Review: Tonebuilder Driven Machine Drums: Strikes Back!

When Nathaniel of Tonebuilder released his Driven Machine Drums electronic drum sample library – back in November 2009 if I’m not mistaken – it came at a time when exciting things were happening in sample … read more

G-Sonique releases Transient shaping system+

G-Sonique has released Transient shaping system+, a new G-Mix+ series plug-in. Are your drums or percussion sounding unprofessional, boring and flat? Were they recorded in poor acoustic conditions or just missing transients,punch or energy? Or … read more

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Voxengo releases Drumformer multiband dynamics plug-in

Voxengo has announced the release of Drumformer, a multiband drum and master track dynamics processing plug-in for professional music and audio production applications. Drumformer was designed to be a comprehensive solution for the broadest range … read more

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WaveShaper releases Stix305 and Algo Operator sample packs

WaveShaper has introduced two new packs featuring the very rare Stix305 analogue drum machine, and some digital FM drum sounds with Algo~Operator. New WaveShaper sample packs Stix305 – The SoundMaster Stix 305 is a very … read more

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Starplugs releases Vintage Diode Limiter effect plugin

Starplugs has released Vintage Diode Limiter, a classic high precision limiter effect for Windows. It combines a classic and warm sound and a fast and precise limiting. Vintage Diode Limiter features The next Generation of … read more

Native Instruments announces SOLID MIX SERIES and TRANSIENT MASTER

Native Instruments has announced Solid Mix Series and Transient Master, two new products that expand its recently established range of GUITAR RIG-based studio effects. The new SOLID MIX SERIES emulates the distinctive EQ and dynamics … read more

VirSyn updates TDESIGN to v1.1 + Summer Offer

VirSyn has released version 1.1 of TDESIGN, a transient former effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. Unique to TDESIGN is the ability to shape the transient not only amplitude wise but also with a dynamically … read more

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QuikQuak announces MashTactic mashup tool

QuikQuak has announced MashTactic, a mashup tool for Windows and Mac. MashTactic is a plug-in that can separate various parts of a full audio mix. Many sounds, include vocals can be cut or isolated from … read more

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VirSyn releases VTAPE 2.0 and PRISM 1.5

VirSyn has released version 2.0 of analog tape suite VTAPE, and version 1.5 of PRISM, a multi-band pitch shifter effect plugin for Windows and Mac. VTAPE is a set of three plugins based on a … read more

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Schaak Audio releases Transient Shaper v2.04, dynamics effect plugin

Schaak Audio has released version 2.04 of Transient Shaper, a dynamics effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. Transient Shaper allows shaping the dynamics with 2 knobs only, making it uniquely easy and fast to use … read more

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Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5, multi-track recording studio

Acoustica has recently released Mixcraft Pro Studio 5, a multi-track recording studio software for Windows. Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 improves on Mixcraft 5’s already impressive line-up by adding three incredible virtual instruments and four powerful … read more

Overloud announces SpringAge, spring reverb simulation

Overloud has announced SpringAge, a new reference in spring reverb simulation. Based on a mixed convolution and algorithmic technology, Overloud SpringAge can give the advantages of the two worlds. If you have never been able … read more

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G-Sonique Analog Bundle, collection of analog effect plug-ins

G-Sonique has introduced the Analog Bundle, a collection of its “analog” effects plug-ins for Windows. G-Sonique Analog Bundle includes XBass4000L – Analog Bass saturation / Enhance processor: Designed to facilitate the maximization the bass frequencies, … read more

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Short links for April 19th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Bendable, Musical Shoes for Nike, and How They Were Made Peter at Create Digital Music writes: Shoes are the new turnables. Or at least that’s the conclusion you … read more

MeldaProduction updates MTotalBundle to v2.09 (new MMultiBandChorus, MMultiBandDistortion and MMultiBandTransient)

MeldaProduction has updated all its effect plug-ins. We have added several nasty features, fixed some more problems, mostly with Mac OS and Windows 64, optimized several features. And released 3 more great plugins: MMultiBandChorus, MMultiBandDistortion, … read more

SoniqWare releases MT-1, SG-1, and PE-1 VST for Mac

SoniqWare has announced that its VST plug-ins are now available for both Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.5/1.6 Intel. SoniqWare Plug-Ins MT-1 Multiband Transient Processor Increase or decrease the impact of percussive sounds. Lengthen … read more

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SPL launches five new products at Musikmesse 2010

Sound Performance Lab has announced it will launch five new products at the Musikmesse 2010 (24-27 March). New SPL products M/S Master M/S management processor Fully adjustable separation of L/R signals into middle/side signals Frequency … read more

G-Sonique releases FSQ1964

G-Sonique has released FSQ1964, a vacuum tube high frequency / transient vitaliser effect plug-in for Windows. The FSQ1964 is very useful tool when mixing your songs. It is capable of giving them a true sound, … read more

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URS releases Phat C (Public Beta)

URS has announced the release of a public beta of Phat C, a multi purpose analog sounding compressor for individual tracks and buses. It replicates characteristics of not one but many hardware compressors . It’s … read more

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Sonnox updates Oxford Transient Modulator, Dynamics and Inflator to v1.1 (AU)

Sonnox has released version 1.1. of the AU versions of Oxford Transient Modulator, Dynamics and Inflator. Changes in Oxford Transient Modulator / Dynamics / Inflator v1.1 (AU) New features include: Onboard Preset Manager. Allows users … read more

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