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ZenSound releases Trail of Nexus 6 soundset

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ZenSound has launched Trail of Nexus 6, a free soundset by Complex for the Tyrell N6 synthesizer from u-he.

Trail of Nexus 6 is designed with inspiration of the Blade Runner film. This soundset have a futuristic sound, it is the natural continuation of the soundset Rebeld. All the sounds of this soundset are good for all styles of music and perfect for futuristic electronic compositions.

Trail of Nexus 6 features

  • 17 atmospheres, with a industrial and dark feeling.
  • 13 bass, original and strong.
  • 19 keys, sounds for playing with the MIDI keyboard.
  • 6 leads, futuristic.
  • 12 percussions, modulated and distorted.
  • 4 sequenced patches using the LFO’s.
  • 29 sfx, science fiction effects, ideal for videogames and films.

The soundset is a free download.

More information: ZenSound / Trail of Nexus 6


u-he’s Bazille modular synthesizer is coming soon

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u-he has launched a product page for its Bazille, a modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

u-he Bazille

Bazille is a modular FM and Phase Distortion Synthesizer. It’s modular engine allows for patching of any signal output into any signal input, regardless of signal type. This makes Bazille a sibling of ACE, but it caters for a digital synthesis paradigm rather than for subtractive (virtual analogue) synthesis.

Bazille features

  • Hybrid modular system: digital oscillators, analogue filters – amazing SFX capabilities.
  • 4 oscillators with simultaneous FM, PD (phase distortion) and FR (fractal resonance).
  • 4 multimode analogue type filters, 2 of which have 6 parallel outputs.
  • 2 modulation maps, lag processors, quantizer, inverters, rectifiers, sample&hold.
  • Morphing sequencer: 8 slots of 16 steps each (splittable into 4, 8 or 12-step units).
  • U-he’s exemplary customer support, all regular (.x) updates are free of charge.

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More information: u-he / Bazille


Luftrum releases Luftrum 11 for Diva

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Luftrum has announced the release of Luftrum 11, a new soundset for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer from u-he.

Luftrum 11 for Diva

Luftrum 11 is the sequel to Luftrum 9, the popular soundset for Diva.

64 presets with pads ranging from light shimmer pads over classic 80′s synth pads to deep space pads, arpeggios, subtle synth leads and synth emulations inspired by Vangelis, Boards of Canada, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Carbon Based Lifeforms.

Luftrum 11 is available for purchase $23 USD. A bundle with Luftrum 9 for Diva is available for $39 USD (save $7 USD).

More information: Luftrum


The Unfinished releases Diva Ex Machina for u-he Diva

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The Unfinished Diva Ex Machina

The Unfinished has announced the release of Diva Ex Machina, a soundset featuring a collection of 128 sounds for u-he’s Diva, aimed at analogue, electronic sounds for film scoring and electronica.

Ex Machina is something of a special synth soundset as it includes all the patches I designed for the composer Nathan Furst to use in his score for Need For Speed. I have to thank Nathan and DreamWorks for very kindly giving me permission to share the sounds I designed for Nathan. Also in this soundset are a number of other sounds inspired by the work I was doing for Nathan.

The collection features a plethora of warm, punchy basses; ethereal, drifting pads; gentle, old skool sequences; deep, dynamic basslines; classic, spacey leads; and sinister, evocative soundscapes. All programmed with a little musical, kinetic energy in the modwheel, as you would expect.

With an emphasis on expressive, vintage, analogue synth sounds with a modern cinematic twist, this soundset is a blend of the likes of Cliff Martinez, Vangelis, Trent Reznor and Future Sound of London, with just a pinch of Harry Gregson-Williams and Michael McCann.

If you want to add some retro synth feel, or merely beef up the space and dynamics of your tracks with some analogue colours, Diva Ex Machina is a handy collection.

The soundset is available for purchase for £19.99 GBP.

More information: The Unfinished / Diva Ex Machina


Fingermarks updates Diva Nation soundset

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aMUSEd of Fingermarks has updated its Diva Nation free soundset for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer by u-he.


OK here’s the promised update – some patches using the digital osc and Uhbie filter in there now too – couple of ripsnorting leads using the feedback oscs – lost count but well over 100 patches in there now: …

also added some esoteric (Howardesque) categorisation

The soundset is a free download.

More information: Fingermarks


Coxys releases Trance Essentials soundset for Zebra

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Coxys has announced the release of Trance Essentials, a soundset featuring trance presets for the Zebra 2.5 synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Whether you want to recreate the sounds of your favourite Trance artist of gain a style all of your own, this collection of goto trance and EDM sounds will help get you sounding like the professionals.

Trance Essentials features

  • 49 Main Lead Patches.
  • 32 Bass Patches.
  • 16 Pad Patches.
  • 8 FX Patches.

The soundset is available for purchase for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Coxys / Trance Essentials


Introduction to ACE part 4 by Dan Worrall

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u-he has just posted part 4 of the “Introduction to ACE” series of tutorial videos by Dan Worrall on the ACE modular synthesizer instrument.

The last in Dan Worrall’s 4-part series about u-he’s ACE modular synthesizer.
Best viewed at 720p (HD) resolution

ACE for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available from u-he for 69 EUR.

More information: u-he / ACE