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GSi updates Key Performer to v1.1

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GSi Key Performer

GSi has released version 1.1 of Key Performer, a single software instrument which offers a wide variety of keyboard sounds.

Hey Folks! Epecially you, Mac guys! You who have been waiting almost one year for this event to come true… your wait is over. Key Performer is now available also for Mac! Yeah! :)

Existing Windows users can download the update (just the installer, no need to re-download the sampled instruments) and overwrite the old version. Mac users can now take advantage of this nice and useful tool with cool keyboard sounds that cover all music genres and live situations. It’s available as a plug-in in both VST and AU format and as a Standalone application.

Changes in Key Performer v1.1

  • Internal sound engines greatly improved (CPU usage is even lower now).
  • Minor bug fixes here and there.
  • Saving presets and banks now asks confirmation for overwriting existing files.
  • When you press & hold a scroll button (for either the presets or instruments) the list scrolls rapidly.
  • New interface.

Key Performer is available to purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) for the introductory price of 99 EUR until 31 December, 2010 (extended offer). A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: GSi / Key Performer

K-Sounds releases Organimation

K-Sounds Organimation

K-Sounds has released Organimation, the definitive B3 organ resource for your Korg M3.

With true drawbar and percussion samples taken from a vintage tonewheel organ, massively upgraded rotary speaker effects, and impressive real-time control options, Organimation unleashes the true organ power of your M3.

At the heart of Organimation are long-looped samples of true vintage tonewheels, capturing their signature complexity, key click, and leakage. We carefully recreated all nine drawbars in the M3, constantly referring to the original, so that any drawbar setting you choose will sound authentic. We also included full-length percussion samples, programmed to provide single-trigger performance (like a real B) with harmonic and volume variations. Selectable chorus and vibrato effects are provided, and tube emulation effects further sweeten the tone.

Utilizing both Program and Combination modes, we’ve included dozens of classic drawbar settings and organ tones. And if you want to sculpt the sound yourself, the power is there like never before. All combination mode organs include up to 9-way drawbar control (8-way minimum), selectable chorus / vibrato (6 choices), selectable percussion, and the options to stop the rotary speaker, add reverb, and boost presence. As if that’s not enough, Organimation M3 is even optimized for double manual operation! On MIDI channel 2, you’ll find three more adjustable drawbars that are already configured for bass or comping.

No B3 emulation is complete without a killer rotary speaker effect, and Organimation delivers! Two unique rotary speaker simulations provide authenticity that’s typically reserved for dedicated organ keyboards.
Rotary 1 is very wide with a glassy, shimmering high end. Rotary 2 is ultra thick, providing a depth of animation that holds it own in any mix, even without chorus added. Nothing even close is found in the M3’s factory presets.

The soundset is compatible with the Korg M3-61, M3-73, M3-88 or M3-M only.

Ogranimation is available to purchase for the introductory price of $40 USD through January 31, 2010.

More information: K-Sounds / Organimation

Arturia announces Origin Keyboard shipping in March

Arturia Origin

Arturia has announced it will be shipping the Origin Keyboard in March, 2010.

Origin Keyboard is Arturia’s new version of Origin for the keyboard player. It keeps the outstanding modular system of Origin Desktop, putting it on a panel that closes on a high quality keyboard controller. The intuitive interface is kept in place, along with all of the modules from the most famous synthesizers (Moog Modular, ARP 2600, CS-80, Jupiter-8, Minimoog and Prophet VS) and organs (ToneWheel, Rotary). The integration of the ribbon control is a blast, the keyboard aftertouch possibilities open a world of expressivity, while the playing modes are tuned to the expectations of any demanding performer.

