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TwistedWave updated to v1.6.1

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Audio editor for Mac TwistedWave was updated to v1.6.1.

TwistedWave 1.6.1 is mainly a bug fixes update. It contains very few new features or improvements, as you can see from the release notes below.

It’s been a long time since the last update, but the good news is that I have now started working full time on TwistedWave, and it shouldn’t be long before updates with more exciting new features are released.

Changes in TwistedWave v1.6.1

  • Minor improvements
    • Adjustable buffer size.
    • The selection is now replaced when pasting.
    • Move the cursor to the beginning/end of the selection with option-left/right.
    • Scroll left or right with page-up/page-down.
    • The cursor remains visible when moving it with the arrow keys.
  • Fixes
    • Improved play through with lower latency.
    • The crash recovery could fail in some cases.
    • A crash when loading T-RackS 3 plugins.
    • Ozone4’s GUI could disappear in some cases.
    • The audio could get corrupted when recording with an Apogee duet.
    • Playing 192kHz files was broken.
    • The manual would not open correctly from the help menu, or the help buttons.
    • Marker names with accents wouldn’t show up correctly.
    • Markers would be duplicated when converting to mono.
    • The audio units from the effect stack were applied in the reverse order.
    • Some audio unit plugins, such as soundhack’s ones could produce a few seconds of silence.
    • TwistedWave could record with a wrong sampling rate, resulting in a pitch shifted audio.
    • When recording, play through could play only on the left side in some cases.
    • Some jpeg files did not work properly in mp4 files artwork metadata.
    • Scrolling with shift + mouse wheel was broken.

TwistedWave is available for purchase for Mac OS X 10.4 for $79.90 USD. A fully functional 30 day demo is available for download.

More information: TwistedWave


TwistedWave updated to v1.6

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TwistedWave, an audio editor for Mac, has been updated to v1.6.

TwistedWave is simple, very easy to use, and yet very powerful. Thanks to its very intuitive user interface, no other audio editor will make you as productive from day one.

Changes in TwistedWave v1.6

  • Support for markers.
  • Added the ability to manipulate cuts/crossfades.
  • Automatically restore the session after a crash.
  • Drag and dropping the selection.
  • Play through when recording.
  • Saving the color scheme presets.
  • Fixed: Wave64 support was broken on 10.4/intel.
  • Improvement: Ability to zoom when command dragging the overview window.

TwistedWave is available for purchase for Mac OS X 10.4 for $79.90 USD.
A fully functional 30 day demo is available for download.

Visit the TwistedWave website for more information.