U&I Software updates MetaSynth to v5.31

U&I Software MetaSynth

U&I Software has updated the MetaSynth composition and sound design software for Mac OS X to version 5.31, adding full OS X Lion compatibility as well as powerful new spectral processing features and other refinements.

MetaSynth is a revolutionary electronic music and sound design environment. It is not a soft synth but a full-fledged sound design and electronic music studio.

Changes in MetaSynth v5.31

  • SO Filters: The new Second Order Filters (in the Effects Room) implement combinations of high-quality peak, bandpass, high-pass and low-pass filters.
  • New Spectrum Synth Capabilities: A number of new capabilities were added to the Spectrum Synth Room. The new Apply Image Filter command allows color images to be applied to Spectrum Synth sequences to provide dynamic stereo envelopes. This capability enables the creation of rich sounds with complex, dynamic frequency-based stereo movement. New commands provide complex compositing of clipboard spectrum data with sequence events to create amazing sound morphs.
  • Many Other Refinements: The new release features numerous useful refinements, bug fixes and full OS X Lion compatibility.

MetaSynth for Mac is available to purchase for $599 USD. MetaSynth 5.31 is a free update to users of MetaSynth 5. Upgrades are available to users of previous versions of MetaSynth. A bundle with Xx 5.3 is available at a $200 USD discount until April 3, 2012. Suggested retail price for the MetaSynth/Xx bundle is $679. Xx 5 is an algorithmic composer and MetaSynth companion.

More information: MetaSynth


Galbanum Architecture Waveforms 2010, collection of over 25,000 wavetables

Galbanum Architecture Waveforms 2010

Galbanum has released Architecture Waveforms 2010, a massive collection of over 25,000 meticulously designed wavetables provided in several industry-standard formats.

Wavetables are single cycle periodic waveforms that form the most fundamental building block of synthesis. They are the sound generators, and can be thought of as the oscillator of a classic analog synth, but they provide infinitely more variability in wave-shape and spectrum. They are chiefly responsible for determining a sound’s primary timbre or “tone color”.

Architecture Waveforms 2010 features

  • 25,724 distinct single-cycle waveforms, logically organized into 102 folder classes. 58 out of the 102 folders are new classes of waveforms.
  • Available in 6 different fomats: 64bit-FP Wav, 32bit-FP Wav, 24bit Wav, Native Instruments Absynth GLY, Camel Audio Alchemy OSC/LFO, and U&I Software MetaSynth Wave.
  • A simple and inexpensive method of quickly and effortlessly expanding the awesome potential of supported synth and sampler instruments.
  • Vast expansion of available timbre pallet for wavetable synths and samplers.
  • Newly developed timbres offering fresh, unique starting points which stand out from the competition.
  • Perfect integration with industry-leading synths and samplers allowing easy navigation and management.

Architecture Waveforms 2010 is available to purchase $39.95 USD per format, excluding the 64bit-FP wav which is $69.95 USD. Multiple formats may be purchased for an additional $20 USD per format. Customers who have previously purchased any version of the Galbanum Architecture Waveforms collection receive a $15 USD discount off of their purchase.

More information: Galbanum / Architecture Waveforms 2010


Audio News Room announces MetaSynth 5 Special Offer

U&I Software MetaSynth 5

Audio News Room has announced a limited-time offer for U&I Software MetaSynth 5, a composition and sound design program using a strictly visual interface, with customizable tunings and image synthesis.

Do you know what musicians, producers and sound designers like Dane Davis (The Matrix, etc.), Richard Devine, Ian Boddy, Junkie XL, Sasha, Aphex Twin, Barry Jamieson, Michael Fakesh, Michael Bierylo (professor at Berklee) and many others have in common (besides a good amount of talent, of course)? A sound shaping tool like Metasynth. In short, Metasynth (OS X only, no Windows version) is a unique suite of sound manipulation apps, all living under the same roof. In MetaSynth’s environment sound and visuals are strongly connected to each other, and you can literally shape your sounds. By the way, Metasynth 5 just made BeatPortal.com’s 2009 Technology Top 10, and it’s on the list for our upcoming Sonic Joy Awards 2009.

Unfortunately this software, like all professional tools, is not cheap. It usually sells at 599$ but…

… Christmas is coming and we’re quite excited to announce that U&I Software is offering AudioNewsRoom readers a special $200 discount on MetaSynth 5, which makes the final price quite inviting (399$, or approx. 275 euro).

This special offer is available until December 26, 2009 (and includes other U&I applications, like the ArtMatic graphics/animation synthesizer).

