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Prime Loops TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer Combo Deal

Prime Loops TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer

Prime Loops has released the TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer combo deal the ultimate collection for all soundtrack composers.

This exclusive “TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer” combo deal is a mesmerizing all-in-one selection of 9 (!) of our best selling sound FX and cinematic sample packs..

This essential collection has over 4.5+ gigabytes of professionally produced music loops, sound effects, one-shots, SFX samples, that will add the extra edge to all your soundtracks! Check it out…

TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer features

  • Ambient Illusions – Over 120 uplifting Ambient, Lounge and Chill-Out Loops, Textures, Arpeggio Patterns, Sequencer Lines, Bass Drones, Pads & Chord Progressions…
  • Black SFX – Powerful 500Mb library of 180+ cutting-edge SFX Samples, feat. Sidechained Sweeps, processed Crashes, piercing Sirens, energetic Lasers, driving Impacts and much more…
  • Trip Fantasia – Fine +450Mb SFX library with 48 mesmerizing Ambient Textures, Background Soundscapes and Chill-Out Ambiances…
  • Phatmospheres – A heavy +350Mb SFX library of Dark Atmospheric Soundscapes and Dubstep Ambiance Samples…
  • Arabic Vibez – Over 180 dramatic Arabic String Loops, Eastern Style Chord Progressions and Music Samples…
  • PLanet Of The Orchestra – Over 100 extraordinary Orchestra Arrangements and World Music Loops…
  • Cinematic Impacts Vol.1 – Over 400 breathtaking Percussion Loops in 24bit, arranged into 25 professionally engineered epic Construction Kits suitable for music productions & soundtrack projects…
  • Cinematic Impacts Vol.2 – Volume 2 feat. over 1GB of ultra-dynamic 24bit Percussion Loops, arranged into 25 epic rhythm Construction Kits, suitable for music productions & soundtracks…
  • Orchestral Scores – 100 paramount Orchestra Loops, String Ensembles, Percussion Elements and more, suitable for Music Productions & Soundtrack Projects…

The TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer combo deal is available to purchase for £114.95 GBP (regular £163 GBP).

More information: Prime Loops


Les Productions Zvon releases Memory Collection Pack 02

Les Productions Zvon Memory Collection Pack 02

Les Productions Zvon has released Memory Collection Pack 02, a sample library featuring public domain samples.

The samples in this collection are taken from Public Domain video documents: 36 TV ads, 7 feature movies, 19 documentaries and 6 short films. Many of the documentaries are from and about the early days of radio and television.

It’s named Memory Collection because by definition works in the Public Domain are from the past, a past often not very distant but sadly also often forgotten or ignored. This collection brings back some of the sounds from the past.

The Memory Collection sample pack 02 has 3,313 (1.32 GB) including voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx/foley, and music.

Memory Collection Pack 02 is available to purchase as donationware (minimum $17.50 USD). A free preview (101 samples) can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Les Productions Zvon / The Memory Collection


Sonokinetic releases Trailer Voice 3 sample library

Sonokinetic has announced Trailer Voice 3, a new sample library featuring a collection of professional, highly unique and authentic voice-over cues.

Sonokinetic Trailer Voice 3

Trailer Voice 3 was created by the high quality standards of our professional public relation experts, Voice-Over Actors, commercial advisers, recording specialists, sound designers and composers.

This library contains a wide variety of generic and catchy quotes and phrases performed in the Movie Trailer Style. Four of today’s professionally trained and world recognized Voice-Over Artists spent weeks recording this royalty free collection of speech samples. With specific direction from the Producers at Sonokinetic the Actors provided a variety of unique and one of a kind reads for our professionally written scripts.

Trailer Voice 3 features

  • 4 Voices; 3 male, 1 female.
  • Vocal Colours: Attitude, Booming, Dangerous, Announcer, Deep, Gravelly, Wry, Sexy, Sophisticated, Warm, Attitude, Authoritative, Believable.
  • 4 themes: Romance (Incl. Romance-comedy), Drama (Incl. Comedy-Drama), Thriller & Supsense and Historical & Biographical.
  • 10 original scripts for each theme (cues) ranging from 5 to 10 sentences per cue.
  • 3 different reads per cue.
  • TOTAL of: 4 themes X 4 Voices X 10 Cues X 3 Reads X (*x) sentences.
  • Trailer Voice Browser: for quick searching and browsing this huge collection. Basic searches can be done based on words, letters, numbers, themes and voices types. (html based database script).
  • Trailer Voice3 Script. written by Paul Bassett Davies. (.pdf).
  • Trailer Voice refenece documentation (.pdf).

