TK Audio launches Mono Blender parallel processing tool

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TK Audio has released the Mono Blender, a 500 series single channel version module of its MB1 Mini-Blender introduced earlier this year.

TK Audio Mono Blender

The Mono Blender is the perfect tool for parallel processing. Insert any compressor into the front panel XLRs and blend it with any other audio signal being simultaneously fed through the unit with absolutely no degradation to either source. Imagine parallel compression using an LA2a, LA3a, 1176…or any classic or state of the art compressor!

All inputs and outputs are electronically balanced, and the rugged blend control has 21 steps for precise, easily recallable adjustments.

“When the MB1 was released, there was an immediate demand for a single channel version”, states TK Audio president Thomas Kristiansson. “We’re really pleased to have been able to bring it to market so quickly.”

Mono Blender is available for purchase for 329 EUR ex VAT/£272 GBP ex VAT/$429 USD MSRP.

More information: TK Audio / Mono Blender


TK Audio updates BC1, DP1 and The Blender

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TK Audio has announced the availability of updated products.

TK Audio BC1-S, DP1mk3 & S-Blender
TK Audio’s updated units: BC1-S, DP1mk3 & S-Blender.

After a couple of successful years for our products BC1, DP1 and The Blender we decided it was time to make them even better.

We have updated them with some new and useful features which will make them even more user friendly.

The stereo bus compressor BC1mk2 has become BC1-S where S stands for stepped. All controls are now stepped for 100% recall and the circuits have been further improved for even lower noise.

DP1 has turned into DP1mk3. It is still the same dual channel preamp with a unique design including both vintage and modern circuits but now we have improved the input stages for lower noise and distortion and a HP-filter has been added after the input stage.

Our bus processor The Blender now goes by the name S-Blender, because this one has got new stepped controls for 100% recall. This is the perfect tool for mixing and mastering and the circuits have been improved for even lower noise and distortion.

More information: TK Audio


TK Audio releases Transceiver universal insert tool

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TK Audio releases the Transceiver, a four channel insert station.

The Transceiver is a four channel universal interface between balanced and unbalanced gear. Each channel has a send level and a 0-20dB gain for the returns. A polarity switch is also provided on the return channels.

TK Audio Transceiver
TK Audio Transceiver (click image for full version).

Transceiver features

  • Hook up your guitar pedals and old tape-echos to your DAW or console inserts.
  • Use it as a linebox for your bass, keyboard and guitar.
  • Also a perfect tool when you like to hook up your bass directly to your favourite pre’s mic input.
  • Transceiver is also a very useful re-amp tool.
  • Use your studio gear on stage by using the transceiver as a driver then route the balanced signal back through the transceiver to get an unbalanced instrument level back again.

The Transceiver has a list price of 740 EUR / $980 USD / £610 GBP ex VAT.

More information: TK Audio / Transceiver


TK Audio intros TK-lizer equalizer – The Tone Shaper

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TK Audio TK-lizer

TK Audio has announced the release of the TK-lizer, a hardware mastering and main-buss equalizer.

Our new TK-lizer is a Baxandall type of EQ, high and low bands are selectable between shelving or bell, very useful for fine tuning of your low’s, mid’s and high’s.

The EQ also has a built in M/S function which lets you process the mid and side signals separately. You can also affect the stereo width of your music by using the level controls in M/S mode. The three bands are based on the legendary Baxandall circuit from the 50’s.

TK-lizer features

  • Dual mono 3-band Baxandall style EQ.
  • 12dB octave high pass filter (the highest HPF frequency 100Hz which is for mono-ing bass in M/S mode, this frequency can easily be changed by the customer).
  • All controls are stepped for repeatability and easy channel tracking.
  • Broad Q.
  • High and Low band selectable between shelving or bell.
  • Built in M/S function.
  • Electronically balanced inputs and outputs.
  • Max output level before clip: 27dBu.
  • Main 115v or 230v (not selectable).
  • Handbuilt in Sweden.

The TK-lizer is available to purchase for 11.996 SEK ex VAT (~1.375 EUR).

More information: TK Audio


TK Audio intros BC2-ME (Mastering Edition)

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TK Audio has announced the BC2-ME, a new mastering compressor unit.

TK Audio BC2-ME (prototype)

TK Audio’s vision is to make products that will satisfy our customers needs. During years of success with our BC1 we got a lot of requests of customize units with stepped controls, more suitable for mastering. Therefore we now launch BC2-ME, a unit perfect for mastering. Except for the stepped controls we also added some nice features like illuminated switches, switchable output-stage between electronically-balanced or transformer balanced class-A.

BC2-ME uses the same basic sound path as the BC1, plus the extra features. The class-A mode offers a more vintage tone, like fat, punchy low-end response with more low mid character. The output section is the same as we use in the DP1. BC2-ME also has a switch that adds extra harmonics to the compressed signal. The blend control offers 23 steps from straight to compressed signal.

BC2-ME features

  • All rotary controls stepped.
  • All push buttons illuminated. Soft light when not engaged.
  • THD switch, adds extra harmonics (even) to the compressed signal.
  • Improved VCA circuit.
  • Can be upgraded with separate VCA modules that holds up to eight VCA chips in parallel to get as low noise as possible.
  • True bypass.
  • Stepped precision blend control using a 4-deck ELMA switch.
  • Five HPF frequencies.
  • Gain-reduction meter with 20 LED’s, 0.5dB resolution.
  • Ratio starts at 1.25:1.
  • Threshold -20dB to +20dB. 41 steps. (picture shows -10dB to +10dB)
  • Make-up gain 0 to 10dB, 41 steps.
  • Output switchable between electronically-balanced or transformer-balanced class-A built around heavy Carnhill transformers.
  • Balanced, external side-chain inputs.

The BC2-ME is expected to ship in February 2012.

More information: TK Audio / BC2-ME


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