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Keith McMillen Instruments introduces QuNexus: Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller at Kickstarter

Keith McMillen Instruments has launched a Kickstarter project for QuNexus, a new smart sensor keyboard controller.

Keith McMillen Instruments QuNexus
QuNexus is the first keyboard controller to unite four generations of synthesis: MIDI, Control Voltage, OSC and USB.

QuNexus is a controller that everyone can have fun with. 25 vividly illuminated, touch-sensitive keys invite the beginner to explore, and provide valuable performance feedback for the professional.

Smart Sensor keys detect pressure, location, and velocity giving you unprecedented musical control.

Together with popular software apps, beginners can learn to play quickly and easily with QuNexus’ game-like blue and white glowing keys, creating a fun and interactive learning experience. Now anyone can play the piano.

QuNexus features

  • 25 Smart Sensor Keys detect Pressure, Location, and Velocity.
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch.
  • 7 Octave range.
  • Pitch Bend Pad.
  • 2 CV/Gate Inputs.
  • Gate and 3 CV Outputs (16-bit).
  • Blue and White LED Illumination with 16 levels of brightness.
  • Portable: 14 oz, 3.5″ x 10″ x .5 “.
  • Plug and Play: USB powered, no drivers needed.
  • MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux.

The QuNexus project will be funded if at least $20,000 USD is pledged by Tuesday December 18th, 2:59am EST. Starting at a $150 USD pledge for a first edition QuNexus, backers can expect the controller to be delivered in April, 2013.

More information: Keith McMillen Instruments / QuNexus


Korg intros Kaossilator 2 phrase synth

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Korg has introduced the Kaossilator 2, a palm-size phrase synthesizer.

Korg Kaossilator 2

Boasting a supercharged sound generator, Kaossilator 2 delivers excellent synth and drum sounds spanning a wide range of genres, plus dramatically expanded loop recording.

Use the internal mic to record guitar, vocal, or other audio source – just as with a looper effect. The Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display provides superb visibility. Add to that a touch slider for ease of use, microSD card data saving, plus a built-in speaker and battery power. All of these features reflect the enhancements incorporated into the sleek and exciting Kaossilator 2.

Kaossilator 2 features

  • Simply tap or slide your finger across the X-Y touchpad.
  • 150 built-in sounds cover every style of dance music.
  • PCM sound engine serves up realistic drums.
  • Scale Key and Note Range eliminates “wrong” notes.
  • Built-in Gate Arpeggiator with adjustable gate time and swing settings.
  • Loop Recording allows the creation of layered phrases with unlimited overdubs.
  • Dual Loop Recording banks allow DJ-Style mutes and cross-fades.
  • Record using the built-in mic; or use the mic input for recording of external input.
  • microSD/SDHC card slot for saving loops and recorded performances.

The Kaossilator 2 will be available May 2012, priced $220 USD.

More information: Korg / Kaossilator 2


Korg intros Monotribe 2

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Korg Monotribe 2

Korg has announced the Monotribe 2, a major update for the Monotribe analog synthesizer.

Announcing a major update to the monotribe analog ribbon station — the full-fledged analog synth and rhythm unit with a step sequencer inherited from the Electribe! The monotribe Version 2 adds a plethora of new features, allowing you to create sequences that are even more elaborate, or to layer complex musical developments for extended performances.

Surely one of the most exciting additions is a new synchronized performance mode that allows for new type of performance using multiple monotribe units. Whether you’ve never touched a monotribe or whether you’re an expert who is thoroughly familiar with all of the current features, this new update guarantees that your analog groove-making will be more intense than ever before!

More information: Korg / Monotribe


Dirty Electronics Mute Synth

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Mute Synth

Dirty Electronics has introduced the Mute Synth, a hand-held touch and tilt instrument with copper etched artwork and contoured printed circuit board that wasb designed in collaboration with Mute and graphic designer Adrian Shaughnessy.

The instrument brings together many Dirty Electronics aesthetics and instrument designs into one device in particular creating an instrument ‘of the hand’ (in terms of both playing and building), a noise-based device that utilises feedback, and exploring the relationship between artwork and circuit board.

It combines sound synthesis with a sequencer/pulser, and it is ‘knobless’. The Mute Synth is controlled by using the conductivity of the human body to complete the instrument’s circuit when the copper etching is touched. There are touch ‘points’ on both sides of the circuit board, and the instrument is designed to be played with thumbs and fingers. Two tilt switches on different planes allow for gestural control of the sequencer. Pulsating brilliant white noise and grunge in the hand!

Mute Synth features

  • Copper etched PCB artwork.
  • Touch and tilt control.
  • Two oscillators.
  • Feedback network.
  • Distortion.
  • Filter.
  • Sequencer.
  • Contoured shape.
  • Battery powered – coin cell included (CR2032).
  • Requires amplification.
  • Jack output.

The Mute Synth is available to pre-order for £60 GBP. Shipping is scheduled for November 13, 2011.

More information: Mute Synth


Oscillicious releases SodaSynth

Oscillicious SodaSynth VST

Oscillicious has announced the release of SodaSynth, a VST synthesizer plugin for musicians designed with a clean signature sound.

