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Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Beat Box Anthology

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank Beat Box Anthology

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank has released Beat Box Anthology, a collection of classic drum machine sounds and loops from the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

“Beat Box Anthology is the one-stop shopping collection for drum machine sounds and loops, covering almost every generation of these instruments. Even if these cult machines were a milestone in the 70s, 80s and 90s music production, their sounds are still used today in a lot of Urban, Hip Hop, Electro House and even Electro Pop productions.” said Alain Etchart, Founder and Director of Marketing at Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank.

Beat Box Anthology features

  • Total of around 10,000 samples and loops from 80 different machines.
  • Three sections: Classic, Analog & Digital.
  • Recorded in 24bit 96kHz, using the best DI Box and analog to digital converters.
  • Sounds were mastered at Sterling Sound with Chris Gerhinger, for this punchy sound you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Includes hundreds of native kits and patterns for MOTU BPM.

Beat Box Anthology is available for purchase for $149 USD (includes the full version of UVI Workstation).

Visit UltimateSoundBank for more information and audio demos.


Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Upright Grand Piano

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank Upright Grand Piano

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank has released Upright Grand Piano, a new sample library for UVI Workstation.

Once again, we are glad to introduce a new beautiful sounding piano, this 5 GB library brings up a strong upright piano full of personality and musicality.

After the successful launch of the UVI SoundPack Acoustic Grand Piano and UVI SoundPack Baby Grand Piano, the number one request of our customers was to have a very good Upright Piano, that would be used a lot these days in modern Rock, Pop and even Jazz music.

Upright Grand Piano is available for the introductory price of $49 USD until June 30, 2009 (regular price $69 USD).

Visit for more information and audio demos.


Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Spirit of Gongs

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank Spirit of Gongs

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank has released Spirit of Gongs, an exclusive UVI Soundpack featuring 80 ancient gongs and related percussions in one single library.

Gongs are mainly East and South East Asian musical instruments, the shape of a flat metal plate, usually hit with a mallet. There are gongs of various sizes, and this collection focuses on the most musical ones, middle to small-sized, from 5 to 26 inch.

Spirit of Gongs features

  • Recorded with the best analog and digital equipment in 24bit / 96 kHz, multiple velocity levels depending on the model.
  • Perceptual tuning of each sample, allowing the presets to be played around the keyboard.
  • Sound textures are varying from large metal bongs, to magnificent and musical bell chimes.
  • Instruments are sorted in a very meticulous way, from their original location : Burma, Cambodia, China, Indochina, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam…

Spirit of Gongs is available now for 99 USD (includes the full version of UVI Workstation).

Visit for more information and audio demos.


Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Jazzistic

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank Jazzistic

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank has released Jazzistic, a collection full of authentic sounds, loops, kits, and instruments entirely dedicated to Jazz: drums, double bass, jazz guitar and some typical electric keyboards.

Jazzistic will be the tool of choice for every demanding producer who wants to inject the true soul and attitude of the roots of Jazz.

Jazzistic features

  • More than a thousand loops and phrases from the most basic to the most sophisticated jazz patterns: Swing, Brushes, Latino, Herbie, Funky Jazz, Big Band, Breakbeat and more.
  • Expertly produced and engineered by Yassine Dahbi, and played by the most talented Jazz players – Jean Christophe Calvet (Drums), Pierre Yves Lamy (Guitars) & Olivier Gatto (Double Bass).
  • Recording sessions were achieved with authentic jazz perspective in mind, using the most organic audio gear in a typical jazzy room.
  • Includes extra brushed drums sounds recorded in outstanding conditions in one of the biggest studio in the world.
  • More than 200 Jazz patterns as MIDI files and BPM Patterns to work with the drumkits and for maximum flexibility.
  • Iincludes basic and essential double bass and guitar loops, played with finest taste.
  • Ready to play instruments:
    • 2 excellent sounding Double Basses
    • Several variation of a pure Jazz Guitar
    • Vintage Rhodes MK1
    • Jazz selection of Hammond B3 sounds
    • Drum kits

Jazzistic is now available for $149 USD (includes the full version of UVI Workstation).

Visit for more information and audio demos.


UVI Soundsource releases Baby Grand Piano

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UVI Baby Grand Piano

UVI Soundsource has released Baby Grand Piano, a 6 GB piano sample library by Ultimate Sound Bank.

After the success of our UVI SoundPack Acoustic Grand Piano, we felt it was time to come up with something slightly different. So back in the road we were looking for a piano with sound and history. We did visit a serious amount of ancient piano addicts. As for the Acoustic Grand Piano, the alchemy is not easy to find, and we did try several models and places until we found the right one. During our investigation we fell in love with a gorgeous baby grand piano built in 1930 by the manufacturer Erard. This is one of the “smallest grand piano” ever built, and it sounds incredibly large in regard to its size.

