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Tom Pritchard Sound Design releases ThorKit ReFill

Tom Pritchard Sound Design ThorKit ReFill

Tom Pritchard Sound Design has announced ThorKit, a new ReFill for the Thor synthesizer in Propellerhead Software’s Reason.

Tom Pritchard Sound Design presents ThorKit – 200 patches that push Reason’s Thor synthesiser to its limits!

Compatible with versions 4.0 and above, this ReFill contains 20 juicy monosynths, 94 punchy percussion patches, 54 deep polysynths, and 32 massive sequence synths.

With a mix of clean, crisp sounds and mashed, gritty tones, these patches are programmed to inspire with their expressive playability and evocative timbres.

ThorKit for Reason is available to purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: Tom Pritchard Sound Design / ThorKit ReFill

Tom Pritchard Sound Design releases Vast Elements for Reason

Tom Pritchard Vast Elements

Tom Pritchard has introducing Vast – Elements, a collection of individual downloads from the Vast ReFill for Propellerheads Reason.

If you like the sound of the Vast ReFill, but you’re only interested in certain parts, you can now purchase them individually by category – Atmospheres & FX, Keys & Polysynths, Leads & Monosynths, Pads and Sequenced Synths.

Vast Elements packs are available to purchase starting at £6 GBP. Please note that if you have already purchased Vast, you have already purchased all of these patches.

More information: Tom Pritchard Sound Design / Vast Elements

Tom Pritchard Sound Design releases Vast for Reason

Tom Pritchard Sound Design Vast

Tom Pritchard Sound Design has introduced Vast for Reason versions 4 and above, a unique ReFill packed with 465 inspiring, innovative and incredibly useful Combinator patches.

These Combinators make the most of Thor’s modulation possibilities to create expressive, rich sounds that are full of movement and are incredibly playable. Every patch has been meticulously crafted to sound detailed and interesting whilst sitting comfortably in a useful frequency range, so you can easily drop any of these patches into a mix and get down to writing some great music without having to tweak them.

Vast contains 100 atmosphere & FX patches, 42 bass patches, 58 keys and polysynths, 100 leads and monosynths, 100 pads and 65 sequencer based synths.

More information: Tom Pritchard Sound Design / Vast

Tom Pritchard Sound Design releases Arps Volume One and FatBank ReFills

Tom Pritchard Sound Design has released Arps Volume One and FatBank, two ReFills for Reason.

Tom Pritchard Arps Volume One

Arps Volume One for Propellerhead Reason version 5 and above features 100 stunning Combinator patches that use the RPG-8 arpeggiator and Thor synthesiser to create beautiful and unique sounds that add movement and depth to your music. Each patch has been meticulously refined and tweaked to inspire, with Combinator encoders mapped to genuinely useful functions to help you find a sound that sits perfectly in your mix . Each patch enables you to deactivate the Arp and Sequencer so you can even use them as a set of 100 new mono and poly synths to play your own sequences.

Tom Pritchard FatBank

Tom Pritchard Sound Design presents FatBank – 50 chunky Combinator patches for Reason versions 5 and above, with 12 round basses, 30 sequence synths (including throbbing bass sequences, rich chords and pulsating riffs) and 8 soaring leads! Big things come in small packages; this handy booster ReFill packs a massive punch with seriously deep bass and soaring tones that can cut through any mix. Each sequence patch also enables you to disable the sequencer, giving you 30 mono and polysynth patches if you’d prefer to use your own sequences.

Arps Volume One is available to purchase for £10 GBP, FatBank is £5 GBP.

More information: Tom Pritchard Sound Design

Nucleus SoundLab releases Pantheon III ReFill

Nucleus SoundLab Pantheon III ReFill

Nucleus SoundLab has released Pantheon III, the next evolution in their series of ultimate Thor ReFills for Propellerhead Reason 5.

Pantheon III expands on the concepts and standards set by the first two ReFills with the largest amount of unique Combinators yet. As always, the Pantheon III sound designers continue to reveal their patching secrets with refined and detailed PDF documentation.

Pantheon III is comprised of Combinator and Thor patches created by a dream-team of Reason sound designers. Tom Pritchard, Adam Fielding, Kirke Godfrey, Joseph Mizelle, Clint Grierson, Lewis Osborne and Shaun Wallace – Many of these designers have released a number of their own ReFills, both free and commercial. Now all have come together, united by the incredible quality standards of Nucleus SoundLab’s Lead Designer Jeremy Janzen, to create the highest-quality Thor ReFill – ever.

Pantheon III features

  • 260 fresh and unique Combinators.
  • 36 Combinators built for Reason 5 + Record (or Reason 6).
  • 300 Thor patches.
  • 8 .rps demo songs.
  • All Combinator and most Thor rotaries/buttons uniquely mapped.
  • All Combinator and Thor patches categorized intelligently.
  • PDF Design documentation for each patch, detailing important aspects of its design, inspiration and performance.
  • Pantheon III is available to purchase for $49 USD.

    More information: Nucleus SoundLab / Pantheon III