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Renoise updated to v2.5

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After another round of beta testing has passed, Renoise version 2.5 has been released.

Renoise is a complete music production environment for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It features full ReWire support, FX and instrument VST/AU plug-in support, automatic plug-in delay compensation, multi-core load balancing, MIDI I/O, audio recording, flexible audio output, graphical & numerical parameter automation, modular parameter routing, and much more.

New in Renoise 2.5

  • Pattern Matrix: A birds eye view and editor of the song.
  • Cross Track Routing for “Meta Devices” and new devices like the “Signal Follower”, which allows you to sidechain other tracks parameters.
  • Plugin Grabber: Render Plugin Instruments to Renoise Instruments, Samples.
  • Vastly Improved MIDI Mapping.
  • A Bunch of New Internal Effects.
  • And much more… details here.

Renoise is available to purchase for Windows, Mac and Linux, priced at 58 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: Renoise

Renoise 2.5 Beta Testing Started

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Renoise 2.5 - Routing Matrix

Renoise 2.5 Beta is now available to download for registered users.

Just in time for a new decade, Renoise gets an upgrade from executive suite to penthouse with a panoramic view. The Renoise Pattern Matrix, both a bird’s eye view and a song editor, is the missing link that pushes Renoise’s unique approach to music composition to the next level. It’s the perfect companion to the “eyes on the details” appearance and capabilities of the Pattern Editor.

Renoise meta-devices (FX units that receive and transform parameters and other non-audio data) are now interconnectable across tracks. This opens the door to more modular approaches, like linking LFOs or key/audio signals all throughout your mix. Two new meta-devices round-up this “do anything” experience, giving the sound artist the freedom to connect and modulate all parameters with all others.

That’s just the beginning. Vastly improved MIDI mapping, automated rendering of plugin instruments to samples, a native guitar & bass amp simulator FX, performance optimizations, GUI improvements and much more…

Changes in Renoise 2.5 Beta

  • Pattern Matrix: A birds eye view and editor of the song.
  • Cross Track Routing for “Meta Devices” and new devices like the “Signal Follower”, which allows you to sidechain other tracks parameters.
  • Plugin Grabber: Render Plugin Instruments to Renoise Instruments, Samples.
  • Vastly Improved MIDI Mapping.
  • A Bunch of New Internal Effects.
  • And much more…

Renoise for Windows, Mac and Linux is available to purchase for 49 EUR excl. VAT (will be 59 EUR when Renoise 2.5 final is released). Existing Renoise users can download the 2.5 beta version now.

More information: Renoise

Chris Nash updates reViSiT Pro to v1.1.3

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reViSiT Pro

Chris Nash has released version 1.1.3 of reViSiT Pro, a tracking software for VST hosts.

Tracking is a method for computer music almost as mature and time-honoured as MIDI. Sometimes better, sometimes not so – always different. Tracking has to date been the remit of dedicated underground [freeware] software called “Trackers”, particular examples of which (eg. Fast Tracker, Impulse Tracker) have almost acrued cult-status with multi-million strong user-bases. The integration of the Tracker architecture (notably its User Interface*) in sequencer software, will bring the best of both worlds to the composer.

Changes in reViSiT Pro v1.1.3

  • Improved audio performance (up to 2x) and sound quality.
  • Improved compatibility with many hosts, notably SONAR and those using variable buffer sizes.
  • Improved host sync. engine.
  • Fixes for the audio engine and keyboard handler.
  • Lots more, check the Development Blog for details.

reViSiT Pro is available as a free download as part of the reViSiT Experiment.

Visit nashNET for more information.

Renoise updated to v2.1

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Renoise, a complete music production environment for Windows, Mac and Linux, was updated to version 2.1.

The idea behind 2.1 is that until Renoise has features like a piano-roll, an arranger and audio file streaming, you should at least be able to use them externally. That is why we have added routing features to connect Renoise to other audio applications. With ReWire on Windows and MacOSX, and the Jack transport protocol on Linux, you can finally combine the best things about trackers and sequencers.

