Roland unveils AIRA product line: TR-8, TB-3, VT-1 & System-1

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Roland has unveiled its AIRA product line, comprising the TR-8 Rhythm Performer, TB-3 Touch Bassline, VT-3 Voice Transformer, and System-1: Plug-Out Synthesizer.

Roland’s newly developed Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) faithfully captures the sound and feel of some of our most revered classics. ACB is the technology behind the authentic sound and responsive behavior of the AIRA products.

It utilizes original design specs, consultation with original engineers, and a detailed, part-by-part analysis of each analog circuit in Roland’s own pristine units.

TR-8: Rhythm Performer

Roland TR-8
Authentic TR-808 & TR-909 experience in a modern, performance-ready instrument

The TR-8 is a performance rhythm machine that melds the legendary sound and vibe of the TR-808 and TR-909 with features and functions for the modern age.

Genre-defining sounds, classic effects, unprecedented live pattern manipulation, and solid, intuitive performance controls. It’s the TR…evolved.

TB-3: Touch Bassline

Roland TB-3
The magic of the TB-303 with new sounds and modern, performance-ready features

Based on the wildly influential TB-303, the new TB-3 Touch Bassline is a performance-ready bass synthesizer with authentic sound and intuitive controls engineered to play.

The TB-3 contains the unmistakable character of its predecessor, wrapped in a modern package with a pressure-sensitive touch pad that makes both playing and programming a total joy.

VT-3: Voice Transformer

Roland VT-3
Easy voice transformation with vocoder, lo-fi effects, and synths you can sing

Aggressively processed vocals are common in electronic music today, but producing these effects easily and reproducing them live has been a challenge—until now.

With the VT-3 Voice Transformer, you can smoothly alter pitch and formant in real time to introduce heavily processed vocal sounds into your studio tracks and stage performances with zero hassle. On top of that, the VT-3 looks great and works seamlessly with other products in the AIRA series.

SYSTEM-1: PLUG-OUT Synthesizer

Roland System-1
Sounds with character and loads of controls in a Plug-Out capable synthesizer

Back in the 1970s, Roland launched the SYSTEM 100, SYSTEM 100M, and the now almost mythical SYSTEM 700. These modular and semi-modular synthesizers are heralded to this day for their flexibility and character of sound.

In the spirit of its predecessors, the SYSTEM-1 breaks new ground with remarkable flexibility and access to a vast palette of tones with the bold, unmistakable character associated with Roland synthesizers for nearly four decades.

AIRA products will be available by the end of second quarter 2014.

More information: Roland / AIRA


Feelyoursound MidiMidi + MaKey MaKey = $80 DIY MIDI controller

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Feelyoursound MidiMidi

Feelyoursound has announced MidiMidi, a MIDI software for use with the MaKey MaKey invention kit that allows you to turn everyday objects into touchpads.

Have you been playing around with the idea to buid your own MIDI controllers or MIDI drumkits? There might be a new software and hardware combination around that can make your gear ideas come true. has released MidiMidi, a software that turns the input of the successful Kickstarter project MaKey MaKey into various kinds of MIDI data.
MaKey MaKey connects to your computer via USB and presents itself as a standard keyboard. But instead of using the usual keys you can connect any conductive material like fruits or metal to the small platine. MaKey MaKey will transform each touch event into a key press like “space”, “left arrow”, etc.

MidiMidi by is 100% compatible to MaKey MaKey and turns its’ gaming orientated standard keys (W, A, S, D, Space,…) into MIDI notes, MIDI chords and MIDI controller values. Ten keys can get remapped to send the new data to synthesizers or other software, four banks are available to organize
your settings.

MidiMidi for Windows is available to purchase for 19 EUR / $27 USD.

More information: Feelyoursound / MidiMidi


Crossfire Designs updates MidiPads for iPhone to v1.7

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Crossfire Designs MidiPads for iPhone

Crossfire Designs has released version 1.7 of MidiPads for iPhone.

Welcome to MidiPads, the professional and fully configurable drum pad and Midi controller for Network MIDI, virtual MIDI and hardware MIDI interfaces.

With Network MIDI, you can take your iPad on stage and trigger your sounds wirelessly!

Changes in MidiPads for iPhone v1.7

  • Finger velocity mode more accurate.
  • Large faders for more accurate working on the iPhone.
  • Bidirectional and inverted fader axis support.
  • Share presets with friends by sending them via mail.
  • See MIDI send values when moving a fader or a touch pad.
  • New elements automatically get free sender key or cc.

MidiPads for iPhone is available to purchase for $3.99 USD / 3.59 EUR. A free Lite version is available to download (also updated).

More information: MidiPads


feelyoursound releases XotoPad touch controller app for Windows

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feelyoursound has introduced XotoPad, a MIDI touch controller software application for Windows.

feelyoursound XotoPad
With XotoPad you can finally control your Digital Audio Workstation and Synthesizers directly from the same Computer.

XotoPad works best with Windows 8 and a touchscreen. It offers four banks with many pads. Each pad can either trigger MIDI notes – and even chords – or work as a x/y-controller for MIDI CC data. This way the user can trigger drum sounds in his favorite DAW, play melodies, or enter chords and arpeggios with a single touch.

XotoPad features

  • Control other MIDI software and hardware at your fingertips!
  • Easy to use interface, perfect for live and studio use.
  • 2 banks with 16 pads, 1 bank with 36 pads, 1 bank with 4 pads.
  • Touch and keyboard input for jamming.
  • Ready for Windows 8 Desktop (32 Bit and 64 Bit).
  • Way cheaper than any hardware controller – but more flexible at the same time.
  • Buy once, get updates forever.

XotoPad for Windows costs 29 EUR / $39 USD.

More information: feelyoursound


Serato releases Serato Remote for iPad

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Serato Remote

Serato has announced the release of Serato Remote, an iPad app designed to compliment an existing Scratch Live or Serato DJ setup.

Serato’s first official App for iPad® lets you see and perform all your favorite Scratch Live and Serato DJ functions without needing to touch your laptop. Control Cue Points, Loops and Samples. Load tracks and manipulate FX in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Serato Remote features

  • Plug & Play with easy set up.
  • Big easy to hit buttons that are quick to locate on the fly.
  • Control Cue Points, Samples and FX.
  • Toggle between Auto Loop, Loop Rolls and Manual Loops.
  • Perform super fast Instant Doubles.
  • New Roll Mode combines Loop Rolls with FX.
  • Set favorite FX for instant access.
  • Cue Point and Overview colours inherited from the Serato laptop software.
  • Virtual Decks and Track Overviews mirror key information from your laptop.
  • Scroll your library, load to decks and Sample slots.
  • Control of your Scratch Live or Serato DJ Sample Player.
  • Quickly manipulate FX with QFX.

Serato Remote for iPad is available to purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Serato / Serato Remote


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