Trailer Voice 3 is available to purchase for €39.90 EUR. A bundle of all three Trailer Voice libraries is €99.90 EUR.

More information: Sonokinetic / Trailer Voice 3


The Hollywood Edge releases Mechanical Morphs

The Hollywood Edge Mechanical Morphs

The Hollywood Edge has released Mechanical Morphs, a sample library by Richard Devine and Jim Stout.

Mechanical Morphs represents the most recent work from Richard Devine and Jim Stout, two highly regarded sound designers with backgrounds in production and synthesizer programming. Bringing their unique styles together, Mechanical Morphs is a metal smashing, gear grinding, futuristic collection! This must-have set is perfect for science fiction and fantasy productions featuring robots, aliens, spaceships, futuristic landscapes, hi-tech interfaces, and much more!

Designed for film, TV, and multi-media projects, every sound has been recorded and processed at 24bit 96khz, resulting in a set with true HD fidelity!

1,300 plus sounds on 10 audio CDs and 2 DVDs.

Mechanical Morphs is available to purchase for $495 USD.

More information: The Hollywood Edge / Mechanical Morphs


Samplerbanks releases Neo DJ FX sound effects library

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Neo DJ FX, a complete collection of sound FX’s for Dance genres and Film, Game, TV / Post & Cinematic use.

Samplerbanks Neo DJ FX

Most professional dance tracks are distinguished from amateurs not just by the right selection of sounds, the proper adjustment of equalization and dynamics processors and the art of mastering, but also by the smart selection of sound effects. The vibe of a track is greatly influenced by the choosen FX sounds, giving a polished touch for the final product.

Have you ever experienced you composed a great song but there was something missing? A common agreement among experienced producers and DJs is that the subtle and mature use of some sound fx’s may conjure an empty track into a breathing creation. Nevertheless, you still have to compose great ideas and create the vibe, but the use of FX elements helps to achieve these goals in nearly every genre of modern contemporary music.

The Neo DJ FX collection from Samplerbanks fulfills this requirement by offering a complete range of SFX for music producers and DJs.

Neo DJ FX features

  • 645 MB of cutting edge loops and samples (24-bit).
  • Includes 38 Seamless Noise and 55 (both harmonic and enharmonic) Synth Atmosphere loops plus the following one-shots: 42 Combined FXs, 30 long Cymbals, 20 special Doppler sounds, 51 Rise/ 52 Fall Drones, 50 Swishes, 48 thundering Impacts, 30 metalic Hits and even 20 great electro-cyber crackles and noises, recreated from the famous Transformers movies.
  • Software sampler presets included for Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Reason NN-XT and sfz samplers.

Neo DJ FX is available to purchase as a download for $32 USD / £19.95 GBP / 22.95 EUR.

More information: Samplerbanks / Neo DJ FX


Sonokinetic releases Trailer Voice 2 – The Scripts sample library

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Sonokinetic Trailer Voice 2 - The Scripts

Sonokinetic has released Trailer Voice 2 – The Scripts, a collection of powerful, dramatic and authentic voice-over cues.

No where will you find a better selection of pre-recorded Movie Trailer style cues for your next project. Trailer Voice 2 was written by an award winning professional screenwriter and recorded by 4 amazingly talented, trained and highly experienced Voice-Over Artists. This is truly a one of a kind collection!

This one of a kind project deepens and expands on the original collection of Trailer Voice with this totally new collection called “The Scripts”. Trailer Voice 2 “The Scripts” will expand your cinematic experience or any project you are working on. This production covers four dramatic themes that will provide you spine chilling and produced generic recordings with a variety of emotion and feeling.

