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Togeo Studios releases Soundset 001 for Sylenth1

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Togeo Studios Soundset 001 for Sylenth1

Togeo Studios has released Soundset 001 for Sylenth1, a collection of 128 presets for Sylenth1 from LennarDigital.

Togeo Studios is proud to present our first soundset created for the excellent Sylenth1 Vst synth from LennarDigital. Sylenth1 is a virtual analog synthesiser with 4 alias-free unison oscilators, 7 built in efects and an arppegiator step sequencer. With its low cpu usage and the two excellent analog sounding filters Sylenth1 can arguably rival many analog hardware synths.

This bank of 128 professional sound presets is an excellent addon set that will compliment any music project or performance. A mixed set of hi quality instruments that fully utilises all aspects of the Sylenth1 parameters, filters and effects resulting in a totally dynamic and unique sound experience.

Soundset 001 for Sylenth1 features

  • ARP – Arppegiated Sequences (18)
  • BAS – Basses (15)
  • GAT – Gated Sequences (4)
  • KEY – Keys and Organs (4)
  • LED – Lead Instrumentss (18)
  • PAD – Texture Pads (22)
  • SEQ – Sequences (22)
  • SFX – Sound Effects (5)
  • SYN – Synth Pads (18)

Soundset 001 is available to purchase now for 17.99 EUR.

More information: Togeo Studios / Soundset 001 for Sylenth1


Togeo Studios releases Dreamscapes 3

Togeo Studios Dreamscapes 3

Togeo Studios has released Dreamscapes 3, a free Ableton Live pack.

Dreamscapes 3 contains another 100 plus, selection of airy soundscapes, mystical pads and ambient drones for Ableton Live (Version 7 and up). Great for ambient elecronic music, soundtracks, experimental projects and more.

Each of the presets are using a Live simpler device wrapped in an instrument/effects rack with eight macro controls to further tweak the sounds. As a starting point they can be used as is. The more adventerous among you can open up the device rack and get full control over filters, envelopes and modulations for even more variety in sounds.

Dreamscapes 3 is available as a free download. Ableton Live 7 or higher is required.

Visit Togeo Studios for more information.


Togeo Studios releases Beatmaker Classic Pack 1

Togeo Studios Beatmaker Classic Pack 1

Togeo Studios has released Beatmaker Classic Pack 1, a freeware sample pack for Ableton Live.

This is the first of a long series of free drum and percussion kits from Togeo Studios and rounds out the basic Simple Synth (SST) library that we began last year.

Beatmaker Classic Pack 1 features

  • 50 drum kits, 40 impulse sets and 10 kits as drum rack device groups.
  • 24-bit, 44khz in wav format of classic drum machines perfect for use in every style from classic rock to modern electronic dance music genres.
  • Using the Live device rack macro controllers you can create an unlimited number of variations from the basic presets.
  • Seperate controls for the kick drums pitch, decay and volume allowing you to transform the overall kits pitch and sample release while retaining individual control of the kick drums tuning.
  • Effected racks contain standard reverb and delay as well as more exotic control effects to experiment with.

The Beatmaker Classic Pack 1 is available as a free download, though donations are most welcome.

Visit Togeo Studios for more information.

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