Cluster Sound releases Rare Analog bundle for Live

Cluster Sound has announced Rare Analog, a bundle comprising 5 Live Packs.

Cluster Sound Rare Analog

We are proud to present you Rare Analog, a massive Live Bundle featuring five of the rarest and most valuable synths & reverb units from the ’70s.

The collection is 40% off but if you already own one or more included titles the final price will be reduced further.

Rare Analog features

  • Includes Oscar: Oxford (O.S.C.) Oscar, Sonix: Moog Sonic Six, Pathos: Korg PS-3200, Sigman: Korg Sigma, Space Station: Ursa Major SST-282.
  • 7,800+ WAV samples, 4.65 GB content.
  • 505 Instrument Racks.
  • 273 Live Clips.
  • 800 Audio Multi-Clips.
  • 224 Convolution Reverb Racks.
  • 14 Convolution Reverb Pro Devices.
  • 12 Audio Effect Racks.

The bundle is available for purchase for 89 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Rare Analog


Synth Magic releases Sounds of the Delta for Kontakt

Synth Magic has released Sounds of the Delta, a sample library for Native Instrument Kontakt featuring the Korg Delta DL-50 analog synthesizer.

Synth Magic Delta
The Sounds of the Delta GUI for Kontakt, designed by Flavours of Lime.

Sounds of the Delta is a sample library of the Korg Delta Synthesiser. It also has all the raw oscillator samples which can be controlled in the same way as a real Delta.

The gorgeous analogue strings have also been sampled and when used in conjunction with the Delta sample library and raw osc’s gives a lovely synth stack of sounds. All samples are placed under the control of an intuitive graphical user interface and each section (Delta library, Raw Osc’s and strings) all exist in the same .nki file for convenience.

No messing around with loading different sections, or having to adjust Kontakt behind the scenes-Access the whole instrument from the same GUI. Loads of extra features added such as 9 LFO’s, Pitch envelopes, filter envelopes, Highpass and band pass filters etc. Has a full effects section which includes over 50 Impulse responses from classic reverbs such as Ursa Major Space Station. Also has a sixteen step analogue style sequencer.

The sample library is available to purchase for the introductory price of £17.95 GBP for a limited time (regular £24.95 GBP).

More information: Synth Magic / Sounds of the Delta


Cluster Sound releases SST-282 Convo impulse response library

Cluster Sound has launched SST-282 Convo, an IR Library that accurately reproduce the staggering sound of the vintage SST-282 Space Station.

Cluster Sound SST-282 Convo

In 1979 a small company called Ursa major introduced a highly sophisticated audio signal processing unit called SST-282 Space Station. The SST-282 was described as a “reverberation effect” but that is far from the complete story. Thanks to its design based on multi-tap delay modulation it was able to generate a wide variety of reverb, echo and comb filter effects. The SST-282 implemented 16 “Audition Delay Programs” (Rooms, Combs, Delay Clusters and Space Repeats) which decide the principal characteristics of the reverb / delay effect.

SST-282 Convo is based on 224 IR samples, obtained by sampling the 16 “Audition Programs” with 14 different delay/reverb decay times. The library works perfectly on vocals, synths, basses and guitars but also on drums and percussions and can be easily used with all the convolution reverb plugins on the market.

SST-282 Convo features

  • Size : 440 Mb.
  • WAV 32bit / 96Khz.
  • 224 IR Samples.
  • 16 Audition Programs.
  • 14 Decay Time settings.
  • 224 Kontakt Presets.

SST-282 Convo is available to purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / SST-282 Convo


Cluster Sound releases SST-282 Convo, CS-Sigma & CS-SX1000

Cluster Sound XPander Packs

Cluster Sound has released SST-282 Convo, CS-Sigma & CS-SX1000, three new XPander Packs.

Cluster Sound team has kept its promise: thanks to the new XPander Packs, Tech Producer DSP has hit 18 gigabytes by the end of 2008. The 3 new libraries are quite different from the previous ones and represent a new approach to Cluster Sound multi-sampled libraries.

XPander Packs features

  • SST-282 Convo — a stylish convolution library for Kontakt, based on a real Ursa Major machine and designed for vintage echno and reverb effects simulation. The Cluster Sound team has stored 225 settings and recorded two different IR impulse types for each setting (Low + High impulses) and the result is a wonderous reverb plugin which accurately reproduces the deep, warm and mysterious sound of this rare vintage machine.
  • CS-Sigma & CS-SX1000 — two powerful multi-sampled synthesizers based on the Kontakt KSP engine. The user interfaces are organized in 5 sections that allow users to choose their favourite filter and apply to it an LFO oscillator, apply insert effects, and much more.
    These Xpanders include 1,000 wav samples recorded from the analog vintage Korg Sigma & Jen SX-1000.

The XPander Packs are free for Tech Producer DSP users.

Visit Cluster Sound for more information.