Twisted Lemon releases Sidekick5 effect plugin

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Twisted Lemon Sidekick5

Twisted Lemon has recently released Sidekick5, a side-chaining effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

SideKick5 makes side-chaining very easy in your VST and AudioUnit DAW. Side-chaining is a useful tool for musicians, producers, video editors and in radio broadcasting.

This 5th generation of SideKick5 has completely been rewritten to improve compatibility, performance and useablility.

Sidechain5 features

  • 16 stereo virtual buses to use as sidechain.
  • Spectral ducking and keying with a notch and bandpass filter.
  • Intuitive filter control with a XY pad.
  • Visual feedback of the sidechain and output spectrum.
  • Listen button for auditive feedback of the sidechain channel.
  • Master drive control with saturation to boost and fatten your sound.
  • Total Recall Automation, all parameters including the sidechain numbering will be saved in your projects.
  • Factory and custom presets, save your favorite settings as preset within SideKick5.

Sidekick5 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for 35 EUR.

More information: Twisted Lemon


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