More information: Audio News Room


U&I Software releases MetaSynth 5

U&I Software MetaSynth 5

U&I Software has released MetaSynth 5, a composition and sound design program using a strictly visual interface, with customizable tunings and image synthesis.

MetaSynth is a revolutionary electronic music and sound design environment. It is not a soft synth but a full-fledged sound design and electronic music studio.

Changes in MetaSynth 5

  • General Features
    • MetaSynth 5 is universal binary, multi-threaded and fully Leopard-compatible.
    • Recording available in both Sample Editor and Montage Room.
    • 32-bit floating point sound buffers and 64-bit floating point math for all audio operations.
    • Full support for .caf and .wav files.
    • Add output device selection to Preferences.
    • Files can be saved at up to 32-bit resolution.
    • Much longer sounds can be loaded and created than previously.
  • Sample Editor
    • New Slide Selection Samples tool.
    • New Swap Left/Right command.
    • Record to the sample editor.
    • Longer sounds can be loaded than previously.
    • Direct loading of mp3 format files.
  • Effects Room
    • Render to disk.
    • Convolution.
    • Improved Graphic EQ crossfades.
  • Image Synth/Image Filter
    • 11 instrument modes and many new instrument capabilities added.
    • New Drawing Tools.
    • New Remap Colors mode.
    • Support for importing most image types.
    • Remove the 16 kHz limit for notes.
    • Render to disk command/2X oversampling.
    • Batch Render command.
    • Fit Tempo command.
    • New Play Selection button.
    • New scales added to Fit To Scale.
    • Automatic retriggering.
  • Instruments
    • 11 new multiwaves instrument modes.
    • New Grain Synth (Granular Synth) modes.
    • Sampler/MultiSampler attack mode filters.
    • Sampler/MultiSampler new sample start time options.
    • Envelope control of many MultiWave Synth parameters.
    • Fine-tuning parameter implemented for the wavetable synth.
    • WaveTable editor updated.
    • Several new instrument effects.
    • Allow instruments to have an attack of 0 ms.
    • Many new attack mode filters.
    • Live switching between presets with different instrument types.
    • MultiWaveSynth Anti-aliasing.
    • Velocity mapping.
    • Many more improvements.
  • Image Filter
    • Improve behavior when opening different preset libraries in the Image Synth and Image Filter Rooms.
    • Improve behavior when using different libraries for the Select Preset and Apply Filter libraries.
    • Improve cross-fade with surrounding audio when applying image filter to a selection.
  • Spectrum Synth
    • Pitch-range selection.
    • Time Blur command.
    • Pitch Blur command.
    • Amplitude Color Table.
  • Montage Room
    • 24 Tracks.
    • New Apply Current Effect command.
    • New track effects.
    • VTrack/Montage Room communication.
    • New mechanism added for resetting path of missing sounds.
    • Display muted tracks with faded colors for clarity.
    • Shift-key-volume change for global volume change.
    • Default montage.
    • New multipoint envelopes.
    • Stereo recording enabled.
    • Allow selection of audio device input channel for recording.
    • Montage no longer pre-mixes tracks to disk when recording.
    • Send sounds, spectrum sequences and sequences to the current montage.
  • VTrack/Montage Communication
    • MetaSynth can now communicate with VTrack 2.6 or later.
    • When VTrack is open, setting the insertion point in a montage will cause VTrack to display the corresponding image in its preview.
    • When VTrack is open, clicking Play in the MetaSynth Montage Room will cause VTrack to playback its montage in a floating mini-preview.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and Changes
    • Numerous optimizations and performance tweaks.
    • Improved color/black-and-white conversions.
    • Render popup. Option-clicking on the render icon, pops up the Render Options menu.
    • Improved Reso Sweep effect quality (Montage and Instruments Effect).
    • Improved multisampler and sampler auto pitch mapping.
    • Many new shortcut keys.
    • Montage Room no longer requires that you render items when (or before) they are inserted in the montage.
    • Montage Room now requires that sequences and spectrum sequences be located in the montage’s folder.
    • Saving a sequence saves its instrument to its folder. This ensures that a sequence’s instrument can be found.
    • Append flt when processed preference.
    • Montage Effect and Instrument Effects can now be saved to disk so that favorite settings can be easily saved and reloaded.
    • Scale files created with UNIX line endings now work correctly.
    • Image Filter gain is slightly lower than in version 4.
    • LR no longer added when saving AIF files.
  • Removed Features
    • Open IS Presets removed from Montage file popup.
    • Support for MetaSynth 2.x files dropped.
    • Support for dual mono (split stereo) files dropped.
    • Mix 50% command removed.

MetaSynth 5 is available for Mac (Leopard-compatible) for $599 USD.

More information: U&I Software