Tsaiko releases Tsaiko Expander upgrade

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Tsaiko has released Tsaiko Expander, an upgrade for the multi-sampled taiko percussion library for Kontakt 2.

Tsaiko Expander features

  • Almost 400 mb of new samples.
  • Recorded in the same hall as Tsaiko, featuring the same mic control options.
  • Includes stomps, shouts, HAs, growls, Grrs, and other pseudo-manly sounds .
  • Includes nearly fifty patches, including some like “Disgruntled Wookie”.
  • The user has access to ALL of the original wave files.

Combined with Tsaiko, the total package currently has over 5,000 samples of taiko drum hits, (near 2.2 GB), and around 100 patches.

Tsaiko is currently available for $55 USD (the update is free for registered users).

Visit the Tsaiko website for more information and audio demos.


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