Trailer Voice 2 – The Scripts features

  • Total of 3300+ sfx (1,19GB unzipped) in 44.1 kHz/24-bit mono wave files.
  • 4 voices: 3 male, 1 female.
  • Vocal Colours: Attitude, Booming, Dangerous, Announcer, Deep, Gravelly, Wry, Sexy, Sophisticated, Warm, Attitude, Authoritative, Believable.
  • 4 themes: Journey, Heroic, Fantasy and Conflict (each containing 10 stories, edited into smaller sections: sentences and phrases).
  • 3 different reads per story for each voice and each style.
  • TOTAL of: 4 themes X 4 Voices X 10 stories X 3 Reads X (*x) sentences.
  • Trailer Voice Browser: for quick searching and browsing this huge collection. Basic searches can be done based on words, letters, numbers, themes and voices types. (html based database script) tv2browser.
  • Trailer Voice2 The Scripts Script. The male and female script produced by Paul Bassett Davies. (.pdf)
  • A license and agreement on the royalty free samples (.pdf)
  • The impulse response from the Sonokinetic Recording stage for Logic Pro Spacedesigner.
  • High resolution Art work for the “Trailer Voice 2 The Scripts” dvd cover art.

Trailer Voice 2 – The Scripts is available to purchase for 39.90 EUR.

More information: Sonokinetic / Trailer Voice 2 – The Scripts


Short links for December 3rd, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

Designing Sound TV

# Designing Sound TV

Miguel Isaza introduces Designing Sound TV, Television for Sound Designers.

Could you imagine the concept of television re-imagined for sound designers only? How would that be?

How would be a Field Recording TV channel? or can you imagine a show where you can see how the sound of a recent film was done? or what about watching some channels where you can find other guys like you recording sounds outside the world? What if you could watch interviews with different sound designers each night while you drink a cup coffee?

Well, I’ve created something like that, but using the Internet. It’s called Designing Sound TV, a new website packed with lots videos about sound for films, video games, tv, and more. There you can find all kind of stuff on sound design, field reording, foley, mixing, and more.

# Hiphop Experience vol.4
Dmitry Vasilyev aka Cyberworm brings the fourth part in series of free hiphop drum loops (36 loops in stereo wav format, 24bit/44.1kHz, 43 MB).

# Music Kits #1: DIY guitar effect pedal kits

Music Thing is back! (though Tom notes that “Normal service will not, I’m afraid, be resumed…”)

After almost two years since the last blog post Tom Whitwell returns with a list of 23 DIY guitar effect pedal kits.

Music Thing DIY guitar effect pedal kits

Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent a few evenings building DIY guitar effects. It's fun to build things that you can use. If you want to get started, one of the hardest things is buying components. Try to buy a 10Ω resistor from Farnell, and you’re faced with a choice of 345 items. So, starting out buying a kit is a good idea. At least you’ll know the parts are right, even if when your soldering isn’t.

However, not many people sell kits. Despite the potential markup on a handful of bulk components, the customer service is – presumably – a nightmare. Here are 23 companies who will sell you complete component kits for guitar effects – many more people produce PCBs, or sell finished pedals. Stay tuned for similar lists on synths/noise boxes and tube amplifiers.

# Google Translate Beatboxing – If you haven’t heard about Google Translate’s beatboxing skills yet you probably spend a more than healthy amount of time away from the interwebs. Check it out, it’s cool.

# Home Recording Tactics

Home Recording Tactics

Jon Tidey at Audio Geek Zine shares some useful tips on editing & workflow as part of a series of 9 interviews with recording engineers from around the world.

What is Home Recording Tactics? This is a collection of audio interviews with 9 hard working, successful home studio engineers (including me). The interviews were led by Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner. He got these guys to share all their secrets on a variety of home recording topics.

Also features sound design tips by Nick Maxwell of

# Virtual Theremin Made with Kinect; Real Thereminists Will Make it Useful

Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn writes:

Who says technology has to move fast and die young? Leon Theremin may have been a full century ahead of his time, before computers, before transistors, before jet engines or atomic power or rockets.

ReacTable creator Martin Kaltenbrunner has a virtual Theremin prototype built with Microsoft’s depth-sensing, 3D Kinect camera. And what he really needs is some players of the real Theremin to help develop it.

SoundCloud Record

# Capture And Share Your Sounds

SoundCloud’s iPhone app makes it easy to record and share your sounds from anywhere.

Today, we’re excited about the release of the recording feature.

The Record button will make it easy for you to capture all kinds of sounds right on SoundCloud & with the iPhone app and share them from anywhere to everywhere on the web: your website, social network profiles or simply between friends & family.

# TouchOSC for Android released


Friends of hand-held devices not sporting the omnipresent “i” prefix take note: TouchOSC for Android has been published on the Android Market! And it’s free. Free as in beer.