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ToneBoosters updates plug-ins to v2.3

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ToneBoosters has updated its effect plug-ins to version 2.3.

ToneBoosters was founded in 2010 and aims at the development of high-quality and affordable VST audio processing plugins. ToneBoosters represents a spare-time activity of its founder, Jeroen Breebaart, and reflects his passion for music, science, auditory perception and digital signal processing.

Changes in v2.3

  • EBU Loudness / EBU Compact: Algorithms updated to reflect the recent (2011) changes in ITU-R 1770, EBU R128, and ATSC A/85 (change in relative gating levels).
  • Equalizer: Added a control for logarithmic spectrum analysis. Power spectrum, left/right pan, and mid/side ratio can now be computed with logarithmic filters with any width between 0 and 1 octave.
  • All plugins: Several minor changes to improve readability of GUIs.

New downloads are now available at ToneBoosters.

More information: ToneBoosters


ToneBoosters releases TB EZQ free equalizer plugin

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ToneBoosters has announced the release of TB EZQ, a simple, intuitive and effective audio equalizer with adjective labels that optimizes ease of use and workflow.

ToneBoosters TB EZQ

TB EZQ is a zero-latency, VST implementation of the work by Andrew Sabin and Bryan Pardo from the interactive audio lab at Northwestern University, IL, USA. They developed a method to automatically map common equalization manipulations involving multiple equalizer controls onto descriptive terms such as ‘warm’, ‘dark’ and ‘bright’. These descriptive labels can subsequently be placed onto a 2-dimensional space, in which each point represents a certain amount of ‘warmth’, ‘darkness’, and ‘brightness’. More information can be found in their paper.

TB EZQ consists of a static implementation of their results with fixed descriptors. With this plugin, common equalization tasks to manipulate warmth or brightness can be performed much more efficient than with common equalizers involving many controls that require manipulation.

TB EZQ features

  • Zero-latency processing.
  • Support of all sampling rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Based on the VST 2.4 specification to allow compatibility with virtually all host programs.

TB EZQ is available to download as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows and Mac.

More information: ToneBoosters / TB EZQ


Toneboosters releases TB Module modulation multi-fx plugin

Toneboosters TB Module

Toneboosters has released TB Module, a modulation effect processor plug-in for Windows and Mac.

TB Module is a generic framework for a wide variety feedback and modulation effects. It consists of a set of serialized processes such as panning, delay, filters, and sound-field rotation with user-controllable feedback.

Moreover, the acclaimed saturation of TB Ferox is integrated as well. In combination with 2 LFOs, effects such as chorus, tremolo, auto pan, and phaser are created easily. Moreover, because of its generic approach, TB Module allows hybrid combination effects as well.

TB Module features

  • Zero-latency processing.
  • Support of all sampling rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz.
  • Wide variety of integrated processing elements allowing great flexibility and creativity.
  • 2 low-frequency oscillators (LFOs) with assignable outputs.
  • Feedback with both positive and negative polarity.
  • Delay and LFOs can be synced to the host tempo.
  • Based on the VST 2.4 specification to allow compatibility with virtually all host programs.

TB Module for PC and Mac (VST) is available to purchase for 5 EUR.

More information: Toneboosters / TB Module


ToneBoosters releases TB IsoneSurround + updates

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ToneBoosters has released TB IsoneSurround, a 5.1 multi-channel surround sound loudspeaker setup including environment simulation.

ToneBoosters TB IsoneSurround

TB IsoneSurround targets multimedia enthusiasts using headphones. It can be used on stereo content (simulating a virtual stereo loudspeaker setup) and 6-channel (5.1) multi-channel surround content (simulating a full surround experience). Besides binaural source simulation, the plugin also includes four different listening environments to optimally match the environment to the audio material.

TB IsoneSurround is the perfect extension for any multimedia player that supports VST plugins. Experience full surround-sound when watching movies using headphones.