Changes in Renoise v2.1

  • Full ReWire Slave & Master support (on Windows & OSX).
  • Jack Transport Support (Linux only).
  • New Pattern Sequencer Features
    • Decoupled Sequencer Playback Now Possible.
    • Live Pattern Triggering.
  • New meta devices (Modulation / Automation Device fun)
    • Hydra Device, automate/change/broadcast multiple FX parameters with a single parameter.
    • Keytracking Device, modulates parameters depending on an instruments key (note) value.
    • MIDI Control Device, replaces the old “MIDI-CC Device”, finally offering Pitchbend, Channel Pressure, Program Change & regular controller (CC) in a single device.

Renoise 2.1 is available for purchase for 49 EUR. Demo versions can be found here.

Visit Renoise for more information.

Renoise 2.0 released

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Renoise 2.0

Version 2.0 of the mod tracker Renoise has been released for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Renoise 2.0 is a complete music production environment with support for FX and instrument plug-ins, automatic plug-in delay compensation, multi-core load balancing, MIDI i/o, audio recording, flexible audio output, parameter automation, and much more.

With over four months of exhaustive testing behind it, Renoise 2.0 incorporates a massive engine overhaul, hundreds of improvements, and rock solid stability.

New in Renoise 2.0

  • Automatic Plug-in Delay Compensation, which allows you to sync external equipment as well.
  • A new timing model that separates tempo and resolution.
  • Increased event resolution of up to an insane 4096 PPQ.
  • The ability to shift a track back and forth in time.
  • A new dedicated column to delay an event with a resolution of 1/256th of a line.
  • Support for Audio Units.
  • Support for plug-ins with multiple outputs.
  • Lots more

Renoise 2.0 is now available for 39 EUR (a 20% discount, valid until January 25th). This promo also includes a free exclusive sample kit of over 100 MB.

Visit the Renoise website for more information.

Chris Nash releases reViSiT v1.0 Pro

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reViSiT Pro

Chris Nash has released version 1.0 of reViSiT Pro, a tracking software for VST hosts.

The Professional Edition of reViSiT is a more powerful and flexible composition tool, which can literally add a new dimension to your music.

Compared to the free Standard Edition, the core innovations are:

  • Surround Sound — reViSiT Pro is the first tracker with dedicated support for surround sound (Quad, 5.1), allowing surround panning (directly from the pattern), discrete fixed point sources (with support for Centre and LFE channels), panning in two dimensions and 360° panoramic panning. Together with new instrument envelopes and effect commands to support depth and theta (rotation) spatialisation, this feature literally adds another dimension to your music.
  • Advanced Audio Routing with Flexible Busses — reViSiT Pro is not tied to a single audio output anymore. With an innovative audio routing mechanism; individual channels, samples or instruments can be sent to any of 16 audio busses – each of which can be mono, stereo, quad or 5.1. To deliver each bus back to the host, reViSiT Pro comes with the helper plug-in, reBUS – simply load it up on one of the host’s tracks or channels and pick a reViSiT bus to listen in on, and the audio is piped through automatically. The feature provides total flexibility in how you mix your tracks – making it an easy task to apply host effects or processing to a specific channel, sample or instrument in your reViSiT song. A new pattern effects (S0x) even allows you to switch a channel’s bus assignment as the song plays back.
  • MIDI-Controlled Playback — reViSiT Pro replaces the basic tracker “order list” with the option to trigger patterns with MIDI notes, where different pitches trigger different patterns according to a user-defined mapping. This not only allows you to “play around” with your song live, using a MIDI instrument, but also means you can do all your arranging – be it tracked, sequenced and recorded music – in the host; by inserting notes in a MIDI track, this feature allows you to edit your tracker song in the same way you’d edit the MIDI track itself – move the MIDI note, and the associated tracker pattern will innevitably move with it; move a block of notes (e.g. in the Arrange Window) and the pattern sequence moves too.