Origin Keyboard features

  • More than 600 presets created by talented musicians and synthesizer specialists.
  • Create your own patch or use existing audio structures:.
  • Origin patch made by connecting independent modules from: Minimoog, ARP.
  • 2600, CS-80, Jupiter-8, Moog Modular, Prophet VS Origin template synths: Minimoog, Jupiter-8, CS-80, ARP 2600*.
  • Superb audio quality with TAE® engine.
  • Up to 32 voices of polyphony for a typical patch.
  • Connectivity: 2 audio ins, 10 audio outs. Digital: SPDIF out, USB 2.0.
  • Selection of high quality effects: Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Tube Distortion, Parametric EQ, Rotary….
  • 16/32 step sequencer.
  • Software editor (Mac/PC).
  • Innovative Macro, Advanced LFO, Advanced modulation modes, Advanced joystick modes….
  • MIDI : In, Out, Thru and USB 2.
  • High Level of Control:
    • Ultra sensitive 40cm ribbon controller
    • High quality semi-weighted 61 keys keyboard, with velocity response and channel aftertouch
    • New exclusive duophonic aftertouch
    • Modulation and pitch-bend wheels, 3-mode Joystick, 21 potentiometers, 33 rotary encoders, 81 switches
  • Ergonomic design
    • Self adjustable front panel, from 0° to 135°, giving you total setup flexibility
    • 5.2″ TFT screen for clear visual feedback
    • Complete mobile solution, offering everything you need to perform in a single, easily transportable cabinet

The Origin Keyboard will be shipping in March, 2010, priced at $3490 USD / 2899 EUR.

More information: Arturia / Origin Keyboard

Roland announces V-Combo VR-700

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Roland V-Combo VR-700

Roland has announced the V-Combo VR-700, a new All-In-One Stage Keyboard.

Featuring the best of Roland’s acclaimed Virtual Tonewheel organ, full key multi-sampled piano, and pro synthesizer sounds, the V-Combo is perfect for players who need an all-in-one keyboard for a variety of musical settings, including houses of worship, stage performances, and rehearsal studios. The V-Combo offers powerful real-time performance capabilities in a simple-to-use-interface.

The V-Combo provides an authentic sound and feel to satisfy any organ player. Using Roland’s Virtual Tonewheel engine, the V-Combo simulates the unique structure and distinctive sound of vintage organs. The new amplifier and rotary simulator faithfully reproduces the sound needed for jazz, rock, funk or gospel, while the 76-key waterfall action captures the feel of a vintage organ. Add an optional PK-25 or PK-7A pedalboard for a more console-organ type feel.

V-Combo VR-700 features

  • Roland’s acclaimed Virtual Tone Wheel and COSM technology provide authentic organ sound.
  • Dedicated harmonic bars, rotary-speaker simulation, and amp models, including Active Amp Enhancer.
  • 76-key waterfall keyboards offers smooth glissandos, fast action, and provides enough keys for splits.
  • Dual-manual simulation with Split function plus pedalboard capability (optional Roland PK-25A, PK-7A).
  • Essential ensemble sounds (with tone remain function) onboard, including 88-key multi-sampled pianos, EP, strings, brass, synth pads, and more.
  • Full polyphony in the organ section, 128-voice polyphony for the ensemble section.
  • WAV/AIFF/MP3/SMF playback function for backing tracks.
  • Built-in rhythm patterns for practice and play-along performance.
  • Store user and system settings onboard and to USB memory sticks.
  • Versatile I/O, including professional XLR outputs.

The V-Combo VR-700 is scheduled to ship in March with a suggested retail price of $2,329 USD.

More information: Roland / V-Combo VR-700

Iliadis releases iBX Organ

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Iliadis iBX Organ

Iliadis has released iBX Organ, a virtual organ instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

The iBX Organ is a single Manual Virtual Tonewheel Organ with a rich and authentic Sound very close to the good old days Electromagnetic Organs, including an amazing Rotary Speaker Simulation and with great Graphics.

iBX Organ features

  • 73 Notes Polyphony.
  • 9 “Standard 9 steps” Drawbars with a clean Sine Sound.
  • Percussion Osc. Adjustable Decay and Volume. An On/Off Switch and a Switch for the Harmonic Selection (2nd and 3rd).
  • Key Click Imitation. Adjustable Attack/Release and Volume.
  • Classical Vibrato/Chorus Virtual Scanner with an On/Off Switch.
  • Stereo Rotary Speaker Simulation. Adjustable Speed, Depth and Spread. An On/Off and a Fast/Slow Switch.
  • Tube Overdrive Simulation.
  • Adjustable Global Tone and Volume.
  • 32 Programms available.
  • LCD Screen.
  • GUI Selector. 2 GUIs available.
  • Low CPU consumption.

iBX Organ is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC, priced at 10 EUR.