SodaSynth VST produces a unique clean sound without any filters and effects. Because of SodaSynth’s unique sound, this lightweight synth is easy to layer and mix into tracks.

With 5 classic waveforms, up to 32 oscillators per note, full 8 note polyphony, and 37 synthesizer presets, SodaSynth VST provides unique value in a tiny package. An integrated help system is also easily accessible inside the VST to help sound designers understand spectral morphing synthesis and create their own sounds.

SodaSynth features

  • Dry VST Synth – Shape your own sound.
  • Unique spectral morphing algorithm to evolve sounds.
  • 5 classic waveforms, up to 32 oscillators per note.
  • Includes 37 built-in synth presets.
  • Full 8-note polyphony.
  • ADSR envelope.
  • Easy-access help menu puts all the documentation at your fingertips.
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X (10.5+, Intel).

A free in-browser demo is available in the Chrome Web Store that brings “native” high-performance audio to the web for the first time. A tablet version, SodaSynth HD, is also now available for Touchpad through the HP App Catalog.

Oscillicious SodaSynth for Chrome

SodaSynth for Chrome brings low-latency live audio to the web as the world’s first Native Client application in the Chrome Web Store.

By utilizing Google’s emerging Native Client technology, this free version of SodaSynth allows users to jam with the synthesizer in their web browser. An innovative 4-bar live looper with automatic overdubbing is included for fun and easy recording directly off the synthesizer.

Oscillicious SodaSynth for HP TouchPad

SodaSynth HD for the HP Touchpad is the first synthesizer available for the Touchpad, and offers a two octave keyboard with full five-finger multitouch support.

A selection of 21 synthesizer presets are included along with a built-in live looper for quickly brainstorming new compositions.

SodaSynth VST for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $23 USD. SodaSynth for Chrome is available for free in the Chrome Web Store, and SodaSynth HD is available for $3 through the HP App Catalog on the Touchpad.

More information: Oscillicious


Short links for August 26th, 2009

B4 (II) MIDI Organ Controller

Some interesting things I found recently:

# B4 Controller – MIDI Organ Controller for Native Instruments B4 (II) Virtual Organ Software

The goal of this project was to build a MIDI Organ Controller to play and control the Native Instruments B4 (II) virtual organ software.

Just like the software this project attempts to replicate the 'real thing'—the classic Hammond B3—as much as possible. All of the software's functionality known from the original instrument can be controlled from this controller. There is no need to take a look at the computer display or to control the software with the mouse or computer keyboard at any time.

Link via CDM

# Sonifying Conway’s Game of Life

From little-scale:

Every cell (pixel) in the playing field controls an oscillator. When a cell is alive (coloured), the oscillator turns on. When it is dead (black), the oscillator turns off. A cell's position from left to right will determine its position in the stereo field. A cell's position from top to bottom will determine its frequency (pitch) with a bit of randomness thrown in for good measure. As the playing field reaches a more complex state with more and more living cells, the cpu load increases dramatically, as the audio is being output in real time. The size of the playing field is 100 pixels by 100 pixels.

Subcycle Low Frequency Entity

# Low Frequency Entity

Musician, designer and developer Christian Bannister wondered what it would be like to touch a bass in NI Massive and manipulate it directly and visually in real-time.

I really wanted the form to be more about the characteristics of the sound than something that only responds to the audio of the sound like what has become the standard fft based sound visualizer.

For example, the filter is being modulated here and when the rate of the modulation increases so does the rate of vibration of certain aspects of the form. Easy to see… hard to explain.

# SpringBox Reverb – matt the modulator @ Flickr: My home made spring reverb unit using modified maplin audio pre-amp kits
sounds a little noisy but then spring reverbs doo

# modo [pre-release] midi CC/LFO sequencer – Modo stands for -modulating oscillators- and is basically a midi CC-sequencer.

In detail, the sequencer try to mimic a LFO behaviour with ability to modulate each other. It lets you create fancy animation curves, you wouldn't want to draw these by hand.


# 64 (Video) Fingers. – New monome app called 64 (Video) Fingers. It works very similarly to Dovemouses 64 Fingers with some slight differences.

# V-Synth GT, the Sound Designer’s Synth, Keeps Getting Better with Age

Peter Kirn takes a closer look at the V-Synth GT, the Elastic Audio Synthesizer which Roland dubs The World’s Most Expressive Synthesizer.


Short links for June 7th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Famous people who use the APC 40

APC40 + Photoshop = FTW
Seriously funny APC40 photoshopping thread on the Ableton forum. link via CDM

# MATRIXSYNTH: New SEM from Tom Oberheim – via alt-mode: "Tom is showing a new SEM with the same circuits plus an integrated MIDI/CV. Price < $1k. Available in a few months."

# little-scale: X-EDX Tuning Synth

little-scale X-EDX Tuning Synth

Sebastian Tomczak:

I made a very basic synth to explore equal division by ratio tuning a little more easily. The name comes from the fact that it can play any tuning of the form "x equal divisions of ratio a is to b". It's basically a patch with a sine / pulse / triangle wave, with a MIDI input.

# touch.listen.synth – Lovely touch-contact synth by Alex Inglizian. Video here.