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Tone2 announces Nemesis synthesizer launch date

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Tone2 Audiosoftware has announced that its Nemesis synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac will be available December 1st, 2013.

Nemesis takes FM synthesis to its next evolutionary step: NeoFM synthesis.

NeoFM is an exclusive new and improved approach to FM synthesis that is extremely powerful and intuitive. Nemesis includes traditional FM synthesis as well as a completely new and improved approach to FM called NeoFM synthesis. It is now easier than ever to get very good sounding results.

The sound quality of Nemesis surpasses conventional synths, making it easy to locate the sonic sweet spot. Nemesis features an easy-to-use interface, which ensures that you will experience FM synthesis at its best and most entertaining.

More information: Tone2


Tone2 launches Facebook Nemesis-ElectraX Giveaway

Tone2 ElectraX

Tone2 Audiosoftware has announced a Facebook Nemesis-ElectraX Giveaway, a contest in which you can win a copy of the ElectraX software synthesizer, AkustiX enhancement tools, and the upcoming Nemesis neoFM synthesizer instrument (3).

We’re giving away an ElectraX and 3 Nemesis licenses.


  • Download the ElectraX demo (or use your full version) from our website:
  • Pick your 3 favorite patches.
  • Go to our Facebook page: – If you want be sure to Like us!
  • Post the names of your 3 favorite ElectraX patches inside of the Giveaway: ‘What are your favorite ElectraX patches” post.

The competition ends December 15th, 2013 (24:00 CET). The winners will be announced the next day.

More information: Tone2 / Facebook Nemesis-ElectraX Giveaway


Culture Electronic releases Gladiator Blue Sounds 1 for Gladiator 2

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Tone2 Gladiator 2

Culture Electronic has announced the release of Gladiator Blue Sounds 1, a soundset for the Gladiator 2 software synthesizer by Tone2 Audiosoftware.

Gladiator Blue Sounds 1 features

  • 200 presets for Gladiator 2, vsti from Tone2 Company.
  • Designed for Dance, Techno, Trance, Pop genres.
  • Includes Arp, Atmospheres, Bass, Fx, Leads, Syn & Pad sounds.
  • Format: Gladiator GLB bank format.

The soundset costs $12 USD.

More information: Culture Electronic / Gladiator Blue Sounds 1


Tone2 releases Epic Pads for Rayblaster

Tone2 Epic Pads for Rayblaster

Tone2 has launched Epic Pads, a soundset featuring 100 pads for the Rayblaster software synthesizer.

Epic Pads kicks Rayblaster’s Impulse Modelling a notch and provides a comprehensive collection of rich soundscapes.

Capturing the entire emotional palette, from dramatic strings, expressive vocals, uplifting pads, ambitious atmospherics, up to pure enigmatic textures.

Deep, evolving and of course packed with sonic movement, Epic Pads is the ideal companion to set the right mood for your next production.

Epic Pads features

  • 100 Superb new pad presets by professionals.
  • Unique sound by using the innovative IMS synthesis.
  • Comfortable installation.
  • Perfect integration into the user interface.
  • Suitable for a wide range of styles, such as Electronica, Cinematic, Trance, Soundtrack, Ambient, Dance, Pop, IDM, HipHop and a wide variety of other music genres.

The soundset is available to purchase for 29 EUR inc. VAT.

More information: Tone2 / Epic Pads


Xenos Soundworks releases Condemned free sounds for FireBird

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Xenos Soundworks Condemned for FireBird

Xenos Soundworks has released Condemned, a free soundset for the FireBird 2 software synthesizer by Tone2.

‘Condemned’ is a bank of 70 dark and moody sounds inspired by urban exploration.

Think decaying buildings, asbestos hazards, old machinery, used syringes laying on the ground, forgotten memories, shattered glass, and the paranoid adrenaline rush you get when you are snooping around someplace you aren’t supposed to be.

The sounds in the Decay soundset are fitting for musicians of all different tastes wishing to inject some creepy mojo into their tracks.

The soundset is a free download. Requires FireBird 2 synthesizer plug-in for Windows (VST), which is also available to download at no cost at Tone2 Audiosoftware.

More information: Xenos Soundworks / Condemned


Tone2 releases Fuzion soundset for Saurus

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Tone2 Fuzion

Tone2 Audiosoftware has announced the release of Fuzion, a new soundset for the Saurus virtual analog synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Refresh your Saurus with a sonic blend of vintage analog and modern club sounds.

Fuzion takes you on a voyage into an analog world filled with immense arpeggios, cascading melodies, shimmering pads, ground shaking bass and funk driven synths.

An inspiring collection of 150 carefully designed presets, that will enrich your productions with an old school sound, infused with a modern twist. Utilizing Saurus’ many analog flavors, Fuzion is perfect for mainstream club tracks or new school Electronica.

Fuzion features

  • 150 analog modern sounds, a hand-picked selection created by professional sound designers.
  • Supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch.
  • Volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized.
  • Comfortable installation.
  • Perfect integration into the user interface.

The Fuzion soundset is available to purchase for 29 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: Tone2 / Fuzion


EternitySound sets free CrashCourse for FireBird

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Tone2 FireBird

EternitySound has announced that its CrashCourse soundset for the FireBird synthesizer by Tone2 is now available as freeware.

CrashCourse is a bank of 76 patches for Tone2′s Firebird Synth. It takes you from the timid to brutal in seconds and back again with ease. This bank covers a wide spectrum from glorified organs to howling pads through to shimmiring keys and entrancing sequences.

This soundset contains both individual .fxp files and a .fxb bank file, all wrapped up in a single .zip file.

As Tone2 have now set Firebird free, I have decided to share the love and make this bank free as well. No funny business, no requirement for an account to be created on my site, nada. Just follow the link the to the KVRaudio user banks for download and enjoy ;)

More information: EternitySound / CrashCourse