TB IsoneSurround features

  • Low-latency processing (511 samples).
  • Support of all sampling rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz.
  • Mastering-grade integrated peak limiter to prevent clipping artefacts.
  • Four different virtual environments (Movie theater, home cinema, audiophile, live concert).
  • Customizable distance.
  • Based on the VST 2.4 specification to allow compatibility with virtually all host programs.

ToneBooster has also released updates for its current plugins:

  • VU meter GUI fixes (peak values not always visible).
  • Performance improvements for intel-based Macs.
  • [XY Tool] Resolved bug of incorrect storage of linking and angle parameters.
  • [Ferox] Bug fix resulting in clicking artefacts for Cubase 6 on Mac.

IsoneSurround for Windows and Mac (VST) is available as freeware.

More information: ToneBoosters


ToneBoosters releases TB EBULoudness

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ToneBoosters TB EBULoudness

ToneBoosters has released TB EBULoudness, a stereo and multi-channel loudness measurement plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The EBU published its Loudness Recommendation EBU R128. It tells how broadcasters can measure and normalize audio using loudness meters instead of Peak Meters (PPMs) only, as is common practice nowadays. TB_EBULoudness calculates k-weighted momentary loudness (LM), short-term loudness (LS), integrated loudness (LI) and loudness range (LRA) compliant with the EBU specifications. Furthermore, true-peak levels (dBTP) are displayed as well.

TB EBULoudness features

  • 4 loudness descriptors available simutaneously.
  • Compliant with EBU-R BS.1770, EBU-R-128, EBU Tech report 3341, and EBU Tech report 3342.
  • EBU mode LUFS, EBU+9, EBU+18 and EBU+27 loudness scales.
  • True-peak (dBTP) measurement including oversampling and DC compensation.
  • Support of all sampling rates from 22kHz upwards.
  • Single plugin for stereo and 5.1 loudness measurements.
  • Based on the VST 2.4 specification to allow compatibility with virtually all host programs.

TB EBULoudness for Windows and Mac (VST) is available to purchase for 10 EUR.

More information: ToneBoosters / TB EBULoudness


ToneBoosters launches with BusTools and TrackEssentials, effect plugins by Jeroen Breebaart


ToneBoosters has launched its website with a series of VST audio processing plugins for Windows and Mac.

Our audio plugins are based on more than a decade of scientific research and product development in the areas of digital signal processing and auditory perception. We combine advanced signal processing techniques and highly-optimized cross-platform implementations with simple-to-use interfaces to optimize your workflow. We strive for both affordability as well as quality rather than settling for compromises and trade-offs, introducing professional-grade products to a broad range of users.

ToneBoosters plug-ins

  • BusTools
    • TB Isone – A virtual monitoring setup with adjustable speakers and room acoustic properties – right from your headphones.
  • TrackEssentials
    • TB Equalizer – Analyze and modify the spectral balance with TB Equalizer – a versatile EQ with digital and analog filter prototypes.
    • TB HumRemover – Clean-up that great performance and remove low-frequency rumble or AC hum resulting from ground loops with TB HumRemover.
    • TB DeEsser – Reduce excess sibilance from vocals, or apply smooth and natural limiting of high frequencies of stereo mixes with TB DeEsser.
    • TB Ferox – Add the warmth and punch of analog tape right within your audio workstation – with TB Ferox tape simulator plugin.
    • TB EZCompressor – Improve your workflow with the most advanced yet simplest to use compressor you can think of – TB EZCompressor.
    • TB Gate – Reduce any unwanted background noise or create that legendary gated reverb with your reverb of choice and TB Gate.
    • TB Reverb – Simulate any acoustic environment – from a small room to a warm and dense concert hall with TB Reverb
    • TB XYTool – Change the direction of your XY-configuration (super) cardioid microphones or add new microphones – after recording!
    • TB Compressor – Get any audio dynamics under control with TB Compressor – a versatile and advanced VST dynamic range compressor.

The BusTools and TrackEssentials for PC and Mac (VST) are available to purchase for 20 EUR each.

More information: ToneBoosters