For a limited period you can get reViSiT Pro for Windows for free with the reViSiT Experiment, scientific study of creativity and skill in computer music software, conducted by researchers at the Computer Laboratory (Rainbow Group) and Faculty of Music (Centre for Music & Science) at the University of Cambridge.

Visit nashNET for more information.

Short links for September 29th, 2008

Sound Wave by Jean Shin

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Sound Wave – Melted records on wooden armature – Jean Shin's installation at Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York

Records were melted and sculpted to form a cascading wave, dotted with bursts of colorful labels. The resulting structure speaks to the inevitable waves of technology that render each successive generation of recordable media obsolete. The piece also aims to physically manifest the ephemerality of music as well as one man’s musical tastes, as represented by his personal record collection.

# GrooveStep – GrooveStep is a portable sample based step sequencer and that allows people to write music anywhere with the Nintendo DS. The first beta is out now!

# I Can Haas Stereo? Lolcat Reaktor Delay FX

Peter Dines writes:

Ladies, Gentlemen and Felines, I have created what is arguably the world’s first lolcat-powered Reaktor effect. I beg your forgiveness.

While working in Reaper I noticed it has a handy Haas effect plugin created in its native JS format. I thought I’d edit it to add some enhancements but decided I was too lazy to learn a new language right now, so I did it in Reaktor instead. It took minutes to throw together – the longest chore was finding, trimming and inserting the cheezburger cat graphic.

# FAKE presents: Pass the Dutch – Nice compilation featuring a track by sample remix contest winner Jonas the Plugexpert.

# Best of Mother Earth: 1996 McDonalds Hamburger – I stopped eating at McDonalds a while ago. Not because I don't like the taste of their food, but because I don't like their business ethics much. This 12 years old burger makes me feel quite good about my decision.

# Mac anyone? New tracker on it’s way!

Seth Sandler writes:

For the last few weeks (with the help of my mentor Christian Moore) I’ve been working on porting over touchlib (the main tracker of the NUIGroup community) to openframeworks. A few reasons we chose to use openframeworks is because it’s (1) Cross-platform (it’ll work on windows/mac/linux), (2) It’s easy to add and develop on (minimal coding experience required).

If you didn’t catch that, this means we will have a new, full functional tracker that works on Mac! Many have been waiting for this! =) releases PSPSeq v3.00

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PSPSeq v3.00

Ethan Bordeaux of has released version 3.0 of PSPSeq, a free homebrew application for composing music on the Sony PSP handheld game system.

PSPSeq contains both realtime synthesis and sample playback capability, along with multiple FX modules of widely varying types for modifying instruments in countless ways. PSPSeq also has a powerful and unique step sequencer for triggering samples and arranging loops into full songs.

New in PSPSeq v3.00

  • fixed dc offset in humanize and delay cases.
  • synthezier presets.
  • load to step, loop, all loops, save current step, preview preset data, multiple preset files per synth comp.
  • fixed wav save bug.
  • add exponential decay on freq to all synths.
  • 7Mbytes of memory for samples.
  • global configurable sensitivity on apad.
  • START always exits menu entirely.
  • fm feedback for BFM and FM synths with configurable routing.
  • shortcut to synth params from sequencer screen (triangle+L-trig+R-trig).
  • per step pan, pan and vol moved to ENV as well as Stepedit Mode.
  • faster load/save and more compressed SEQs.
  • configurable stepping through sequencer with apad.
  • randomize parameters with ranged setting, start/end points for random values.
  • configurable colors.
  • namable loops, display next loop jump point.
  • better DADSR controls.
  • edit a subset of steps in a loop (latched mode).
  • jump by 8 through seq load list (triangle+D-pad up/down).
  • enhance clear track to clear from an arbitrary step.
  • enhance shift track to keep old hits for copy/paste functionality.

Visit the for more information and a link to download PSPSeq.