VB-Audio releases Voicemeeter virtual audio mixer

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VB-Audio has launched Voicemeeter, a virtual audio mixer software for Windows.

VB-Audio Voicemeeter

Voicemeeter is the first Application working as a virtual Mixer, able to manage every audio sources and audio points

By Including various DSP algorithms from VB-Audio, Voicemeeter is a concentrate of technology letting you control the sound as you want, without worrying about any limitations. Made it your way and retrieve feeling of vintage analog mixing console !

Voicemeeter is a Unique Application designed for everyone willing to manage audio in a smart way! For VOIP users, Broadcasters, Podcasters, Video gamers, Musicians, DJ’s and whatever Sound Lovers, P.A. System tweaker, Home-Cinema audiophiles…

Voicemeeter for Windows is available as donationware.

More information: VB-Audio


Single Cell Software releases Caustic Editor for Volca Sample

Single Cell Software has announced the release of Caustic Editor for Volca Sample, a free utility for Korg’s Volca Sample users.

Caustic Editor for Volca Sample

Christmas comes early for Volca Sample owners.

KORG were nice enough to open up their volca sample SDK to 3rd parties so I took a few days to rip out Caustic’s WAV editor and turn it into a stand-alone, multi-platform tool that lets you import, load, record, edit and upload samples for use with your KORG Volca Sample device.

It was taken from my Caustic 3.2 working branch, so it even has a few more functions than what’s in Caustic 3.1!

The editor is available as a free download for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android (an iOS build has been submitted to the Apple Store and is awaiting approval).

More information: Single Cell / Caustic Editor for Volca Sample


Sonic Studio releases Amarra sQ in–line DSP utility

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Sonic Studio has released version 2.0 of Amarra sQ, a new utility that joins Amarra, Amarra Hifi, Amarra Vinyl and Amarra Symphony High Resolution Audio (HRA) software for file–based playback.

Sound Studio Amarra sQ

Amarra sQ is an in–line DSP (Digital Signal Processing) utility that provides real time equalization for any and all audio sources on Mac OS. Making use of two proprietary Sonic Studio technologies, Sonic EQ and SonicStream, Amarra sQ gives the user access to powerful “equalization” tools to custom tailor the sound of any audio source, from a CD or music file, to streaming movies and songs. Fourteen factory Sonic EQ presets correct the response of popular headphone models from Apple, Audeze, Grado, Mr. Speaker and others, while additional presets fine tune playback for popular music genres, from acoustic and classical to jazz and rock. An infinite number of user presets can also be saved and recalled at any time.

Installed along with Amarra sQ, SonicStream is a highly optimized, ultra–fidelity 32 bit software driver that routes the Mac’s output to the input of Amarra sQ as its input “device.” Amarra sQ takes that input, runs it through four bands of Sonic EQ equalization, adjusts overall gain and redithers the signal. The final output is then routed directly to the output device, bypassing Mac OS’ Core Audio. Four redithering algorithms are available, including Sonic Studio’s proprietary noise–shaped form, along with adjustment of resonant frequency for noised shaping as well as turn–off delay.

Recent trends in consumer audio have hastened the rise in popularity of HRA or High Resolution Audio, including new high resolution streaming services. With its superior 32 bit driver, plus Sonic EQ and redithering technologies, Amarra sQ is ready for new listening experiences in the home or at work. Chris Connaker, founder of popular web site Computer Audiophile, is convinced of Amarra sQ’s merit. “I’m listening to TIDAL (HRA streaming) through Amarra sQ and I can’t live without it now,” Connaker said. “On my MacBook Pro, Amarra sQ makes all the difference in the world!”

Founder and company President Jonathan Reichbach developed the new software to enhance and personalize the audio experience for modern media consumers. “Everyone streams movies from YouTube and Netflix, or listens to music via iTunes, Pandora or Spotify,” he stated. “Sonic Studio provides affordable, pro quality tools to make everything you listen to better.”

Amarra sQ is available for purchase for $29.95 USD.

More information: Sonic Studio / Amarra sQ


AudioCR releases Capture Midi for Mac

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AudioCR has announced the release of Capture Midi, a retrospective MIDI manager for Mac OS X.

AudioCR Capture Midi

Play on midi keyboard and let Capture Midi backup and recover all your played melodies. Incredibly useful status bar tool that backups all live plays from midi keyboards. Just drag and drop your melodies back to your midi sequencer. Library Audio Browser let you playback and preview custom audio samples. A must to have companion tool for Logic Pro X, Cubase 7, Ableton Live or Garageband.

Capture Midi solves very common situations when you compose a melody to invent nice chord progression meanwhile you experimenting in your daw. Capture midi let you recover any interesting melodies while you improvise with nice virtual instruments or piano. Never blame recording button again that you just lost some interesting sequence.

Capture Midi features

  • Retrospective Recording — Capture midi backups all your played melodies from midi keyboard. Every time you start playing, new melody item grid is created.
  • Smart Trimming — Capture Midi records your keyboard play and creates melody items as soon as you stop playing.
  • Favorite interesting melodies — Capture midi let you instantly drag and drop interesting plays or you can just favorite and return back any time later.
  • Instant Metronome — Enable metronome and metronome starts playback as soon as you hit first key and stops as soon as you stop playback.
  • Random Transposition — Replay your melodies with random transposition. Once reply button is activated, capture midi will reply the melody every time with different key transposition.
  • Browse Samples — Browse sample libraries.

Capture Midi is available from the Mac App Store for $6.99 USD.

More information: AudioCR


HoRNet releases TrackUtility effect plugin

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HoRNet Plug-Ins TrackUtility

HoRNet Plug-Ins has announced the release of TrackUtility, an effect plug-in for Windows and Mac designed to help you with those small tasks that each track needs.

TrackUtility is a swiss army knife for audio, it features different useful processors that you would otherwise need to find loading many plugins in a handy small GUI that you can keep on your screen together with other plugins.

When you need to change a track from stereo to mono, remove DC, pan, trim, etc. TrackUtility is there for you.

TrackUtility features

  • Track muting.
  • DC removal.
  • Channel Selector (work on L + R or just L or R or invert L and R).
  • Phase reversal (separate for L and R channels).
  • Gain adjustment (from -60dB to +60dB).
  • Auto Gain adjustment in Peak and RMS mode.
  • Pan control.
  • Stereo width control.
  • Output clipper.
  • Output limiter with auto release time.
  • Peak output meter.
  • RMS output meter.

TrackUtility for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available for purchase for 9.90 EUR.

More information: HoRNet Plug-Ins / TrackUtility


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