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TubeOhm releases Ambika-C MIDI controller for Ambika

TubeOhm has announced the release of Ambika-C, a MIDI controller plug-in for the Ambika synthesizer from Mutable Instruments.

TubeOhm Ambika-C

Ambika-C MIDI controller is a hybrid MIDI editor for Ambika. To make sound design easy they implemented a special random function to create sounds in seconds.

The Ambika-C controller contains six additional and external step sequencers.

Ambika-C features

  • All in one page with all valid parameters for the sound design.
  • All in one page for the sequencers.
  • Multi MIDI in.
  • Six step sequencer.
  • Each step sequencer it’s own MIDI in/out MIDI channel and BPM.
  • Sequencer sync to all button.
  • Random function for all selected parameters.
  • Modulations matrix.
  • Sequencer are usable with other synthesizer.

The plug-in is available for Windows (VST) for 29 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / Ambika-C


Trance Techno Soundbanks releases Alpha Ray EDM Freepack

Alpha Ray EDM Freepack

Trance Techno Soundbanks has announced the release of Alpha Ray EDM Freepack, a free soundset for the Alpha Ray synthesizer instrument from Tubeohm.

TTS ALPHA RAY EDM FREEPACK’ is a powerful and versatile soundbank designed to bring you the sound of EDM for users of TUBEOHM ALPHA-RAY synth. You’ll find 12 high quality presets as well as 2 FLP Files and 2 MIDI construction kits in many popular EDM styles such as: Modern Trance and Hard Trance.

This soundbank has 2 demo kits (including MIDI files for every synth) and features accompanying FL Studio files. Inside the pack there is text file showing you how to work with this soundbank in every major DAW. The kick drum, hi-hat and clap samples in the demos are for demonstration purposes.

The pack is a free download at Trance Techno Soundbanks. Requires full version of TubeOhm Alpha Ray.

More information: Trance Techno Soundbanks / Alpha Ray soundset


TubeOhm releases M-Phasewave free synth plugin

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TubeOhm Phasewave

TubeOhm has released M-Phasewave, a free monophonic version of the Phasewave phase distortion synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

M-Phasewave comes with 64 sounds, two arps and an effects section with chorus, delay and reverb.

A second soundbank with 128 new sounds for Phasewave (the polyphonic commercial version of this synth) is also available now.

M-Phasewave for Windows (VST) is available to download as freeware.

More information: TubeOhm / Phasewave


TubeOhm releases PhaseWave synth plugin for Windows

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TubeOhm PhaseWave

TubeOhm has released Phasewave, a phase distortion synthesizer instrument for Windows.

In the beginning of 1984 the PHASE-DISTORTION was very new and very complex to use. The sound is sometimes digital and also sometimes analoge, but not to compare with VA or FM synths. PD had it‘s own character.

To simplify the PD programming, we implement six standart ADSR and additional six multistage envelopes for special sound modulations. The goal was not, to make a synth for all sounds. No, the goal ist o bring you the PD synthesis with its new sounds near. And it sounds not like other synths.

Phasewave features

  • Dual ARP.
  • 10 voices.
  • Easy and expert 6x envelopes.
  • Three LFOs.
  • Full stereo.
  • Panorama mode.
  • VSTi and standalone.
  • Chorus, delay, reverb.
  • MIDI learn.
  • 128 sound templates.

The plug-in is available to purchase for 59 EUR. Previous TubeOhm customers pay 49 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / Phasewave


Trance Techno Soundbanks releases Alpha Ray monsterpack

TubeOhm Alpha-Ray

Trance Techno Soundbanks has announced the release of its Alpha Ray monsterpack, a collection of 256 presets for the Alpha-Ray by TubeOhm.

256 hi-quality presets + demos kits including flp files for fl studio and construction kits for other daws

Alpha Ray monsterpack

  • Acid -2 presets solo and arp ones.
  • Arp’s – 30 presets on the one hand typical arped and on the other single mid range lighter than acid sounds. Some can be simmilar to fx.
  • Bass – 12 presets various types typical for different types of genres: offbeat 4/4 trance , mid hi movers trance, more darky house, hard trance strong ones,darker more techno, pad bass etc.
  • Fx – 90 presets this section contains single shots, intro stabs, arp fx.
  • Gate – 15 presets can be used like in lot of ways: lead for trance, fill for other styles, and even fx sound.
  • Lead – 69 large variety of any kind of lead.
  • Pad – 18 large variety of any kind of pad.
  • Organ and Synths – 2 presets.
  • Plucks – 16 large variety of any kind of lead.

The soundset costs 13 EUR.

More information: Trance Techno Soundbanks / Alpha Ray monsterpack


Daniel Stawczyk (Status) releases CIRCULAR for Gamma-Ray

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Daniel Stawczyk Circular

Daniel Stawczyk aka Status has announced the release of CIRCULAR, a soundset for the Gamma-Ray software synthesizer by TubeOhm.

The 128-preset soundbank of CIRCULAR is designed upon the successor of Alpha – Ray by TubeOhm Instruments. It offers:

  • 10 effective gated sounds,
  • 7 varied leads,
  • 77 inspiring sequences,
  • 34 ultra-spectral synthesizers.

CIRCULAR with its content contributes to Gamma – Ray’s positive feedback providing numerous presets. The attached preset list has the suggestions of individual preset ‘VCF invers’ to expand the palette of the bank offer.

The soundset is available to purchase for $15 USD.

More information: Daniel Stawczyk / Circular


TubeOhm releases Gamma-Ray synth plugin

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TubeOhm Gamma-Ray

TubeOhm has released Gamma-Ray, a synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Gamma-Ray is a 10 voices polyphonic synthesizer with an extended effect section and a polyphonic sequencer / arpeggiator.

Gamma-Ray features

  • 3 oscillators.
  • 3 filter models.
  • Ring, FM, overdrive.
  • Multistage envelopes.
  • Dynamic poly distortion.
  • 3 LFOs.
  • 5 effects: distortion (mono/poly), phaser, chorus, delay, reverb.
  • Stepper and arpeggiator.
  • 2 soundbanks – 256 sounds.
  • Manual in English & German.

TubeOhm’s Gamma-Ray synthesizer is based on the features of its Alpha-Ray plugin.

Gamma-Ray is available to purchase for Windows (VST) for 59 EUR. Registered TubeOhm customers pay 49 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / Gamma-Ray