Software Editor. This editor puts the power of sound design in your hands by allowing you to access new layers of the Theremini’s synthesis engine.

Easily craft new and exciting sounds for your Moog Theremini, re-sculpt existing presets, and share your sonic creations with others. The Moog Theremini Advanced Software Editor also includes an exclusive library of new presets to kick-start your creative process.

The Theremini Advanced Software Editor for iPad is available to download free of chrage. It will also be available for Windows and Mac soon.

More information: Moog Music / Theremini


Moog ships Theremini

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Moog has announced it has begun shipping its Theremini instrument.

Moog Theremini

We are proud to announce the official release of the Theremini; a re-imagining of one of the oldest electronic musical instruments, and Bob Moog’s first love – the Theremin. It is the only known instrument that you play without touching. Moving your hands in the space around its antennas controls pitch and volume. The Theremini combines a powerful sound engine derived from Moog’s award winning synthesizer, Animoog, with the traditional no-touch playing of a Theremin.

The Theremini’s sound engine offers a sonic vocabulary allowing for a vast range of styles and tones. The Theremini also features controls for pitch correction, scale, and root note, which allows anyone to adjust the level of playing difficulty, and to explore new means of music creation and gestural control.

The Theremini has begun shipping and is available at authorized Moog Music Dealers worldwide, priced at $319 USD.

More information: Moog / Theremini


The Bob Moog Foundation announces significant archive additions

The Bob Moog Foundation (BMF) has announced significant additions to the Asheville, NC-based foundation’s archives.

Included in these new additions are several rare prototypes, including one of the few Moog Apollo Synthesizers in the world (the Apollo became the prototype for the Polymoog), the Moog Liberation, Moog Drum Controller, Moog Sequencer, Moog Song Producer, Moog Feedback Suppressor; as well as production models of the Minutemoog, and a Moog Vocoder. Also added to the archives are more than 1,000 schematic drawings dating from 1965 through 1985.

New Bob Moog Foundation archive additions

“These instruments and drawings join our growing collection of treasures that also includes Roger Powell’s custom keyboard controller, designed by Bob; a duophonic Minimoog; and two vintage theremins,” remarked Michelle Moog-Koussa, executive director of the Bob Moog Foundation and daughter of the late inventor. “We’re thrilled with the ongoing interest our archives are generating from organizations and individuals.”

These latest additions to the Foundation’s collection of historic documents and musical instruments come on the heels of the permanent loan of vintage instruments by the Music Department of University of North Carolina at Greensboro in December 2013.

According to Moog-Koussa, over 400 of the more than 1,000 documents received in this latest contribution have already been inventoried and entered into a searchable database.

“But that’s just the beginning,” she continues. “We will soon begin the most detailed and formalized part of the archiving process – cataloging. It takes time to do it right, but these materials are too significant not to do it right.” She anticipates the process will take 12 to 18 months, after which the documents will be scanned and the most significant of them shared.

“Creating a wide-ranging collection that includes not only his work, but also the work of those he influenced is the goal of the Bob Moog Foundation,” she adds. “It is from this perspective that we can achieve the truest picture of his life’s work and ultimately appreciate his contributions to science and music.”

As Moog-Koussa observes, her father was generous with his talent and knowledge. “Inspiring others fueled his own creativity. We endeavor to carry on that tradition at BFM.”

Moog-Koussa points to the work of Dr. Bob’s Sound School (DBSS) as an example of BMF’s ongoing outreach and education, an important part of her father’s legacy. The 10-week curriculum teaches second grade students the physics of sound using acoustic and electronic musical instruments such as the theremin, as well as oscilloscopes. The information is supplemented by custom educational materials developed by the BMF educational team. “Bob was a life-long learner,” his daughter explains. “He never stopped asking ‘what if’ and wanted others to ask the same question. I can’t think of a better tribute to his life and work than encouraging a new generation to ask the same question.”

More information: Bob Moog Foundation


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