More information: Iliadis releases Organaut

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Knobster Organaut has released Organaut, a freeware synth VST instrument for Windows PC.

Classical tonewheel organ emulator. Can produce «analog» and «digital» sound.

Organaut features

  • 9 drawbars.
  • Rotary cabinet emulation.
  • Keyboard «click» emulation.
  • Internal reverb.
  • Octave shift.
  • «Digital» / «analog» modes.

Organaut is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit for more information and some audio & video demos.

GSi releases Key Performer

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GSi Key Performer

GSi has released Key Performer, the Swiss Army knife of the modern gigging keyboardist.

It’s a single software instrument which offers a wide variety of keyboard sounds that are always used in almost all musical genres where a keyboardist is involved

Key Performer features

  • Several classic keyboard sounds including pianos, electric pianos, synths, organs, etc.
  • A sample playback section (aka “ROMpler”) with “adaptive playback”
  • A physical modeling classic Electric Piano
  • A physical modeling “Wurly” piano
  • A phase modulation synthesizer for the famous DX Piano
  • A Virtual Analog polyphonic synthesizer
  • A Virtual Tonewheel Organ with rotary speaker effect
  • Two effect slots with all the most famous effects
  • An AMP simulation section with overdrive
  • A global Reverb effect
  • 64 Programs per bank, 9 snaphots for organ sections and 9 for VA synth
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Easy MIDI Learn
  • Huge efficiency with very low CPU power requirements
  • Simplicity of use, Versatility, Stability, Expandibility, Authenticity!

Key Performer is available now as a VST instrument for Windows (Mac version coming soon) for an introductory price of 99 EUR until March 31, 2009 CET (regular price 149 EUR). A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit GSi for more information

MidiKarval updates VB3 Controller to v1.1

MidiKarval VB3 Controller

MidiKarval has released version 1.1 of VB3 Controller, a midi processor for controlling the VB3 synth by GSi.

The VB3 Controller is a midi processor VSTi that allows you to control, using a midi controller keyboard, the VB3’s five drawbar sets (upper manual A and B sets, lower manual A and B sets, and pedals) from a single set of nine physical drawbars (sliders or knobs).

Changes in VB3 Controller v1.1

  • INVERTED KEYS – “USE UPPER FOR BOTH”: pressing one of the keys (C# to A keys) of your upper manual’s “inverted octave” you can call up the relevant presets (internal or “alternative” presets) of such both manuals’ “inverted key” (this is useful if you want to have consistent presets on both manuals with only one touch). The “Use Upper for both” function doesn’t work with Bb and B “inverted keys”, so you can temporarily change the preset of the upper manual without affecting the sound of the lower one.
  • PEDALS “COUPLER” AND “STACCATO”: when the “Pedals/Upper” or “Pedals/Lower” function and the “Coupler” function are active, using the “pedals octaves” of your keyboard you can play in unison the pedals’ sound and the lower manual sound, as many great jazz organists do. Moreover you can choose to make the pedals sound “staccato” (like an upright bass, whilst the “meat of the bass” comes from the lower manual sound). According to Joey DeFrancesco, this is the secret to kicking bass (see Keyboard Magazine, n. 6/1999, page 50). Changing the value in the “Staccato” label you can activate/deactivate the “Staccato” mode and select the relevant length, expressed in milliseconds (from 20 to 400 ms.).
  • Now you can activate/deactivate the VB3 Controller’s functions directly clicking on the relevant labels with your mouse’s left button (whilst clicking on the labels with the right buttons allows to change the value shown on each label).

VB3 Controller is availabe as a VST plug-in for Windows PC for 10 EUR. A fully functional demo version is available from the product page (expires after 15 minutes of use, remove and re-load it in your host to use it again).

Visit MidiKarval for more information.