Tweakbench updates all its plug-ins


Tweakbench has released updated versions of all its VST plug-ins.

From the website:

Patience is a virtue, so here’s a little reward. all the plugins have a point release, updating many little things, and keeping things up to date. all of the cycler series, and everything using any granular processes should perform a bit better now, and i’m just a few days away from the newest addition to the family ;)

Changes in these updates

  • All of the cycler series (breakdown, dropout, mashup, sideslip) should all get some bug fixes in regards to timing, and some CC issues.
  • Anything with granular processes (pudding, minerva) should see some increased performance as well.
  • Everything else has just been updated to use the latest external modules, and latest SynthEdit bug fixes to increase compatibility.

Tweakbench plug-ins for Windows PC are free (donations appreciated) and you can download a bundle of all the plug-ins for a donation of $5 USD.

Visit Tweakbench for more information.


Tweakbench plug-ins updated


Tweakbench has updated all 22 of it’s plug-ins.

Also, Ritual 1.0 (the Bass synth plug-in that featured in the KVR DC) was added to the Tweakbench website, which also got a brand new design.

So what is new?

  • All known bugs addressed
  • All knobs changed to linear motion
  • All controls respond to Ctrl-dragging for precision
  • Tooltips added to almost every control, a huge help for beginners!
  • Breakdown, Mashup, Sideslip and Dropout all got a new GUI with fully drawable curves
  • Tapeworm updated to include vintage tape grain
  • Carillon and Papaya got randomizers
  • Field got an improved playback trigger (autoplays in all hosts now)
  • NEW PLUGIN: Ritual 1.0 – Bass synthesizer
  • retired plugin: Pressure
  • Yoink updated with improved loop points and generally snazzier sampling

Tweakbench now offers a “bundled download” feature which gets you ALL the plugins at once for a $5 donation. That’s a nice way to support Tweakbench for the most wonderful plug-ins they provide freely.

Visit Tweakbench for more information.


KVR DC: Tweakbench Ritual

Tweakbench Ritual VSTi

Tweakbench‘s contribution to the KVR Developer Challenge is Ritual, a Bass Synthesizer VSTi.

Though Ritual is the first new VST from Tweakbench in over a year, you will probably recognize the GUI if you’ve ever used any of the other Tweakbench plug-ins.


  • Two morphable oscs
  • Custom designed cascade filter system with a feedback chain
  • LFO and Envelope modulators
  • Mod matrix

The two morphable oscillators are a key feature here. A shape knob can be set to morph the waveforms. Oscillator 1 morphs from a pulse to a crushed triangle and oscillator 2 can morph from a supersaw to a crushed sine. The supersaw waveform used in Ritual is a completely original design as well.

Top quality as expected from Tweakbench!

Ritual is not on Tweakbench‘s website yet so get it at the KVR Developer Challenge page.


Tweakbench updates Rebar and Cairo to v1.2

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Tweakbench Rebar
Tweakbench Cairo

Tweakbench has updated both Rebar and Cairo to version 1.2.

Rebar is a drawn waveform monosynth using a step oscillator and Cairo is a tempo synchronized gate effect.

New in Rebar v1.2

  • drawable waveform panel added
  • improved cpu performance
  • new patches
  • better stability

New in Cairo v1.2

  • 8 new presets
  • independent mix for filter and distortion
  • improved performance & compatibility

Visit Tweakbench for more information and links to download Rebar and Cairo v1.2.


Tweakbench releases Pudding v1.1

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Tweakbench Pudding VST

Tweakbench has released Pudding v1.1.

Pudding is a granular delay effect with detailed synchronization features and lots of randomization thrown in the mix.

This can produce anything from a simple digital delay sound, to full on new synthesis from extremely small grains and sync rates.

New in v1.1

  • new presets
  • better CPU usage
  • more host compatibility
  • overal performance gains

Visit Tweakbench for more information and a link to download Pudding v1.1.


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