Sound Dust releases Hammr Growler for Kontakt

Sound Dust has released Hammr Growler, the third part of the Hammr Suite, a comprehensive tonewheel organ set of sampled instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Sound Dust Hammr Growler

Hammr Growler is the filthy brother of the not particularly demure Hammr+ and was developed with Oasis/Sheryl Crow keyboard player Mikey Rowe.

The Growler captures from 4 mic positions the full tilt sound of Mikeys favourite 888000000 setting on his 1959 B3 through a cranked up Leslie cabinet.

Hammr Growler features

  • 5 x 15 second samples per note for a total of 3.2GB of samples compressed to a 2.7GB download.
  • 4 mic positions using classic Neuman mics and Grace preamps.
  • Individual control of volume, pan, ADSR and vibrato per mic.
  • Percussion 2nd and 3rds available at the same time, with control of octave and decay time.
  • Note off volume and decay control.
  • Velocity sensitivity control.
  • CC11 hard-wired to volume for expression pedal swells.
  • Leslie simulator with speed, treble/bass balance and distance controls.
  • 69 specially recorded reverb impulses from a variety of real spaces and classic gear.
  • Cabinet re-micing through a choice of 11 speaker cabinets.
  • Dirt, morphing EQ and master EQ effects.
  • Dirty contacts control adds small amounts of timing variation to note on /off to mimic the effects of ageing key contacts.
  • 24 presets.
  • Master/slave control system for quick adjustment of group controls.
  • Built in user manual.

The library is available for £30 GBP. A purchase includes a 10 EUR discount link for MeldaProduction’s MVintageRotary Leslie simulator plug-in, and a £10 discount code for Hammr+.

More information: Sound Dust / Hammr Growler


Audiority releases Analog Drawbars for Kontakt

Audiority Analog Drawbars

Audiority has announced Analog Drawbars, a virtual organ instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Analog Drawbars is an additive organ instrument based on a rare EMS Synth E sinewave oscillator.

The principle is the same of classic tonewheel organs, where you can control 9 drawbars for each of two manuals.

Analog Drawbars features

  • 55 Kontakt Instruments.
  • Lower and Upper manuals.
  • 9 drawbars per manual.
  • Group superposition Chorus.
  • Custom Kontakt Scripting.
  • 35 manually tuned samples (.WAV – 44.1KHz / 24 bit stereo).
  • Performance controls.

The sample library is available to purchase for the introductory price of 10 EUR until February 1st, 2014 (regular 15 EUR).

More information: Audiority / Analog Drawbars


SampleTekk launches Organ Special – 60% off

SampleTekk Tonewheel for Kontakt

SampleTekk has announced a sale on its Organ libraries, offering a 60% discount for 2 days only.

Organ Special Sale

  • ST Tonewheel —Welcome to the Tonewheel experience – The Draw-Bar is open! If this organ was a date, it wouldn’t be the one you presented to your mother – this is the one you would PARTY with! It’s only rock’n’roll but I’ll think you’ll like it.
  • Pump Organ — The Pump Organ. A small organ where air is pumped using your feet. Common in small chapels and schools 40-50 years ago. A small, simple organ with tons of charm! Nothing you would play the Toccata on, but try some Tom Waits songs!
  • PMI Positif — A small positif organ, chramitically sampled with release samples. 5 registrations: flute, holpipe, quint, flute and holpipe and tutti.
  • PMI Baroque Organ — A complete church organ for your computer! The first organ library with every single stop chromatically sampled as well as the most useful combinations. All individual stops and all useful combinations of stops have been sampled which makes it possible to play every possible combination of stops with one single library, all from one computer. PMI Giga Organ brings you a stunning replica of a beautiful church organ.
  • PMI Accordions — Post Accordions is the largest and most versatile collection of Accordion samples ever sampled.

The sale ends September 4th, 2013.

More information: SampleTekk


Bob Leggitt releases Classic-H and Skanksta organ plugins

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Bob Leggitt has released Classic-H and Skanksta, two free virtual organ instruments for Windows.

Bob Leggitt Classic-H

The Classic-H provides the essence of an old tonewheel organ within the VST environment. This VSTi captures the distinctive personality of a classic Hammond/Leslie combination, as well as simulating twin manual operation across a single MIDI keyboard, using a variable key-split function.

Thirty extremely cool presets provide a jumping-off point for almost every type of music, from the ‘Full Throb’ of old time soul to the screaming distortion of Deep Purple-type rock. It does gobble CPU, but it has the sounds, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Bob Leggitt The Skanksta

The Skanksta is a ska-orientated VST organ, designed to produce a light and bright sound which will fit in well with quite a number of quirky and/or rhythmic music styles.

It’s essentially a Vox Continental II with animation provided by a rotary speaker rather than a vibrato unit, and selectable key-splitting to simulate two manuals across a single MIDI keyboard. The key-splitting is particularly important for reggae-derived styles, where the left hand part will typically contrast sharply in tone with the right hand.

Classic-H and Skanksta are available to download as freeware VST instrument plugins for Windows.

More information: Classic-H / FreeST Skanksta


Ueberschall releases Funky Tonewheels sound library

Ueberschall Funky Tonewheels

Ueberschall Funky Tonewheels is a new sample library featuring organ sounds by Uwe Kinast and Hakan Türközü.

A dirty-played old tube Hammond Organ slightly overdriven, is the perfect spice for any production where an authentic organ is needed. This loop library contains soloistic played organ licks, many funky rhythm grooves and various chord- and bass grooves. Even unusual and mad played styles found their place in this soundbank.

The whole spectrum of Hammond playing techniques is available: From single lines to shearing styles, from drawbar changing loops to varied Leslie speaker‘s speed and much more.

19 Tonewheel-kits offer you a great opportunity to get inspired by lots of phrases, licks and harmonies.

For this recording, a Hammond Organ C3 and its Leslie 147 was microphoned with 3 Neumann Mics (Treble Rotator 2 Mics , Woofer Rotator 1 Mic) using RME Micstasy Hi End A/D converter.

The sound library comes along with the brand new Elastik 2 loop player for realtime timestretching and pitchshifting, among other great features.

Funky Tonewheels for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone) is available for 49 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Funky Tonewheels


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