Rob Papen releases Predator RE Collection

Rob Papen Predator-RE

Rob Papen has released the Predator RE Collection, a bundle of 5 soundset for the Predator RE software synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason.

Predator RE Collection features

  • Bundle of 5 soundbanks with over 620 patches in total:
    • Rob Fabrie: 100 hardcore dance patches.
    • Ummet Ozcan: 120 dance patches.
    • Jannick Thiry: 100 psy trance patches.
    • Rsmus7: 2 banks with 181 ambient patches.
    • Xenos: 127 contemporary patches.

The Predator RE Collection is available to purchase for 35 EUR / $40 USD.

More information: Rob Papen / Predator RE Collection


Findremix launches Ummet Ozcan – “Insignia” Remix Contest

Findremix has announced the Ummet Ozcan – “Insignia” Remix Contest.

Findremix Ummet Ozcan remix contest

We have teamed up with 2Play Records offering the great opportunity to remix Insignia by Dutch wonderkid and trance genious Ummet Ozcan. Insignia has been rocking the Beatport tops for weeks, and now you can play with it and get released on 2Play as well as win prizes from top audio companies iZotope, Camel Audio, Mixed In Key and Sugar Bytes.

With the release of Ummet Ozcan’s unofficial Trance Energy 2009 Anthem TimeWave Zero he became one of the few Dj/producers that was highly supported on Dutch national radio and gained hitsucces between the normal mainstream pop- and rock artists.

At this moment he is developing a new synthesizer along with new spectacular unheard of sounds, that will definitely pave the way for a fresh new musical breeze thru EDM. Also he is working on a few new big anthems, that will undoubtly bring a lot of earpleasure and tons of Ozcan followers.

The deadline for submitting your remix is 20 March, 2011.

More information: Findremix


VST Cafe releases Greeg Genesis CM Soundset

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VST Cafe

VST Cafe has released the Greeg Genesis CM Soundset, a free collection of patches for the Genesis CM synth.

Grzegorz writes:

Well, it’s pretty late so it’ll be short :) Here’s my latest sound bank called – Greeg Genesis CM Soundset. It contains 49 presets (Basses, Leads, Pads, Sfx, Pluck sounds) for Genesis CM synth – mostly trance and “analogue” stuff. Genesis CM is exclusively available with every issue (since CM127) of Computer Music Magazine. You can find more info about Genesis CM here

Visit VST Cafe for more information and a demo mp3.


Ummet Ozcan releases Genesis Prototype

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Ummet Ozcan Genesis

Ummet Ozcan has released a prototype version of Genesis, a powerful synth built with SynthEdit.

Genesis features

  • 2 Unison Oscillators with seperate controls.
  • playing up to 44 voices per key, 176 voices simultaneously (max 4 poly).
  • Voice divide mode seperating the total used voices in 2 so you can play with double layers.
  • 2 Filters for each oscillator one with seperated controls, LP,HP,BP,PHS.
  • 3 x ADSR 1th for osc 1, 2nd for osc 2, 3th assignable.
  • Built in FX: Delay, Reverb, Chorus/Chrusher, Phaser, Simple Distortion.
  • Filter controlled sequencer/Gater to create simple but powerfull seq’s.
  • 2 Lfo’s assignable to different destinations.
  • Fm function.

The final version should be available later this year.

Visit Ummet Ozcan for more information and a link to download the prototype of Genesis.