Baby Grand Piano features

  • The piano was recorded in place, using quality microphones, mic pre and analog to digital converters.
  • Every single note was carefully multi-sampled in multiple (up to 8) velocity levels.
  • A special technique was used to capture the true sound when playing with the sustain pedal, to add another level of realism.
  • Sustain pedal and release samples perform and “feel” like a real piano like with UVI Engine advanced keygroup layers and rule switching.

Baby Grand Piano is available as a digital download for $69 USD.

Visit UVI Soundsource for more information and audio demos.


Muse Research announces USB Plugsound Box collection for Receptor 2

Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Box

Muse Research has announced that its Receptor 2 hardware plug-in player will now ship with the USB Plugsound Box collection by Univer Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank.

The Plugsound BOX collection features 6 superb virtual instruments covering a wide range of sounds and styles, including fretted instruments, keyboards, synthesizers, General MIDI instruments, drums and percussion, and Hip Hop sound sets. The collection, which originally sold for hundreds of dollars, is now FREE with each standard RECEPTOR 2 PRO & RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX.

USB Plugsound Box features

  • Plugsound Vol.1 : Keyboard Collection — features acoustic pianos in several styles as well as less-traditional honky tonk and modified versions. Features a large assortment of electric pianos as well as electric organs, tone wheel organs, clavinets, and electric grand sounds that provide a rich and expressive set of instruments to work with.
  • Plugsound Vol.2 : Fretted Instruments Collection — One of USB’s best-known sound sets featuring a comprehensive collection of acoustic and electric guitar samples. Covering a wide range of guitars and styles from classical to electric guitars, you’ll be hard pressed to know that these instruments were played on a keyboard given their realism and expressivity.
  • Plugsound Vol.3 : Drums and Percussion Collection — The Drums and Percussion collection has over 6,000 drum sounds sorted into various kits. Remarkably dynamic drum kits of all styles are represented as well as a diverse range of percussion instruments. The electronic drum collection is nothing short of amazing, capturing rare electronic drum kits of the past and providing them in a ready-to-use form.
  • Plugsound Vol.4 : Hip Hop and R ā€˜nā€™ B Collection — This collection features various loops, kits and multi-sampled instruments. The drum loops and instrument phrases are all sorted by tempo, letting you trigger in tempo and quickly create beats. Suitable for a wide range of musical styles, this collection provides fresh sounds in an incredibly easy to use form.
  • Plugsound Vol.5 : Synth Collection — This comprehensive collection of both modern and classic synthesizers provides you with an incredibly wide range of pads and leads to use either by themselves or layered into remarkably complex textures. The collection also contains various stacks, flute-style leads, voices, tines & bells, basses, pads, sweeps, and more.
  • Plugsound Vol.6 : Global Collection / GM — This collection is designed to serve as an ultimate General MIDI (GM) module, with instrument categories such as world, orchestral, basses, guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion all organized in standard GM layouts.

Visit Muse Research for more information.


Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Percussion Store

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank Percussion Store

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank has released Percussion Store, a sample library featuring more than 150 percussions.

“Percussion Store is a truly unique collection that will be usefull in every kind of music. The pristine audio quality and the supreme quality/quantity ratio make it an exceptional product.”, said Alain Etchart, Founder and Director of Marketing at Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank.

Percussion Store features

  • More than 150 percussions coming from all over the world for a total of more than 6000 samples: Afoxe, Agogo, Bata, Bells, Bendir, Berimbau, Birdcall, Blocks, Bongos, Bonko, Cajon, Castanet, Caxixi, Chimes, Chocalho, Claves, Congas, Cowbell-Campana, Cricket, Cuica, Cymbals, Derbuka, Djembe, Dundun, Ganza, Guiros, Jingle Bells, Maracas, Moroccan Tabla, Ocean Drums, Pandeiro, Quinto, Rainstick, RecoReco, Repinique, Shaker, Shekere, Sistre, Sonnaille, Surdo, Tamborim, Tambourine, Tarol, The Blue, Timbalito, Timbau, Tom-Tom, Triangles, Tumba, Udu, Whistles, Wood Block, Yoruba Tamb.
  • Recorded in excellent recording studio with a percussion expert sound engineer with Brawmer and Neumann microphones, Manley, Fearn & Neve preamp and compressors, high end analog to digital converters and the best sounding soundcards in the market.
  • No loops, single shots only. Every instrument was deeply “multi-sampled” in 24 bits / 96 kHz, at dozens of velocity levels when applicable, different playing techniques (depending on the instrument), different hand positions, rolls… All expertly played.

Percussion Store is available now for $149 USD (includes the full version of UVI Workstation).

Visit for more information and a tutorial video.